Wednesday, July 27, 2005 

Weird Al's Revenge

Weird Rambo prepares to get Medieval on Eminem's backside.

I know this is probably off-topic but I hate Rap. I really, really, really hate Rap. The only thing worse than a generic rapper is a brother-wanna-be white rapper. In that vein I submit the following. Apparently at some point "musician" Eninem refused to give Al Yankovic permission to do a video of his parody of one of Em's songs. Al savages the moron in this faux interview using Em's own words. Priceless.

BTW, try to ignore the AdultFriendFinder ads, they couldn't be avoided.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005 

Vicente Fox Can Drink Tequila While Bush Talks

The sad part is that the president thinks he's the Alpha Male.

Does anybody have any ideas how to get this immigration thing through Bush's head? Something like 75% of the country wants some kind of immigration reform. They also want someone in government to admit that an amnesty isn't a reform. It's a surrender. We've already got a France so I don't see that we need that.

I wrote on this when my blog was just a baby. I asked whether Bush was working some angle that we didn't know about. Why he was doing so well on most things but as crazy as any moonbat on this one issue. I no longer care to give him the benefit of the doubt. Whatever angle he might be working isn't worth the risk. I would also like to know how Washington can't take this issue seriously when thousands and thousands of Americans are volunteering to do it for free!

If we can't reach the Prez soon we'll have to count on mid-term elections to provide us with representatives with the "juevos" to over-ride vetoes and provide funding, whether the president wants it or not. Unfortunately, I can't recommend holding our breath.

If bush can consider an election victory with 52 or 53% of the vote to be a mandate. Then what are the 60% and above margins of support for tighter borders and deportations? If 52% is a mandate then I would think that 75% would be a slap upside the head from God.


John Roberts Documents Solution

Senate Democrats question Judge Roberts about his judicial philosophy.

Personally, I don't see what the big problem is. Even if the Lefties want to find some dirt on Roberts so bad it hurts they still can't expect us to do all the legwork for them. That's just lazy. If they really want to avoid all that annoying hard work why not have Dan Rather whip something incriminating up on his home computer?

Monday, July 25, 2005 

The Space Truck

Brought to you by the same decade that brought you disco.

I was a space nut when I was a kid. Before my eyesight went I was determined to be an astronaut. News reports on the space program are what made me the news addict I am today. NASA's accomplishments filled me with a fierce pride in my country that no other virtue it possessed could touch. Then, after a few moon landings, my short-sighted fellow countrymen said, "Well, that's a wrap", and promptly lost interest in the whole thing.

We were thrown a few bones in the 70s, Skylab and the Apollo-Soyuz link-up. But the shuttle was on its way and we were supposed to get excited about it. The problem was that the shuttle wasn't really supposed to be that awe-inspiring. It was intended to service the awe-inspiring stuff. Space stations, planetary missions, satellites, deep-space probes, that sort of thing. So I've never been able to get much more excited about the shuttle than I am a '78 Chevy pick-up.

Now the shuttle has been flying for over 20 years. If it was a passenger jet it might well have been retired already. The shuttle is long overdue for replacement. Despite the many upgrades this is still a piece of hardware that was designed when 8-tracks were king. I definitely believe that if the government is going to remain involved in space exploration it is time to invest in some new hardware.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Modular Culture

Zebra's tend to see things in terms of black and white.

I read a post on monoculturalism earlier today. Naturally I forgot to mark it and can't remember where I found it, so I'm cheating someone out of a link. I found it an intriguing term since I had never heard it before. The link referred to an increasing rejection of multiculturalism, something that all good Americans hate. It reminded me of a concept of mine that I've intended to post about for a long time, modular culture.

I not sure we've ever had a true monoculture, and if we ever did we definitely don't have one now, and it's unlikely to ever return. I have for years believed that American Culture is not one monolithic whole, that in fact it is compartmentalized into a hierarchy of "modules". I DO believe that there is a core culture that every American needs to understand and be able to function in. Past that, however, there are so many different flavors of American life that one could never know them all.

