Thursday, June 30, 2005 

By The Way......

Does anyone besides me think that it's odd that Blogger's spell-checker doesn't know the word "blog"?The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Nah! They're not racist. Besides, everyone knows it's the gringos' fault.

I'm arriving at this party a little late so everyone probably knows about it already, but Mexico is issuing a set of five stamps, ostensibly recognizing one of their classic comic book characters, but looking an awful lot like the depictions of black people that have proved so contentious in this country.

I'm hoping this puts the Mexican outreach to American blacks that I've previously posted on back into it's proper perspective. Let's face it, the Mexican government doesn't care diddly squat about any black people anywhere. It's just a transparent attempt to make a segment of the American population into a gaggle of useful idiots. I'm pretty sure that American blacks are smart enough and Mexican diplomats inept enough that the effort is doomed from the start.

We really need to disabuse people in this country that racism is "a white thang". There is widespread and simmering hostility between many of the various so-called minority groups (so-called because is some areas they hold outright majorities now). The tension, hatred, and distrust between blacks and Koreans is almost a cliche now. I have personally observed Mexican-, Puerto Rican-, and Cuban-Americans exhibits almost frightening levels of hostility toward each other.

So, don't become a useful idiot for any of these nihilistic and/or anti-American losers. After all, if you're no longer useful, then your just an idiot.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 

Progressive = Liberal = Socialist

Unfortunately, the next window had the same sign with the arrow pointing to the left.

If you're like me (and if you are congratulations!) you probably have a hard time deciding if Leftists are dumb and/or crazy and/or evil. I've been conducting an informal poll of left-of-center folks since I was a teenager. I just ask questions and keep a running tab in my head on some of the more interesting answers.

One of the questions I ask is, "When you achieve your goal of establishing a far left/socialist/communist government what will you do for a living?" I always get the exact same answer. Do they plan to work on a collective farm? Nah. Do they plan on working at the centralized napkin factory? Nah. How about working in the nationalized health care field? Double nah! They always answer the same way and without exception,"Oh, I would work for the government." Most of them give you a look that says they can't believe you even had to ask the question.

What's my point? Simple, proponents of a big and intrusive government always picture themselves in a power wielding position, without fail. So, as many right-wing radio talk show hosts say, it's all about power, who has it and who doesn't.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Sunday, June 26, 2005 

Impromtu Poll

I'm just curious. How many of you actually thought that we would be out of Iraq by now?The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


When Supreme Court Judges Attack

Four judges and five idiots.

I've always thought the eminent domain law was just plain wrong. In fact, the only political argument I ever had with my dad was over that very issue. I was 12 years-old at the time and I didn't think hurting one person to benefit 100 was a bargain. Probably because I was quite used to holding the minority position despite my youth.

Eminent Domain laws are definitely a case where I'm a naysayer. As long as there are property taxes and eminent domain laws no one can truly own property. You can only lease property from the government, and only at their pleasure. Here is one more case why we need to get at least one more strict constructionist judge on the Supreme Court.

The only advantage I can see if the law stands is that people who have their property condemned and demolished in order to put in a new Starbuck's and a Supercuts will be excellent candidates to coming over to our side.


Bumper Sticker Philosophy

I just had a great idea for a new bumper sticker, maybe even some liberal-baiting t-shirts. They would read, "Welcome to America, now go home." I wonder how you say that in Spanish.
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Exit Strategy for Iraq

Here is the only logical exit strategy for Iraq:
  1. We win.
  2. We exit
  3. We yell, "Next!".The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Saturday, June 25, 2005 

National Self-Esteem

Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country. -- Patton

We live in a nation obsessed with self-esteem. I can understand why, I really like whenever I can get some. Unfortunately society's first priority is fixing the self-esteem of prison inmates, hobos, juvenile delinquents, and serial sex offenders. But if there is an self-esteem left they worry about us too, so I guess we shouldn't be too harsh with them.

What I don't understand is why we as a nation can't have self-esteem. Any sign that we as a nation have a healthy regard for ourselves is seen as a bad thing. You know the words, jingoistic, self-absorbed, arrogant, etc. Now it seems to me that if you fill a country up with millions of high self-esteem individuals you can't help but get a high self-esteem nation.

Personally, I think we need more people like this. I find the unabashed patriotism of some people perfect charming. Gen. Patton's unabashed patriotism and obvious healthy ego are very inspiring. There is a quote that goes something like, "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. To which I say, cynicism is the first refuge of a moron.

I think there is a lot to love and admire about this country. After all, it has been said, "It ain't bragging if you can back it up."The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


If Everybody's Dead Then the Issue Is Settled

Armando was arrested because he wanted to dig one up and finish the argument.

