Sunday, February 26, 2006 

No Border Wall, No Ports Mr. President

As usual I've been waiting in vain for the boring ports story to go away. It's not that I don't have an opinion. It's just another case of me not being able to believe that it requires a discussion. Frankly, I don't care whether actual ownership is transferred or not. Nor do I care that the deal includes the port's terminals and daily operations "only". We are at war with, and threatened, by Islamic radicals from around the globe and it is the height of insanity to even consider turning over any transportation facilities to people who are located at the heart of that extremism and who, until very recently, were demonstrably complicit with them.

I'm also unmoved by the deal's cheerleaders protesting that the current owner is a foreign firm anyway. I'm sure that many Americans, including me, are grateful to you pointing out the horrifying fact that foreigners are allowed ownership and control over American ports and transportation facilities. That is one of those ideas that common sense precludes to it never occurred to us that such a blatantly stupid idea was standard practice.

As bad as this idea is, and it is bad Mr. President, you still might have been able to get it. Not due to your protests about what good allies the UAE have been, nor due to any evidence that they're the best choice, but rather because of faith. The faith, that is, that the nation would have had in you if you had shown any regard for the nation's concern about the runaway invasion at our borders. Instead, you ignore our concern and announce plans to make further invasion easier. Your main concern seems to be for people living outside of American borders rather than those inside of them.

If only you had hired 30,000 new Border Patrolmen. If only you had tripled the size of the BP's helicopter fleet. If only the internal sweeps had been continued. If only a few hundred miles of the Border Fence had been built with more on the way. If only you had done that we would have had faith in you and believed you when you said the Dubai Ports World was in the nations best interest. You would have had goodwill to burn. Now you're reduced to writing IOUs on your political capital.

Thursday, February 16, 2006 

You've Got To Be Kidding #2

Nine days ago I posted about the insane reaction to the Danish cartoon non-story. I found it amazing that the practioners of the Religion of Peace could get so bent out of shape by, not only a non-story, but a five-month old non-story. Now, 9 days later, after dozens of unnecessary deaths and extensive unnecessary property damage, instead of dying down the story is transcending its irrelevance and becoming even bigger.

I guess I've been pulling too many punches this last year because no matter how low I set my expectations for R.O.P. behavior you guys sail right under them with clearance to spare. You guys get no respect because you deserve none. The last few weeks you have treated us to a global temper tantrum that proves that the hallmark of Islamic "civilization" is the act of by-passing the adult phase of human development.

Yes, that's right. You're immature. Which bodes not well since you insist on combining that attribute with runaway psychoses. The point at which your so-called "culture" finds itself is analogous to those situations where one of my co-religionists tells another to "Climb down off the Cross, use the wood to build a bridge, and get over it!" I will refrain from telling you that because you most likely would just use it as an excuse to decapitate an Eskimo or blow up some irreplaceable Buddhist statues.

When confronted with the fact that you can't have the world, you say "Waaah! But we want it!" Well, to paraphrase a vulgar Western expression, "Want in one hand and defecate in the other and see which one fills up fastest." Besides if you guys really did take over the world, who would sell you food, medicine, machinery, and all the other wonders that you guys haven't been able to figure out how to make in over a thousand years. It's frustrating I'm sure, but "that's life in the big city."

Thursday, February 09, 2006 

The Gospel According to Heinlein

⇐Robert A. Heinlein as a young man.

There is a story that circulates about an incident while the original Star Trek series was in production. In that story a certain Muslim man observes that the in the futuristic Star Trek universe just about every kind of human and even non-human is represented, except Muslims, and takes offence. When he gets an opportunity to challenge this shortcoming with someone involved in the production of the series he asks why there are no Muslims in the show. The answer? "Because it's about the future." I've been trying to track the source of this down for ages because even if it isn't true, it ought to be. (If you know, drop me a line.)

I've always been very future-minded and as such a voracious consumer of science fiction (as well as fantasy), which some insist on euphemistically calling speculative fiction. An occupational hazard of being a SF fan is that people are constantly coming up to you excited to the point of incontinence about the latest new thing you had forgotten about years ago. It's a longer term version of what happens to those of us who get our news on the Internet. You know what I'm talking about, you walked by the newspaper machine on Monday morning, look at the headline, and say, "They're still talking about that?"

One of the most telling moments in my life was back when the Republican's Contract with America was big news. Back then Newt Gingrich and that other guy (?) were the masterminds behind it. I'm listening to the news and I hear that they were inspired by a book. I'm cool with that. I've been inspired by many books. But, when asked which book it was they come back with an answer that causes the coffee I had been sipping to come shooting out of my nose like a couple of horizontal geysers. It was "The Third Wave" by Alvin Toffler. Folks, I can count on my fingers the number of books that I've started and never finished, "The Third Wave" is one of them. As an old SF fan reading that book I could only think something like, "They're still talking about that?" That was when the book was new, when the Contract people were talking about it, it was 14 years old. Yikes.