If I had been motivated enough I might have made this my life's work and published brilliant research papers on the topic, but I've had bigger fish to fry. The gist of my theory is that past the core culture there can be any number of sub-modules attached to it, and others attached to those. As long as those subordinate modules conform to the values outlined in the higher order modules we'll all be OK. For instance, your Satanic Cult module won't fly if you do human sacrifices. That would be a gross violation of American core culture. An extreme example, no doubt, but it does make my point.

If a certain module isn't for you, another will be. The "vampire chic" and team sports modules absolutely baffle me. My renaissance faire and old muscle car modules might baffle you. The important thing is that these harm no one and can co-exist. Certain groups that have been getting a lot of attention lately believe that shouldn't be allowed to drink, eat bacon, or let women wear bikinis (by itself proof of their insanity). However, they are allowed to kill all the people they want. Another gross violation of American core culture. If you can't wrap your head around the idea of not killing people who disagree with you then you shouldn't be allowed to come here. If you're already here, get the hell out. Have a nice day.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Remind Me: Exactly Why Are We Compromising Again?

Remember this map?

Let's see, checking the map again I see that we won the election with a majority of states, won virtually all the counties in the heartland, won the House, won the Senate, won most of the governorships, and most of the state legislatures.

So why are we falling all over ourselves to put forward nominees for the Supreme Court with hazy legal pedigrees and legal experience that doesn't lend itself to analysis of his judicial leanings? Just wondering.

Now let's see, we're economically and militarily the most powerful nation on Earth. Why again are we kissing the boots of a corrupt politician south of the border? Literally begging him to not be mean to us? Actually negotiating with his government over how our national business will be conducted?

Why are we stretched to the limit with one conflict where the enemy government has already been deposed? I seem to remember that not too long ago, the strategy was to maintain a military that could fight a major war and two minor conflicts simultaneously. So why did we gut the military and intelligence agencies during the much touted budget surpluses of the Clinton "golden years"? Just wondering.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Achmed Learns Not to Stand Downwind at Demonstrations


I'm thinking that maybe we should stop firing weapons at them and maybe just send them flags and cigarette lighters


Muslim Women Make Great Advances--Now Allowed to Ride IN the Car

Nothing says "I love you" like making your woman ride in the trunk.

I saw this floating around the internet and decided it is one of those pictures that is equal to a thousand words. You would think those Ivy League female professors that wanted Lawrence Summers head (and possibly testicles) mounted on a plaque over their fireplace would be pushing President Bush to be more aggressive in the war against terror. You know the war against terror, which as you are aware is a euphemism for militant fundamentalist Islam, which in its own turn is a euphemism for Religion of Death. Strangely, they are not. Isn't it strange that those who claim to represent all women in their struggle against the American Patriarchy choose not to represent women who can't struggle, but can only suffer under the Muslim Patriarchy? This must be more of that liberal nuance we keep hearing about.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Friday, July 22, 2005 

Sometimes the Underdog Bites

Islamophile apologists circulate in great abundance. I read in RealClearPolitics that London's clueless mayor, whose election defies imagination, much like Clinton's, has come out not swinging but defending once again. The good mayor claims that the terrorists are getting too much focus and that they are "numbered in the tens, not even hundreds". I'm not sure where he gets his information but I'm certain figure is higher than that.

Even if it were true, mayor Livingstone still needs to update his thinking, shift his paradigm, think outside the box, or whatever buzzword people are using this week. I think one of the kneejerk reactions that plague the Left is a tendency to support a minority group or position due to slavish devotion to the Leftist groupthink that if one comes to the defense of some minority segment of the population, however cretinous and violent, that makes you a good liberal and hence a good person. That doesn't make you a good person, that makes you a collaborator.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005 

I Wasn't Kidnapped

Sorry about being AWOL during this rather rich target environment for blogging. We had two vacation trips followed by an invasion of four kids. My 7 year-old grandson, my 6 year-old daughter, my 5 year-old niece, and my 4 year-old granddaughter. By the way, after inviting them all, my wife went on a business trip to Houston. Needless to say I've been rather overwhelmed.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005 

Ten Reasons Democrats Hate Karl Rove

Karl Rove simplified his response so that even Nancy Pelosi could understand it.