I think one of our biggest strengths is our ability to move on. Most Americans don't feel any ill will towards the countries that we fought in WWII, the present tension over Iraq notwithstanding. If most of us were to meet someone who was still holding a WWII-era grudge 60-years after the war ended, we would think him to be rather petty. Americans, especially young ones, can get over an offense almost immediately. If you ask them about it they'll tell you, "That was last week."

Compare that with Muslims still steaming mad about the Crusades nigh onto a 1,000 years ago, some American blacks still upset about the slavery issue even though slavery ended 140 years-ago, and Mexicans still licking their wounds about losing the American Southwest 157 years-ago. To all of which I say, "Get a life."

It's bad enough that people can't let go of something that happened to them long ago. It's even worse when you're still bent out of shape about something that was done to somebody else who is dead by other people who are also dead. In fact, it has always been my opinion that if all the principals in the issue are dead, then so is the issue.

So to Muslims I say, "You can dish it out, but you can't take it eh?"

To black American grievance-mongers I say, "We didn't do it and it didn't happen to you. So we don't owe you money, apologies, or anything else.

To Mexican Reconquistas: That land hasn't been a part of Mexico within living memory of anyone now alive. It's been American territory for 8 generations. It's not yours, and you can't have it back because you never had it in the first place. If you really want the lives of your people to improve then secede from Mexico and apply to become a US territory. You would be prosperous in less time than it would take to strip Phoenix, El Paso, and Los Angeles for parts.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Crisis Management

After California was ceded to Mexico Peter discovered he was being demoted from CEO of his company to night janitor. This is a picture of him in crisis while his belief in multiculturism died.

Crisis Management

I love reading Glenn Spencer's American Patrol. I also hate reading it. You might be surprised that this doesn't cause me any cognitive dissonance. The emotions blend together quite well because they stem from the same source. I'm delighted to read important information that you can't get virtually anywhere else. At least not all at one place.

I'm also driven to rage at what's going on and the attitude of the powers-that-be. The attitude that says there's something wrong with us. Sometimes I think that our opponents know that their policies are national suicide and that they not only don't care, they're delighted by the prospect.

I've come to believe they must believe that they're going to receive some reward for their treachery once the deed is done. They should check history and find out what happens to traitors when the enemy is finished using them. Maybe that would knock the smug smiles off of their faces.

I'm sure the traitors will come around, but I don't doubt it will be too late in the game to be avoid tragedy. It reminds me of my time in the Navy. You other military guys will probably remember the military's dependence on the strategy of Crisis Management, also known as Last-Minute Management.

The strategy consists of ignoring a problem or issue while it is still small enough to be easily remedied. The usual reason for this is that everyone is too busy trying to remedy the crisis resulting from the last issue that was ignored because it was still small.

The on-going invasion of our country is something like this. By this time everybody knows we have a problem that's going to hurt us bad. Everybody also knows that the problem is getting worse and worse everyday. And everybody knows that action needs to be taken starting yesterday. It's just too stressful to think about so they ignore the problem and hope it will go away, or at least not affect them.

If you try to warn them their reaction is much like a teenager snapping at his parents for reminding him his semester project is due next week and he hasn't even started it yet.

For those of us who get it, we know the sad truth is that the crisis is already here and the reality-challenged folks are still able to not notice it. I get a little bummed out when I realize that the problem will have to get as bad as it can get before any appropriate corrective action is taken. I'm confident that struggle will cost many lives. I just can't see it being settled peacefully with all the machismo that will be floating in the air.

In the meantime, if I get a little depressed I can always cheer myself up by not reading American Patrol for a few days. Works every time.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Are Democrats Extinct?

The sad part is that this guy is 47 years-old.

Are Democrats Extinct?

I come from a long line of loyal Democrats who haven't quite noticed that most of the things that made them Democrats are gone. If you talk to a lot of people in my family you'll notice that the things the believe in most fervently are now planks in the GOP platform. Pointing this out makes them very uncomfortable and makes it hard to get them to pass the gravy.

I follow the news, obviously not as much as some of you, but I keep up fairly well and I've definitely noticed a lot of folks on the Right pointing out that the Left seems all stocked-up on hostility and completely sold-out of ideas. I find it odd that the left now chooses to be called "progressives" to avoid the stigma that's attached to "liberal" now. I find it odd because most of the rhetoric coming from the left consists of proposals to maintain and safeguard the status quo, or put things back the way the were, or shelving it so that our children and grandchildren can figure it out. For example, the attitude that "Social Security won't go broke until 30 or 40 years from now. So why are we talking about it?" Doesn't progressive mean something like moving forward.

