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Wednesday, June 14, 2006 

Chaos and Order

See? Even McDonald's knows that Ann Coulter doesn't hate everything.

I shouldn't have been surprised by the firestorm that greeted Ann's new book, "Godless". Yet, I was. Apparently, despite my beloved spouse branding me a hopeless cynic, I still have a touch of a Pollyanna about me. I think Ann has been a guest on every other news show on television, with all the others running constant editorials about her book. I'm amazed still further that they haven't made it past her condemnation of the Jersey Girls. Since the book runs to 320 pages It scares me a little to think what the reaction will be when one of the critics actually reads the book.

I've praised Ann elsewhere so there is no need to repeat that here. What I do want to repeat is in my post, "Diversity Sucks #1" The first paragraph of which I quote here:

Diversity sucks. There, I said it so you won'’t have to. In a de facto Orwellian bizarro world where you can'’t speak the truth because it'’s the truth, the world in general and the United States in particular is desperately in need of a cadre of people who aren'’t afraid to stand up and be disliked and reviled. In other words, we need people who are willing to be the bastard. People who are willing to step on toes, nay, stomp on them when necessary. People who can be counted upon to say the damn emperor is stark raving naked. We need these people to show by example that criticism won'’t kill you and to bully our so-called leadership into doing what they were elected to do. This is something we can all do. If you don'’t think you can find the time, put a bullet through your television.
I've tried to live by my own words and have been as relentless as possible in fighting the de facto censorship of the PC Culture. I "Speak truth to power", probably even when I shouldn't. I refuse to address women as "Ms." unless their marital or educational status is unknown. I open doors for women (none have ever objected by the way). When someone bemoans the troubles of a duly sanctioned "victim" group, I invoke a lack of personal responsibility. I have even gone so far as to dust off that old expression from our great-grandparent's time, "Poor people have poor ways." That statement will get you cursed in public like nothing else. So, I've been willing to be a minor league bastard, but being minor league I only have a limited effect.

Ann, has national and international exposure. Far more importantly, she has got the guts to be a major league "bitch", which she does with a vengence. She has a thick skin and is willing to take one for the team. Unlike most Right-wing women, or even men for that matter, she is willing to throw herself on the Political Correctness grenade and take the blast full force. She takes the Truths That Dare Not Speak Their Names and speaks them loud and clear. Now, the adversary is jabbering away about them too, unwittingly playing into our hands. What she has done, and is doing, is breaking these new taboos. This plants an important message, either consciously or subconsciously, in the minds of those who hear it. "It can be done."

The American people are starving for frank, honest, and yes, even brutal discussion of the problems of our day. Like an alcoholic that knows he shouldn't drink, but does anyway, our nation's leadership knows better than to transfer wealth from the productive to the unproductive. It knows not to subsidize the reproduction of the impoverished and punish success with confiscatory taxation. It knows not to strip the few legitimate functions of government, such as the military, to fund an unconstitutional welfare state. It knows that appeasement only means that the Islamic alligator will eat us last. It knows all of this but, not only continues to march down the road of national suicide, it does so in smug pride.

I believe we're coming out of a long period of chaos. One that doesn't date just back to the 60s like so many seem to think. The inverted reality which has kept us numb with confusion for so long goes back at least to the 1800s. It was invisible to most because it lurked underground for so long, seemingly coming out of nowhere to most people. One day we awoke and were baffled at the Orwellian "Ministry of Truth" messages seeping out of the culture. Americans are bloodthirsty warmongers, dictatorship is freedom, criminals are victims, all heterosexual sex is rape, all men are rapists, minorities can't be racists, whites can't not be racists, assimilation is suicide, obscure plants and animals are more important than people, the UN is the last and best hope of mankind, and so on.

What we're seeing now is the nation acting on it's craving for order. The cultural environment was an explosive mixture coming into the 2000s and the 9-11 attacks were the final straw, a match that lit a volatile mixture. The reaction of the ruling class in America has astonished rank and file Americans. Americans as a people are sometimes justifiably ridiculed for their disregard or outright contempt of abstract ideas and learning, but they are renowned for their practical and common sense intelligence when it come to getting things done. Some of the most common sensical ideas, such as rock solid border security, are not only ignored, they are actively undermined. And everybody knows the stories about the proverbial 80-year old Swedish grandmother who gets a body cavity search at the airport while guys in robes named Mohammed are waved through.

So, lets give Ann a hand. Let's be the bitches and bastards that we need to be to let the confused masses know that there is another path and that the Leftist way is not the only one. As you can see she takes a lot of flack for her efforts. Looking for a picture of her on the internet I was quite impressed at the sheer number of unflattering PhotoShopped pictures of the poor woman. The Ann as Nazi-fetish chick graphic was typical. Though I think the boots and fish-net stocking would be a great addition to those slinky black mini-dresses she wears. I think it is also telling that they chose that particularly quote to ridicule her. I have always felt that it was some of her best advice under the circumstances. I don't think I could have been quite so civil 2-days after one of my best friends was incinerated by Islamic terrorists.

Ann rocks.

So does your post!

Convert them to christianity?

Holy false alternative, batman!

a) a godless leftist who is also moral-less, reality-less, reason-less, and sanity-less

- or -

b) a christian who is altruist, mystic, and collectivist

Atheists who have a strong sense of morality, who hold the idea of limited government based on respect for property rights, and who WANT TO DEFEND AMERICAN FROM ISLAM'S WAR AGAINST IT need not apply, eh?

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