Ten Reasons Democrats Hate Karl Rove

  1. He still refuses to give back John Kerry's lunch money.
  2. Won't stop calling Nancy Pelosi a "ho".
  3. Keeps giving the president English lessons.
  4. Sent a yellow cake on Valerie's birthday.
  5. Sent the Wilson twins a drum set labeled "weapon of mass distraction".
  6. After Robert Novak published his article Karl said, "Psych!"
  7. Joe Wilson's twins look a lot like Karl.
  8. Annoying tendency to understand the issues.
  9. Refuses to work for them.
  10. He keeps winning damn it!
The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Maybe Internment Wasn't So Bad

I'm Starting to Come Around

I grew up like most American's of my generation feeling a little embarrassment about the treatment of Japanese-Americans during the Second World War. Teachers and the TV told me it was outrageous so I believed it was outrageous. There was also the naive belief that everyone who moved here would "go native". After all, who wouldn't want to be part of our party? I was told by people who lived back then that we younger folks just didn't understand how things were back then, or how afraid people were. Well, I think I understand now. I took a plane from Austin to Dallas and was jittery the who way. I used to love to fly, now I hate it.

I have always believed that drastic time call for drastic measures. However, I have always excepted internment or mass deportations. I'm starting to come around. The news that sleeper cells in America may have already got their nuclear/radiological weapons was just too chilling for me to maintain my noble stance. If this news is true all of the hard work that has gone into securing the border over the government's objections will all be for not. It would be the proverbial shutting of the barn door after all the livestock has escaped.

Our approach to this problem needs to be changed, not today or even yesterday. It needs to be changed years ago. Muslim sleeper cells is this country are more than criminals, they are enemy agents and need to be handled as such. Due process for these people is inappropriate and a luxury we cannot afford. When the problem is solved, whenever that is, we can issue all the apologies that are necessary. Until then, we need to be strictly business because it is a grim business that we are about.
I do see at least one major difference though. Once interned Japanese-American men volunteered in droves for military service and frequently distinguished themselves. I haven't heard much about Muslim-Americans (just saying it makes me cringe) galloping down to the recruiting station to offer their services. It seems to me that if you look like the locals and speak the language you could make yourself useful, spying if nothing else.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


I'm Back!

I have returned from my vacation. I'm hoping I can get some rest now. I'm behind on so much blogging material I don't think I can catch up. Sigh.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005 

Do You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth?

Dirty Words

I find as I grow older coarse language makes me wince more and more. Which is remarkable because I have been both a hard-hat type worker and a sailor. I have tried to keep my language clean for the most part. That way if and when I use it people will know I'm deadly serious. It is for that very reason why I stand by my comment about Ted Rall licking the sweat off of liberal's scrotums. Heck, I ever cleaned it up a bit so I sneer at the criticism

I have noticed that some of my fellow right-wing bloggers have sewer mouths. I'm not entirely sure this helps our cause when used everyday in almost every post. I must admit, however, I understand the temptation. I cursed either under my breath or out loud for the entire 8 years of the fornicator-in-chief's term.

Still I think it is time for a roll-back of the libertine language. I remember quite well when forbidden language first popped up on television. As I recall it made its first appearance in the early to mid 1970s on an ABC show about prostitutes called "Hot L Baltimore", a putrid and mercifully short-lived sit-com. It soon spread and people were scandalized at all the "hells" and "damns" that were bouncing around the airwaves. People who were offended were scoffed at and their claims that this would lead to even coarser language over time were summarily dismissed. Of course, history has proven them right.