I don't know about you but I find the prospect of stabbing my posterity in the back to be very disturbing.

As another example, look at Zell Miller. He once represented the mainstream thought of the old Democratic Party, the one that my grandparents voted for proudly. He left government service as a pariah to his own party and it was only the opposition that gave him respect and credence to his ideas. His party had wandered so far off of the reservation that he gave a well-received speech at our convention instead of theirs.

It seems, as disturbing as it is, that Leftist/Democratic policy is generated by waiting for the Right to state their policies and then stumping for the opposite. I'm old enough to remember when we were completely out of power and feeling the frustration and annoyance of watching your government dig the nation deeper and deeper into a hole. I remember us dissenting, but I don't remember us throwing temper tantrums and pouting. I see a lot of that going on in the Left right now with name-calling and hyperbolic rhetoric.

I do see some attempts being made by dissenters in the Democratic party towards being a little more pragmatic and seeing the world as it is instead of how they want it to be. I agree with the many pundits that say the Democratic party is imploding, but I do think they'll be able to pull it out eventually by popping the bubble that their leadership is in. I don't think that is likely to happen soon. They have elected Howard Dean to be Chairman of the DNC. That's like throwing a drowning man an anchor. There is no sign of a savior on the horizon.

Until such time as they grasp the concept of providing a distinct well thought out alternative it looks like the two choices at the ballot box will continue to be Republican and Not-Republican.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Friday, June 24, 2005 

What You Guys and Gals Like

I'm going to be honest with you folks. I can see no rhyme no reason why people like some of my posts and some don't. I work very hard on some of my posts,sometimes spending a couple of hours to get them just right. Then occassionally I write what I consider to be a "throw away" post and it gets a lot of traffic and even some comments. I find myself wondering just exactly what my audience is.

The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Thursday, June 23, 2005 

Question of the Day #3

Michael moves on to the next phase of plastic surgery.

This is far from original, so indulge me please. If you can't indulge me please bear in mind that I'm not responsible for my actions because I was abused as a child by parents who would let me eat candy for breakfast. If you can't do that, then I insist that you admit that I'm innocent of all wrong-doing, they event never happened, and I was completely insane at the time I did it. If you still insist on judging me please remember that I did it all for the children.

The question of the day: What do Michael Jackson and Wal-Mart have in common?
Answer: They both have little boy's pants half-off.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005 

Bush Policy of Only Hiring Turkeys as Interns Fails Miserably

Monica isn't looking so bad right about now. Eh, George?
photograph by Kevin Lamarque

I'm hearing and reading more and more drivel about Bush's second term drifting without purpose, losing momentum, or being stalled in some way. Since we're only six months in I think that is a little premature. I recall there was a period during Clinton's presidency when he was so hapless that people were questioning whether or not he was still relevant. That would have been nice but the Comeback Kid came back with a vengeance. Don't count our strategerist in chief out just yet.
Monica Lewinsky


The Drudge Report

I clicked on Drudge's site a little while ago. I got not one, but three pop-ups instantly. On Firefox yet. I don't think I'm going back.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Nuclear Power Redux?

Not a drop of OPEC oil in sight.

Bush was speaking about his energy policy just recently and raised the possibility of resuming construction of nuclear power plants. I know a lot of people are wary of nuclear power but it does have some advantages. Not one cent would go to Middle Eastern countries that would use the cash to fund terrorism against us. Right now we're paying them to kill us and our allies. We also would be relieved of the hassle of constantly fluctuating oil prices knocking the economy out of wack.

But even if the idea gets the go-ahead it won't help us with our immediate problem. As I recall, the lead time required to bring one of these monsters on line is enormous so we're talking serious long-term thinking here. Maybe we shouldn't have let the enviro-wacko crowd bully us into not building any since 1979.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Man: A Woman's Breast Friend

You know, I've tried really hard to keep this blog on the up-and-up by avoiding curse words, gratuitous references to sex, body parts, and body functions. I've stopped visiting some blogs because their author's sewer mouth turns me off. "Save it for the bedroom" I always say. That's what I do.

So today I came across an article on breast implants on Laura Ingraham's site and American Warmonger's homage to mammary glands everywhere. So I decided this was one issue where I haven't spoken my peace (and no, I didn't mean to spell it the other way).

The biggest problem is that virtually no woman on Earth is satisfied with her breasts. As I've written elsewhere, women with small breasts want big ones, those with big ones want smaller ones, and those that are in the middle can go either way. The only constant I've personally observed is that these three types usually expect you to pay for their operation.

