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Friday, April 28, 2006 

The Good, The Bad, and the Really, Really Ugly

⇑The Good...⇑

⇑...The Bad...⇑

⇑...And The Ugly Personified.⇑

It seems that in occupied California Cruz Bustamante, Antonio Villaraigosa, and possibly some other traitorous members of the Hispano-Schutzstaffel have received threats. From a purely humanitarian perspective I deplore those threats as much as any other reasonable human being. However, given the racist rhetoric that these folks regularly spew and their brazenly stated goals. I have a hard giving a damn.

There are a number of different groups with somewhat differing agendas and varying degrees of radicalization. Unfortunately, the differences won't help rank and file Americans very much since our choices range from being overrun and become second- or third-class citizens in our own land, or being ethnically cleansed from the places where most of us were born. I for one will not go quietly.

Despite warning against runaway immigration from the present day extending back to the writings of the Founding Fathers the people we depended upon to protect us have set us up instead. I can excuse some of it because for so long it was a creeping process, but now it's the 21rst Century "1939" and we're Poland. The creeping process has become a runaway train that even the blind can see, unless that blind person is employed by the executive branch of the government. Just a few years back I was told my a Latino acquaintance in my hometown that if I ever wanted to move back, "Better learn Spanish." It wasn't a threat, he meant it as friendly advice.

All of which brings us back to the gruesome twosome of the Golden State. They are unrepentant Reconquistas and it is insane that they were even allowed to run. Just 50 or so years ago Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg were executed as traitors. Today, we elect traitors to high public office and write paeans to them in the mainstream media. I fear we've reached one of those historical tipping points. The window of opportunity to settle this problem relatively easily has long since passed. At this point, we can only reduce the size of the catastrophe ahead, yet, even that opportunity is being squandered.

Unlike some people, I don't think that the country will be split up, or the Southwest ceded in a cowardly manner to Mexico. What I do believe, know in my own heart, is that blood will be spilled and I already grieve for the future victims because it is so unnecessary. I'm also already filled with trepidation because I live in what will likely be the battleground. Far worse, all the people I love, including my children and grandchildren live here as well.

If you're one of those who laugh and roll your eyes at what I've written, and what others like me have written, I would direct you to look into what the Reconquista groups say themselves. They seem to be writing less and less about whether they should steal our land, which was bad enough, and more and more about what they're going to do with it when they take it. For so many of them, their irredentist plans are just an inevitable fact of nature. Failure is incomprehensible to them. If you don't believe us, check out their web sites yourselves, most of the time they don't even bother to hide it by using Spanish. Examples: La Voz de Aztlan, MEChA, La Raza, and others.

Hitler detailed his plans in his book Mein Kampf. Nobody outside of Germany paid much attention to it. Of those that paid attention to it, most blew it off as hyperbole. So what are we waiting for? For some Hispano-Fascist to write a book called Mi Lucha so we can ignore that too?

Good posting. It would never please me, but it would never surprise me if this illegal immigrant situation is not pushing us to some sort of civil war. We have two really clear adversaries: One the one hand, we have most American citizens; one the other hand we have a syncitium of state and local US governments, Mexican government, and all sorts of Horowitz's "unholy alliance" types cashing in. This second group intends to harness the productive energies of the first group to enable the second group. There comes a time when the blanket must be split. Is this it?

Well, the upside to all this is that while Dubyuh is a "New World Order" enthusiast of such massive proportions that he refuses to budge on the issue of border integrity and national sovereignty, we "little people" are not so inclined.

Let's just wait to see what May Day brings.

Maybe George Mason is right - maybe it'll stir things up. Maybe it'll be Mme. Reality's knock on the door.

Thanks for your support guys. I need it. Sometimes I believe that my wife thinks I'm a latter-day fascist. I think it's because I'm quite a bit older than her and I can remember a time back in my hometown when locking your doors was considered a rude slap in your neighbors' faces.

You hang in there, Dostrick.

These are pretty "interesting" times. I'm using "interesting" in the sense of its use by the Chinese in the curse, "May you live in interesting times," a euphemism for "scary as hell."

I am having a rather bad day myself. I am pissed beyond measure. The whole border thing has given me a hypertensive headache, and sometimes I think I'm going to stroke out.

I have become utterly convinced that the invasion by our friends from south of the border is an increasingly important part of the whole Islamic whoop-dee-do. Iran is cozying up with Castro, Chavez, and Morales. It recognizes the socialists' hostility towards us, and they are taking full advantage of it. Hezbollah is busy as a little bee down there in the Tri-Border area (Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay), recruiting drug lords and gangs to do their dirty work, since they can get people across the border with greater ease than MEs can.

Gang members are enlisting in the armed forces at an astonishing rate; the old familiar gang graffiti is all over Iraq now. I've heard is that the Extreme Hostiles in Mexico and South America want gang members to sign up to get military training and combat experience so that they can have a cadre of people ready for urban warfare in LA and even other gang-infested cities, should it come to that, or to tighten up their operations at the very least.

This whole border thing with Mexico is rapidly becoming the second prong in a pincer action by Islam, operating along the lines of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." I think it is crucial that we recognize the growing alliance between these two groups. I think we have been surrounded, and that the noose is being tightened.

I have begun adding to my "Daily Nags" to the president, reps, and senators the words "third party," and hinting that when the next attack comes, if there is any evidence whatsoever that some illegal, be it Mexican or OTM, was involved in any way, that the finger of blame will be pointed straight at them (our legislators are all for open borders). I have also begun to point out to the president that his "legacy" will suffer greatly should anything like that happen due to his stubborn refusal to act re: border security - to say nothing of the fact that there are a few of us around who want to retain our nation's sovereignty and the integrity of the Constitution.

Sorry; did I mention that I'm pissed?

BTW, I really like your banner!

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