Every couple of years seems to bring a new favorite formerly taboo word or topic. Not too long ago "ass" joined the vocabulary of just about every television character. More recently Hollywood has developed a facination with urination. I'm thoroughly tired of hearing "piss" and "pee" all of the time. It makes it hard to find suitable programming for the whole family to enjoy. As an example, the Drew Carey show "Whose Line is It Anyway" is quite funny. But despite the "ABC Family" logo in the corner of the screen the performers are constantly being "bleeped" out or saying something that should have been.

So, what got me riled up enough to write about it. Reading car reviews. Yes, car reviews. I'm reading an article about reliability and quality ratings and the author informs his readers that Hyundai is coming on stronger than "cat piss". How that made it past an editor is a sad commentary on that aspect of American culture.

I won't presume to convince you that I never use that sort of language but I never use it in mixed company (does anybody even know what that means anymore?) or in front of children. I reserve its use for appropriate times such as when my ISP goes down when I'm taking a timed on-line test. There are also certain words reserved for intimate moments. So if I ever call somebody an "f-ing" idiot, chances are they're an "f-ing" idiot.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Monday, July 11, 2005 

In Austin Now

I'm in Austin right now, still on vacation. My wife is bound and determined that I stay off of the computer and in particular my blog. She's in the shower right now. So I've got a minute. I'm having so much fun I think I'm gonna die.

Friday, July 08, 2005 

Terrorists: Phantom Nation

I'm reading more about people who still think terrorism should be handled as a legal problem and terrorists given all the legal considerations as someone who writes hot checks or drives while intoxicated. Supposedly these charming people are stateless so their is no national entity to deal with. If that's the case then we should enact whatever legislation is necessary to create a new category and establish the allowable means to deal with it.Call it a phantom nation, extra-territorial, or whatever else sounds clever and declare war on it.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Terrorists: Short Term Plan for Dealing With Our Leftists

I mentioned in my last post that the limp-wristed, spineless, testicleless Leftists are the second front on the War on Terror. Defeating these instinctive traitors is a long-term initiative, but in the short term we can do this:
  1. Identify them
  2. Dispute them or ignore them as appropriate
  3. Stun them by doing the right thing
  4. Laugh at their distress and hysterical reactions
Remember, thanks to the First Amendment brain-dead Leftist usually identify themselves with glee.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Thursday, July 07, 2005 

Terrorists: Kill Them All While There's Still Time

So here I am on the first day of my vacation here in San Antonio. I sleep late,because I can, then get up feeling great. Also, feeling my 6-year-old daughter sitting on my head, which is how she tells me she wants breakfast. After I get all of that done, I log on for my morning news.

Naturally, I got my depressing dose of grim news. The soul-less minions of al-Qaeda have taken or ruined the lives of hundreds in London. Now I'm totally bummed out but can't show it because I have to be upbeat for the kids. A quick check of Malkin's blog shows that the left has already gone to work blaming the victims. I suppose in their world-view selling insurance or waiting tables is a capital crime.

It is my sincere hope that the British still have enough of that spirit that could take on Hitler by themselves remaining to remain steadfast in the GWOT. I would hate the see them pull Spain's run away clucking like a chicken stunt. This is further proof that most of these folks are too far gone for any sort of the left's fantasy redemption. Once you've crossed the line to thinking that killing innocent people, including children, will land you a space in paradise, then there can be no crossing back.

It astounds me that there can be any debate about the GWOT. How much more proof does one need to know what the course of action must be and that we've already had our heads buried in the sand for far, far too long? We're going to have to face the fact that beating the terrorists is going to be a two front war. The left is going to have to be defeated and further marginalized before we can effectively defeat global terrorism. Scream it from the rooftops people. Grrrr! I'm disgusted and angry.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 

Hobson's Choice

I've been reading up on the impending Supreme Court nomination battle. I find myself wondering why the Democrats think that the only two legitimate options available to Republicans are to lose or do penance for winning. Just wondering.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 

ER Says "Uncle" on Natalee Holloway Coverage

I'm really truly sorry that something has happened to that girl, but very little has happened since she disappeared that was newsworthy. So far the networks have managed to cram 2 hours worth of news into just 36 days. I'm pleading for mercy.