The only exception to this rule I have found so far is at Renaissance Faires. The smiling faces and miles of cleavage showing let people know that the owners of those breasts are OK with being eyeballed. In fact, at my first Ren Faire I had a rather buxom woman grab my head and jam my face into her cleavage. Resistance probably wasn't futile, but I figured why take a chance.

Sometimes I think the hatred of one's own breast must be related to icky immature middle school boys teasing the hell out of you. To say nothing of the snide comments in the girl's showers (and no, I don't know from personal experience, my first wife was huge and filled me in on her gymnasium miseries.) I'm pretty sure women carry this over into their adulthood where the are totally unable to make peace with their bosoms.

Feminists often let us know that other cultures don't get particularly excited about breasts and we shouldn't either. Of course other cultures practice Female Genital Mutilation and "honor" killings. Both things I would rather do without.

Our culture, however, is our culture, and it has decided that breasts matter, a lot. Size matters, a lot. So they have become eroticized and arouse sexual feelings. This is one of those cases where something is a done deal and it's pointless to rail against the injustice.

For most of the male population (and some of the female) bigger is definitely better. Yes, I know there are those that disagree, but they are the exceptions that prove the rule. If you don't believe me try a little experiment. Keep an eye out for those women who are truly huge, way beyond a DD cup. Now look at their left hands. Most likely you will see a wedding or engagement ring. Single adult women in this category are hard to find and don't stay on the market long when they are found. By the way, show me one of those guys that likes women to be extremely small on top and I'll show you a latent pedophile.

Now the second biggest problem with the truly busty ones is that they tend to dress like a secret agent trying to blend into the crowd. Forget about mini skirts, short shorts, halter tops, plunging necklines, and the venerable bikini. One of the truly great tragedies in the neverending "boob wars" is that just about the time your woman fills out enough that those types of clothing make sense, the ladies switch to sweats, baggy pants, baggy tops, and minimizing bras. I like to get my hands on the sick bastard that came up with that last one.

Despite what you may believe, it is possible to get halters and bikini tops that have the buxom woman in mind. Check out the photo. Too expensive you say? Trust me, he'll pay for it. In the end I'd just like to say, let your guy obsess about them for a little while, he'll come back to you eventually.


Update: My wifey caught sight of this post. She made both a disgusted face and a disgusted sound. She declared the women in the middle graphics to be "Gross!" I'm still working on her. (wink wink)The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Star Wars: Too Little Too Late

Revenge of the Sith

I saw the new Star Wars movie as few days back. It bored my six-year old daughter half to death, but she's never been much of a sci fi fan so that's no major concern. The problem is that I was bored fairly often myself.

The problem? Easy. The magic is gone. When I saw the original Star Wars at a mall in Marquette Michigan in 1977 I was totally blown away. I had never seen anything like it and the "good triumphs over evil" angle was a breath of fresh air in Jimmy Carter's malaise. I saw it 3 times that week. I quickly lost count of how many times I've seen it. The last number I remember was 13 times.

After promising us 9 movies in the series Lucas washed his hands of the series and went on to other things. By the time he had reconsidered making more movies thing had changed too much. Star Wars style special effects were ho-hum by then and there was no hope of any significant surprises seeing as how these last 3 movies are actually the first three. We all know how things were going to turn out. Only the particulars were missing

Now I've heard that Lucas is again saying no more. That's a pity. At least with the last 3 movies there would be so hope of something unexpected happening. I've seen all 6 movies, but the last 3 were mostly for old-times sake and I saw them only once. Definitely not 13 times. It must be true; you can never go home again.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


I Love Laura Ingraham's Priorities

Laura Ingraham Nails It

I'm listening to Laura Ingraham on my computer this morning and I just heard her say something about herself that exactly describes my standing as well. She said, "I'm an American first, a conservative second, and a Republican third."

My patriotism and love for my country comes as a gift from my parents. They were a terrible mismatch and it's hard to imagine them being married, much less conceiving 2 children. But they were both hard core patriots and that is the one non-conflicted message I got from them. That's why I consider myself a citizen of the nation as opposed to any state in particular.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005 

Remember the Melting Pot?

I heard somebody on the radio, I think it was Gary McNamara,say something brilliant and succinct, two things that don't always go together. Paraphrasing: Don't feel pride because of what you are. Feel pride because of what you accomplish.Think about it, if the source of your pride is race or ethnicity then your crowning achievement is the mere fact of your birth. If that is so, then after your umbilical cord was snipped your life has been all down hill.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


A Shift in Emphasis

I've been lacking the drive to blog here lately and it finally dawned on me why. I've pretty much said my peace on Islamic extremism, illegal immigration, judicial matters, and anti-liberal diatribes that offend my friends

Early on I got a little frustrated with other blogs that didn't stay on subject, but now I can understand why. It's been fun preaching to the choir but eventually you find yourself repeating the same old stuff. I'm not going to abandon political commentary but I will be making room for other things that interest me, probably do more humorous posts. Mustang recommended I start a second site just for that purpose and I'm considering it. Ta-ta.


