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Friday, January 26, 2007 

Open Letter to September 12th People

Outside of Massachusetts, this is nuance.

There can only be peace when they will start to love their children more than they hate us.

Golda Meir

I had an unusual and revealing conversation with a friend back during the days of my horribly misspent youth. It was at the beginning of some momentous Republican shaking and moving, probably the election or Reagan in 1980 or the Gingrich Revolution in 1994, I forget which. During this conversation my friend and his spouse were complaining of the hostile rhetoric that was coming from the Conservative Republican side and the lack of a willingness to compromise. In short, the Right was kicking ass and taking names as we used to say in the military. I asked them if they had heard anything they had thought reasonable and they responded by singing the praises of George Will and William F. Buckley.

Now as fine as those two gentleman are, and I've read hundreds of their columns, these are a couple of guys who were "Born to be Mild". Will and Bill are to politics what your grandfather was to your lifestyle in the 1970s. You remember him? The guy that calmly and rationally explained to you why you shouldn't drink, smoke, carouse, and be promiscuous? Afterwards you smiled, hugged the man, chuckled at his naive innocence and went out partying. Until your non-rational, non-calm father caught you and royally kicked your ass.

So, naturally I explained to my friends that, though we would prefer civil discourse, we were tired of being a perpetual minority party and had realized that we had to get down in the mud and fight for our beliefs kicking and gouging as necessary. In short, we had to act like Democrats to do battle with Democrats. My friend gave me a horrified look and said, I kid you not, "No! Don't stoop to our level!"

So, to all of you September 12th people, nice is for peacetime and this is not peacetime. I've heard the United States compared to a lifeboat that takes in as many survivors as it can. Well, as as anyone who didn't go to an urban public school can tell you, if you overload the lifeboat it will capsize, so after a point you have to turn people away no matter how much it breaks your heart. Similarly, if you come to find that someone has an icepick and is poking holes in the lifeboat, you throw his ass overboard, and don't get heartbroken about it. Now, the problem with liberals and/or Democrats, as you well know, is that they're all about the icepick.

I know that these are our fellow citizens, for better or for worse, and that you would rather come to some sort of accommodation with them. Who wouldn't? Unfortunately, that ship has sailed. Of course one should still be civil where possible, but if civility means compromised national security, then civility is a luxury we can't afford.

Most people have had any number of epiphanies in their lifetimes. Occasionally, some of these are virtual fist-in-the-face experiences where your realize something earthshaking or life changing, something that you just can't believe you didn't see before. It can be any number of things: your girlfriend has been exploiting you, that troublesome spouse never had any intention of changing, your parents have been manipulating you with intentionally bad advice, or maybe just that you were in the wrong career for the wrong reasons. Someone may have warned you along the way, or maybe you even "knew" it, but with a little "k", on an intellectual, but superficial level. I'm talking about the experience when you finally KNOW it to the very marrow in your bones.

My most recent experience with that phenomenon had to be with one of Rush Limbaugh's favorite phrases. That being, "These people have to be defeated." The people in question being the Left in general and, in our context here, September 10th people in particular. I've heard him say it for years now and I've always known he was right, but I knew with a little "k". I figured if I stayed informed, voted for the best candidates, and had the courage to confront people spreading lies, then I was doing my part. In the years after the horrifying events of that day I've suffered from quite a bit of cognitive dissonance from watching the Left take undeniable facts that support no-brainer conclusions and arrive at insanely wrong answers. I just couldn't understand it. That was, of course, precisely the point.

The rhetoric of the Left isn't meant to be understood. It only has to confuse long enough for them to accomplish their goals. Logic and reason aren't goals to be sought and upheld. They are barriers to fulfilling their whims that fortunately, for them, can be circumvented. We have a weakness, we logic, reason, and rationality types. We think that deep down in everybody there is a logic, reason, and rationality person just dying to get out. Unfortunately, the modern Leftist is a creature of pure emotion who genuinely considers a poor sap like you to be handicapped with "rigid linear thinking", or as you and I call it, sanity. So what's the epiphany? What is it that you need to KNOW?

You need to know that almost all of these people are beyond reach. You need to know that minds are like concrete, once they've set it is almost impossible to reshape them in any fundamental way. Furthermore, the longer it has been since the mind has set the more unyielding it becomes because you're not just fighting an incorrect idea, you're fighting an emotional creature that is totally invested in that idea. When people even begin to suspect that the thing they've dedicated 30, 40, or 50 years of their lives to is a total sham, the mind slams shut. This is a defense mechanism like the ones you see where the 70-year old scientist who was barking up the wrong tree on his research dedicates all his remaining years to denouncing the 30-year old scientist who saw the mistake. So it is with the Left. Do you really expect someone on the Left to stand up and admit, "Wow! We spent trillions and trillions of taxpayer dollars on antipoverty programs and increased poverty. Man, is there ever egg on our face!"?

So, if you want to live in a world where terrorism and rape rooms are the fault of terrorists and rapists instead of Western Civilization, KNOW this, Liberal Democrats are like zombies, you can't do anything for them, but you can keep them from eating the brains of other innocent people. To that end I'm planning on going on an indefinite hiatus from just bitching and try to find someplace to actually"do" for the cause. I suggest you do the same thing.

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