I have a suggestion. Back during the 80s there was a disc jockey that just couldn't stand it any more and declared a non-Bon Jovi hour. I think it's time that we declared a non-Natalee Holloway hour. How about the last half-hour of O'Reilly and the first half-hour of Hannity and Colmes. Surely the non-stop coverage on Greta's formerly credible show should suffice.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Ted Rall Discovers Patriotism and Loyalty--Doesn't Recognize Either One

Ted Rall

Ted Rall makes me angry. I don't look angry though because I'm usually trying to supress laughter. Teddy is the quintessential self-loathing anti-American American white guy. Like most of the pseudo-intellectuals of his sort, nothing makes him angrier than any other American who won't join him on his knees while he licks the sweat off the scrotum of the nearest Liberal politician.

Rall has written an article which compares Karl Rove unfavorably with Osama bin Laden, in the title no less. It goes down hill from there. It seems that Rove and his associates have betrayed their country and need to resign and face prosecution for treason. Nevermind that Rall probably commits treason in his sleep.

Rall is outraged about the leak that "outed" CIA operative Valerie Plame. He is indignant that her career was ruined and her life placed in danger. While it's truly sweet that Rall has found a member of the intelligence community that is worthy of his concern instead of his scorn, I can't help but be suspicious that she is the wife of fiercely anti-Bush Joe Wilson. Probably a coincidence. I'm such a skeptic, I should be ashamed.

It seems that Time magazine turned over some documentation that implicates Karl Rove as the "outer". I find myself wondering if Dan Rather whipped it up in PhotoShop for them. Rall calls this betraying the country and treason. Then he reminds us that treason is punishable by death. Strange, you would think a good liberal like Rall would have segued right into an anti-death penalty screed at that point. Damn, missed opportunity.

Despite all this, we can be cheered-up by Rall's cluelessness. In the article he groups himself with Michael Moore and Ward Churchill. I'm assuming he thought this was going to help his cause. I think we really need to help Ted get a job as spokesman for Howard Dean at the DNC. I'm sure they could use the "help".The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


That's What I Said!

I just love it when a bigger fish in the blogging world says the same thing I said. Especially if they say it after I did. I'm not saying I'm the first to say it by any means. It's just very gratifying to have someone else validate your analysis.

In this case it is an article by Fred Pickney that I came across of American Patrol's web site. His analysis, like mine, is that there just isn't any excuse for Mexico to be poor. The nation has vast resources to exploit, cheap labor, tons of land, and miles and miles of beaches for tourism. If the government wasn't so corrupt and inept Mexico would likely be breathing down the G8's neck with economic power.

This country like many others just can't seem to grasp where wealth comes from. Anyone who has more than these types of countries are not looked upon as role models worthy of emulation. Instead, they are looked at a cheaters in a zero-sum game. I think since we don't have to worry so much about Europe any more we should start a Radio Free Mexico. We could even astound the Mexican elite by letting brown people run it. It's a thought.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Friday, July 01, 2005 

Bang Bang

Thank God the government is being diplomatic with our neighbor to the south. Otherwise, there could be conflict and nobody wants that. What? You say two Border Patrol agents were shot in their legs by illegals in Arizona? Never mind.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Religion of Peace Update

Thailand is preparing to provide school teachers in their out-of-control southern provinces with guns. That's right, guns. Apparently, at least 21 school teachers and workers have died since the local Muslim population began rebelling. Maybe the Thai government can help our airline pilots get some guns too. Read it here. The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Question for Tad

Tad, buddy, enlighten me. What is Col. Boyd's OODA loop?The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

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