Monday, June 20, 2005 

Mexican-US Black Outreach

The sign of things to come.

Mexican-US Black Outreach

This post was written last week based on a post on American Patrol.

Sometimes things are so sad you just have to laugh. Right on the heels of Vicente Fox’s insulting remarks about African-Americans caused the man to have to borrow extra feet to stick in his mouth, we read about an outreach to them claiming they have so much in common. Mexican Ambassador Carlos de Icaza proposed building bridges between Latinos and African-Americans at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. Of course, to rank-and-file Americans of all stripes they go together like mustard and strawberries. Yummy.

Mexico has a long history of racism. For example, I put the phrase “racism in mexico” into a search engine and got back 1,310,000 hits. I’ve been told by a friend who has Mexicans in his family that in marriage average Mexicans try as hard as possible not to marry someone darker than themselves.

I checked online for Mexican demographics. About 9% of their population is white. Surely you didn’t forget that Spaniards are European? Even if you follow the goings-on in Mexico just a little you could almost swear that the entire 9% is employed exclusively in the government and in the entertainment industries. As I’ve written before, you see quite a few blond Mexicans in Mexican soap operas. A phenomenon I’ve never witnessed in real life. All the while mestizos and full-blood indians form a permanent underclass. I’m pretty sure that blacks in Mexico probably rank below mestizos in that culture.

I think what we have here is the tactic of divide and conquer. I’m certain this explains the sudden interest in becoming buddies with African-Americans. The Mexican government and Reconquistas on this side of the border are alarmed that a movement is afoot to choke off the runaway migration into this country. That is probably the only positive thing to come out of the 9-11 attacks. Americans started paying attention to the border and were horrified at what they learned. They learned in addition to the flood of destitute Mexicans streaming across the border many potential terrorists are crossing as well.

When Fox realized his mistake he made some telephone calls to apologize, who did he call? Condi Rice? Colin Powell? Walter Williams? Thomas Sowell? Any high-ranking influential and loyal Americans? Not just no, but hell no. He called Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. A raving lunatic and proven fraud, both professional agitators. If those two were Mexican citizens they would have spent their life with somebody’s metaphorical foot on the back of their metaphorical necks.

I would hope that American blacks can see through these so-called bridges to them and can foresee what would happen once they were no longer useful. In a nation where skin color determines social status to a great extent, they would be at a great disadvantage.
The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Sunday, June 19, 2005 

My Absence

Went to visit my Dad in the world's smallest town (well, it felt like it) for Father's Day. Figured I would blog from there. Not a chance, no internet connection, not even dial-up and an old 286 computer they use to play solitaire. But I'm back now.
The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Monday, June 13, 2005 

Michael Jackson skates his way to another makeover.

Aaaarrrggghhh! It's official. Southern California needs to import jurors from other states. Once again they have lived up to the commonly held belief that there is nothing on Earth dumber than a Los Angeles area jury. Any other non-rich middle-aged man who sleeps with children he's not related to would still be hanging up by his thumbs.
The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Sunday, June 12, 2005 

Summer Slow Down

I'll be downshifting on the blog for a while. My daughter is here for our summer visit, some 52 days of trying to reconnect with my child. Besides, I'm getting a little discouraged anyway, traffic on my site comes and goes, but mostly goes.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Friday, June 10, 2005 

I Need Another Election--Stat!

I Want a Do-over!

I'm extremely frustrated that we have to wait until the off-year elections in 2006 to spank our elected officials. No matter how responsive they may have been to our other needs, they remain maddeningly silent on the invasion at our borders and seacoasts. They even seem a little smug at times. Until then we need a full-time Minuteman style project. I'm certain that this is one cause that will get people to open their wallets wide and give generously.

Now, to blow my mind further (and probably yours as well) I see this CNN video clip of the Council of Foreign Relations' spokesman talking about their plan to dissolve the borders and have the US, Canada, and Mexico merge into some kind of North American Union of sorts, modeled on the European Union no less. Oh, yeah. They want to do it within the next five years. I'm sure you can guess who would come out ahead on that deal.

I can't wait! I want to vote now!

Thursday, June 09, 2005 

Jihadists and Klansmen Form Trading Partnership

Hassan died shortly after discovering that his friends didn't think flashing the "Jesus is number one" sign was funny.