So, to me, it comes as no surprise really that just about everything that pops up in the news, Robert Heinlein has written a story about it, or a story similar to it. I don't recall any stories he wrote about friction with the Islamic world, he may have, but he did write at length about conflict with the communist world. However, since by adding Allah to communism you pretty much get Islam the lessons can be applied.

First lesson: It's time for the present members of the "Nuclear Club" to consider the fact that it may be time to stop disassembling nuclear weapons and start reassembling them. If the Islamic world goes nuclear, we won't be able to depend on Mutually Assured Destruction to stop them. It only worked against the communists because, whatever their faults, they weren't suicidal.

Second Lesson: In his writings, Heinlein pointed out that in a conflict against the Asian "hordes" there would be no way that American mothers could produce enough boy babies fast enough to save us. In effect, we needed an equalizer. Now, if we look at the population of the Muslim world in comparison to our own you can see the "Saracen hordes" that so terrified our ancestors. Now, imagine those superior numbers with the proverbial big stick and crazy enough to use them.

Third Lesson: Even if we weren't conquered or blackmailed into some kind dhimmitude, we still would have to change our way of life. Whatever our current leadership's good qualities, the position that "if we change our way of life, then the terrorists win" just won't cut it. In an age of suitcase nukes we would have to expend considerable energy just to keep from being a good target. In one of Heinlein's stories, if memory serves me, there was a scenario where the entire nation was being de-urbanized for just that purpose. The cities were being emptied and spread out evenly across the land so that no one place would be better than another for killing people and destroying infrastructure.

Fourth Lesson: We've all seen the 20/20 hindsight historian weeping, moaning, and wringing their hands in grief over how blind our ancestors were. How could they have no seen the horrific carnage of the Second World War? Didn't Hitler give us fair warning in his book Mein Kampf? Couldn't anybody have taken the time to translate his speeches and Nazi literature into English and spread the word? Weren't his minions screaming their bloody intentions into every microphone they could find? Why yes, they were, and you're going to feel really silly trying to explain to your wife's daughter by the local imam why you weren't able to apply the lessons of history to blood-smeared fanatics standing in front of burning buildings and cars and holding signs in English that read something like, "Islam will destroy you all", or "Submit to Allah or die, Infidel!"

Tuesday, February 07, 2006 

You've Got To Be Kidding

Jesus reciting the ultra-short version of the New Testament

Christopher Titus has a bit in his standup routine where he states that "normal" people are scarier than dysfunctional people. The gist of it is that the "normal" people's haven't provided them with any resistance against the types of stressors that made dysfunctional people dysfunctional in the first place. I'm sure most of us know or know of at least one person who has committed suicide after a failed marriage. Seeing as how my life has the same plot as many Country & Western songs, I find that to be a long-term solution to a short-term problem.

Now, I know that the Middle East seems painfully short of "normal" people in any form that Westerners would recognize, but we can say that they've been sheltered in many ways. Perhaps that explains why there is so much carping and whining about Western disrespect and contempt for their culture and what it stands for, even though their means of protesting so often validates the disrespect and criticism. Then for garnish, they stubbornly refuse to see the irony in this.

So now we have the great Cartoon Jihad. An overnight uprising 5 months in the making. You have got to be kidding me. Don't expect too many Westerners to feel your pain. Regardless of what side of an issue you're on you can expect to have that side skewered on a regular basis. A political cartoon mocking your most deeply held beliefs in the West is about as much of a crisis as rain in Seattle. It's a fact of life, or as my wife frequently says, "Deal with it!"

My stepfather has an old saying he's quite fond of: "When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." You folks in the Muslim world might want to consider that advice while you're rioting, killing, and burning buildings to protest the stereotype that Islamists only know how to riot, kill, and burn. My favorite saying that applies here is, "You'll never prove a man wrong by proving him right."

Also, I'm curious about something. How dumb to you have to be to pull a stunt like this? This is like the kid in school that tells other kids a name he hates to be called, then gets upset when that becomes his new permanent nickname. Why would you let a world that is sick of deadly Islamist temper tantrums know that a mere drawing of Mohammed drives you berserk? Now everybody with a pencil, paper, and a fax machine can unload on you folks. The bigger the tantrum you throw, the more obnoxious the artwork will get.


Becoming Republican

I came across an unusually clever bit of satirical criticism of my side of the political spectrum entitled "Become Republican". I found it amusing, even if a bit inaccurate. I think the creator believed he was looking through a window at us when he was looking into a mirror. Several of the criticisms leveled at us are far more accurately applied to them. Disregarding the Constitution when it's expedient comes to mind. I haven't seen anything of this caliber produced by our side yet. Where are they hiding?

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A formula that makes religion and politics easy to understand: (Islam - Allah = Communism)


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