The Ku Klux Klan has inked an exclusive deal with a number of Jihadist groups to provide white sheets and hoods for their future martyrs. In exchange the various Klansmen groups receive generous allotments of fuel for their pickups and an option on two suicide bombers to be named later. Originally the Jihadists had hoped to trade buckets of sand and camel dung but were rebuffed by the wily Klansmen.

Not to be outdone the Jihadists held out to have their new hoods tailored to remove the trademark pointed top. Several terrorist fashion magazines admitted they were baffled by the request because the pointed hoods conformed quite nicely to the natural shape of the average Jihadists head.

Nevertheless, the prompt and courteous service from the KKK encouraged the Jihadists groups to give the Klan some repeat business in the form of some snazzy green headbands emblazoned with the Arabic slogan, "Born to Martyr".

Unfortunately, not all is well with the partnership. The Jihadists purchased some discount Korans from KKK Industries, but were disappointed when they arrived and were written in English. Caught short on Korans for the next "Spontaneous Display of Outrage Riot Type 21D", the green and gold volumes were brandished anyway. Our crack investigative staff determined it was probably for the best that the Jihadists were unable to read the books because they were actually filled with excerpts from a Marquis de Sade novel.

There is some speculation, however, that at least some of the fake Korans were actually read. Shortly after the books were distributed sales of rope, chains, horse whips, feather dusters, blindfolds, mink fur gloves,and other such items have skyrocketed. Also, search engine queries coming from the Middle East have been dominated by the phrases "safe words" and "nipple clamps". More on this as it develops.


The Solution?

I've gotta be honest. Sometimes I feel like swallowing a whole handful of these. Maybe I should just stop following the news.


Jimmy Carter: Old Ideas--Potential New Failures

Graphic found on

Jimmy Carter: Old Ideas--Potential New Failures

Jimmy Carter reminds me of the proverbial fool who constantly beats his head against a brick wall because it just feels so good when he stops. My hatred for him was only equaled by my pity for him.

It was obvious from the first that he was basically a good man. It was obvious he was going to stick to his principles while he was president. It was also obvious that he was going to try to run the country like a Sunday School class. As admirable as his intentions were, they failed dismally in the real world. It seems every effective president has to occasionally temper his principles and idealism with a sprinkling of pragmatism

I tried not to hate him, but I graduated high school in the middle of his term. This young buck was living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at the time (3 of the 4 years that I didn't live in the Southwest) and entered the workforce as unskilled labor amidst double digit inflation, unemployment, and interest rates. This was the era when the term "stagflation" joined the English lexicon. As I recall the unemployment rate in my little slice of Michigan was something like 25%, just the sort of conditions that you can make a fortune in--if you sell liquor.

Jimmy deeply believed in the biblical injunction to turn the other cheek and imposed that on the nation as a whole. Unfortunately, in the real world that practice just provides your adversary with a new target. No matter what happened during that time his administration bent over and grabbed their ankles, all the while expecting us to do the same.

When his single term ended, I thought that he would disappear from public view and we would likely forgive and forget him eventually. Did that rosy scenario play out? Naaaah. He got himself involved in all sorts of worthy endeavors that kept him in the public eye somewhat.

Then the Left/Democrats decided enough time had passed for him to be rehabilitated as an elder statesmen. That means he still has a hand in government as some sort of unofficial advisor. His advice sounds much the same. Bend over and grab your ankles, we're in for a hell of a ride.

Now he's resurfaced yet again with brilliant ideas like closing Gitmo, giving captured terrorists the same rights as legitimate prisoners of war, etc. Seems he's worried about the US reputation abroad. That means he's still looking to people who hate us for guidance. If he suggests we solve the present fuel difficulties by turning the thermostat down and wearing a sweater I'm going to scream.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005 

Righteous Dykes

Rosie kisses her wife in San Francisco (where else?)

Just watched Hannity and Colmes and saw a clip of Hannity's appearance on The View, a show I never watch for obvious reasons. However, I wished I had seen it on this particular day. Rosie O'Donnell was on the panel and was on the verge of a tantrum for the entire clip. She was constantly shouting him down and when Sean was explaining his support of the War on Terror Rose started shouting "Delusional!" over and over again. Then when her co-panelists tried to talk she shouted them down as well. All in all it is just the sort of maturity we expect the Left to show.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Lessons Unlearned

Just in case you didn't know a group calling itself the Islamic Thinkers Society (and yes I know that it's an oxymoron) held a demonstration in New York in which they trampled an American flag then ripped it to pieces, all the while rejecting all loyalty to the United States, even though at least some were US citizens.. They further went on to exhort other Muslims to join their cause in anti-Americanism. As usual Michelle Malkin has some excellent links to the video, WMD, and Jihad Watch.

Post Summary:
  • The Fountainhead comparison
  • Apathy of Islamic/Jihad apologists
  • American Cult of Self-loathing
  • Islamic Cult of Death
  • Islamic Culture of Hatred
  • Futility of most outreach
  • Necessity to debate and dispute at every opportunity.
Lessons Unlearned

One of the best lines I ever read in a literary work was in Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead", I believe, which read something to the effect, "I only regret that to save myself I'll have to save you as well." This scenario seems increasingly likely in regard to terrorism. (Don't even get me started on immigration.) I fear that no matter what happens in the War on Terror those of us who see the problem will have to do it without the help of the "blind".

I've always been aware of the Cult of Self-loathing in the country, but was unaware as to how pandemic it had become. There seems to be an abundant supply of "Americans" who are just giddy at the thought of having new boots to lick. No doubt you've seen those in our domestic blame-American-first crowd and those that believe that we need UN authorization to blow our noses. God forbid that the US should take any action that benefited the US.

As annoying as the self-loathers are we tended to ignore them for the most part. Unfortunately, the domestic culture of self-loathing is butting squarely up against the Muslim's Cult of Death and culture of seething hatred. They hate those who are more culturally advanced and better off than them, which is just about everybody else on the planet.

As I've written before, they're brainwashed from the cradle to believe that they are Allah's chosen people and are vastly superior to all others, but they live in a world that constantly produces proof that it isn't so. The self-loathing and apathetic people of the West provide the only "proof" that exists that they are destined to dominate the planet.

The self-loathers efforts at outreach and "understanding" only serve to make us look cowardly and stupid in Muslim eyes. Especially when their holy book tells me that it's OK to deceive and lie to non-believers. The insane belief that all people are basically the same is a popular self-deception but still a luxury that we can no longer afford. Muslim extremists are people who are keen on action as opposed to deliberation. In other words, the older a Muslim is the more likely they are to be a lost cause.

The Cult of Death is literally screaming in the streets their mindless hatred, disdain for us, and their plans for world domination. The recent video from New York is a prime example. We must face the fact that people who can view this video and the horrific execution videos and not be moved are lost causes. They're too far gone.

Most people just shrug it off and go about their business. Yet, another luxury we can't afford. Their insane beliefs must be debated at every opportunity, not so much to convince to them the error of their way, but to provide the dissenting viewpoint to those who might be listening, especially the young, and more especially young Muslims. They don't call it the impressionable age for nothing.
(More below)

Monday, June 06, 2005 

The Slow Pace #2

My wife seems to have lost patience with my newfound joy of blogging. It now takes me 6 hours to write a 15 minute post. Sorry.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Sunday, June 05, 2005 

The Slow Pace

Sorry for the dearth of posts lately. I've been feeling a little out of sorts and not particularly imaginative.
The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Saturday, June 04, 2005 

Every Little Rugrat Helps

Cultural and Social Life Preservers

I made a post some time ago concerning demographics in our country. I'm pretty sure that everybody thought it was one of my humorous posts but I was deadly serious. The US is under attack by more than terrorists. We are also fighting a demographic war--and we're losing.

One piece of political correctness masquerading as social responsibility is the idea that having more than two kids is some kind of outrage. I know all the arguments against it so don't waste a lot of time trying to convince me. Nobody would suggest that we go back to the days when women died in childbirth trying to have her 14th child. I think, however, that 4 wouldn't be an unreasonable number. Even if it means you can only get a new Beemer every other year instead of annually.

And you're wrong, we do have room for them. Just because people in Manhattan are packed together like sardines in a can doesn't mean there isn't room here in the sparsely populated Southwest. If you've even driven across New Mexico, Utah, or Nevada you know what I mean. Since we're being swamped by runaway immigration low birthrates among the native born in the US will guarantee our eventual extinction as a culture and as a power to be reckoned with. Until such time as we can get our borders and seacoasts under control 2.1 children per couple isn't a luxury we can afford.


Like Its Going Out of Style

Knowing that their civilization was doomed the disco minions boogie oogie oogied like it was 1999.

I hate to play Nostradamus because the powers that be frequently strike me down for my hubris. But I'll take the chance this time.

"He's/She's ________-ing like it's going out of style." That was a common phrase when I was growing up, but I haven't heard it in decades. I guess it went out of style. Something reminded me of it a few days ago and it's been bouncing around in my head ever since.

It was a figure of speech that meant some person was irrationally obsessed with something or engaging in some activity with an insane, almost frightening intensity. I'm sure if you think back you'll remember someone or even yourself doing that. So, out of the blue, that phrase popped into my while I was contemplating the frenzy leftists are engaging in now.

We've just passed the peak of the time that the leftists who came of age in and around the 1960s are at the peak of their power. As we all know, they were going to save the world from itself, and let everyone know it. But the time when they seemed unstoppable has passed. The legions of people who never bought into their ideas are being joined by members of the 60s generation who have matured. With each passing year there are fewer and fewer hard core leftists who venerate their own ignorance and inexperience as virtues.

The madness we see around judicial nominations, foreign policy, immigration, and social security reform just confirms Rush Limbaugh's observation that Liberals are never funnier than when they're out of power. Leftist thought is in critical condition and won't pull through in it's present form. Everywhere they look their vision is crashing down around them. Even unassailable bastions of Liberalism like Social Security are being scrutinized for changes or possible elimination. They're in a panic because Liberalism is going out of style.

I believe this is why they are digging in their heels on their last toeholds of power. The Left is just a few judges shy of losing everything they worked (taxed?) for and we are just a few judges and Congressman from eliminating that last vestiges of the thinly disguised socialism of the 1930s. The reaction of the Left is certainly understandable, after all they are human beings just like the rest of us. Most people who have dedicated their entire lives to a lost and disproven cause go through the well-known stages of grief. I figure they are somewhere in the vicinity of anger and denial.

The obstruction and invective hurled at us make it seem as if no matter how much we win, we still lose. But let your heart not be troubled, the Left has launched their Battle of the Bulge and it will burn out soon enough. Be assured, they will go out in a blaze of glory and then fade from view.

Thursday, June 02, 2005 

What's the Word for Someone Crazier Than a Moonbat?

Howard Dean is proof that God Still loves Republicans

I have a hard time believing that Howard Dean is for real. Sometimes I think he's just plain crazy, but most of the time I'm pretty sure he's just yanking our chains. I'm sure the Democrats are hoping that's true otherwise they're in for a serious case of buyer's regret.

The man's mouth should be registered as a lethal weapon. A kind of verbal nitroglycerine if you will. Today he made comments that suggest he can't see the forest for his closed eyelids. Bush administration the most ineffective in his lifetime? Apparently he was in a coma during the Carter and Clinton administrations.

We don't appreciate the plight of the working man because we've never done a day of honest work in our lives? So those six years I spent working 750ft. underground with a light clipped to my helmet don't count. I'd like to see Howard Dean do that without breaking his manicured nails.

Let's hope that the Democrats don't figure out they've swallowed a poison pill with Howard Dean. And most importantly, never, ever, let the man stop talking. Please.
The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


You Only Count If You're Pretty, Young, and Blond

Yet another young girl has gone missing, by the name of Natalee Holloway, this time in Aruba. Every few minutes her story is repeated on the news. She certainly deserves the attention because she may be in trouble, if not already dead.

I can't help but notice, however, that once again the media has been consistent in their choice of which disappearances to go nuts about. I have heard people complain that the media only seems to care when young, pretty, blond, white girls go missing. Since then I've been keeping an eye open for just that sort of thing and I have to admit it appears to be true. Isn't it an equal tragedy when a short, mousy, plain Jane goes missing? Hmmm? Seems to me that her mother's heart would break just as much. Victims come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Why don't they get equal air time?
The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Things I Absolutely Don't Care About

I've tried to be apathetic but couldn't dredge up that much ambition.

Things I Absolutely Don't Care About

  1. Michael Jackson
  2. Jennifer Wilbanks
  3. Basketball (can't relate mutants 7 feet tall.)
  4. Football (can't relate to mutants 7 feet wide.)
  5. Any permutation of the show "Survivor"
  6. Donald Trump
  7. Foreign cars
  8. Molly Ivins' opinion on any topic
  9. Al Sharpton
  10. Jesse Jackson
  11. France
  12. MSM network news
  13. Vampire chic
  14. Maureen Dowd's life
  15. World opinion about the United States
  16. Offending feminists
  17. Germany
  18. Vicente Fox's policies on US policies
  19. ACLU's opinion on any topic
  20. Self-esteem of Berkeley graduates
  21. European Union Constitution's crash and burn
  22. WB Network's entire programming lineup
  23. Illegal alien's "rights"
  24. The damage Howard Dean will do to the DNC
  25. Michael Moore's future heart attack
  26. Dan Rather's reputation
The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

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All government is an ugly necessity.

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America learned the hard way: it's the world of September 10th that's really crazy.

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