Monday, May 30, 2005 


The Hispano-Fascist Flag (credit: me-the ER)

Things have been slow here in the blogosphere, so I took the time to do some reading up on all things immigration. I spent hours on it in fact. I checked out the American Patrol Report and spent some time cruising MEChA's web site. My reading took me from one extreme to the other, from laughter at the lunacy of their positions to gut-wrenching concern that so many people believe the tripe they're spewing.

My calling them Hispano-Fascists isn't just a ploy to annoy them or make them angry. They generate plenty of those emotions on their own. No, I call them that because the hatred and bile that spews out of their mouths reminds me ever so much of the words of other fascists from the past. I'm certain of one thing if nothing else. If it walks like a fascist, talks like a fascist, thinks like a fascist, and acts like a fascist, then it's a damn fascist!

I've always subscribed to the theory that as soon as someone in a debate compares his opponent to Hitler or the Nazis, he or she just lost the debate. Very rarely is the comparison legitimate. Usually, it's just a rhetorical technique to inflame someone else's passion. But in the case of the deluded Reconquistas and certifiable psycho MEChA sociopaths, the comparison is dead-on.

The blather about the bronze race and the people of the sun invading and occupying my little piece of the country in order to fill out their inevitable destiny. That sounds an awful lot like invading Poland to get a little "living room" for the "master race" on the way to creating the world-encompassing German order. I say if the swastika fits, they should wear it.

I think that the invaders are getting a little bit too cocky for their own good. Just because our government doesn't see any need to protect us and keep us sovereign, it doesn't mean that we'll just stand by while it happens. I fear the pussies in our government will let this continue until the rank and file citizens have no choice but to act on their own. I don't know about you folks, but there is no way in hell I'm going to live as a second-class citizen in my own country. Nor will I stand idly by while people who have no clue as to what makes the country work reduce it to third-world nation status.

Remember, Mexico isn't poor because of lack of resources, lack of labor, or any intrinsic genetic flaws. They are poor because they run things like Mexicans. And no, I'm not saying they don't have the right to live however they want. What I am saying is that the way you live carries certain consequences with it. If you choose a self-destructive path, then you have no one to blame but yourself. And if you choose not to see the connection between your condition and your actions, that's your problem too. However, your choices in no way obligate me to let you come to my country and impose those choices on me.

I could go on for about twenty more paragraphs but I'm getting tired. I will make some more observations about this as time goes by.

Saturday, May 28, 2005 

Everybody Lives on Stolen Land

The English arrive in England uninvited--Thank God

Post summary:
  • Conquest has gone on throughout history.
  • It goes so far back that you can't set it "right".
  • It's time to let bygones be bygones.
  • How far back in time does one go before it's "right".
  • Many Mexicans don't even bother to hide their anti-Americanism anymore.
  • They've been warning us for decades it falls on deaf ears.
  • Mexicans envy our prosperity but still don't understand where it comes from.
  • The Reconquista is doomed from the beginning but will do much harm before it dies.
  • Rising resentment against the Reconquistadors does not bode well for anyone.
  • MEChA and Reconquistadors are blatantly racist.
Every lives on stolen land. By that I mean the land was stolen from somebody at some time or another. Undoubtedly, all of us in the Americas live on land stolen from the Indians at some point. Just as millions of Muslims live on land stolen from Christians and Jews. This morning I got myself thoroughly depressed by reading up some more on the Reconquista and open-borders bunch, particularly the Baldwin Park incident in California.

Muslims baffle us by still being angry about events that occurred some 500-odd years ago (expulsion from Spain and Portugal, or even 1,000 years ago (the crusades.) It has been noted by some that the Muslim world is as angry about those sorts of things as if they happened yesterday. Americans, as I have noted previously, scoff at holding a grudge from 60 years ago (Second World War). Rational people know that at some point you have to let bygones be bygones. Besides, where would one stop? Why stop at Mexico? Why don't we help Spain recover their lost territories? How far back do we have to go before everything is as it should be.

Setting those issues aside, we have another problem equally as bad. Mexicans are still steaming about the loss of the American Southwest over 150 years ago. The only thing that will assuage their rage is to get the mythical land of Aztlan back. To their credit they've been very forthcoming about their intentions in print, in speeches, and on the internet--and in English no less. It worries me what they might be saying in Spanish. Of course Hitler did the same thing in Germany, but few paid attention to him either.

I've been told to my face by Mexicans that the only reason Mexico is a poor country is because the United States stole all the "good land". The real reasons for their poverty is contempt for capitalism and the cronyistic kleptocracy that passes for a government. A free market, more investment, less consumption, and a lowered birthrate would solve their problems faster than and imagined benefit of Reconquista. It's usually pointless to debate them since their minds have been made up since the cradle.

I must say for the record that Reconquista will fail. The United States is a power to be reckoned with and can't afford to let those states go. What reconquista can do is get lots and lots of people killed before it is suppressed. In a way it would be good even if they were partially successful because la raza would show our "it can't be done" government just how easy it is to deport 10 million people.

It seems to me that many Mexicans feel that they have reached some kind of critical mass which makes the Reconquista inevitable. Some have already said as much publicly. Even going so far as to warn those of use who are fair-skinned to get out while we still can. The pictures and video of the Baldwin Park mob frothing at the mouth with rage and screaming anti-American slogan and praising Muslim terrorists should be more than sufficient to wake up the densest liberal dullard.

Mexicans aren't the only ones feeling rage right now. There is growing resentment in the rest of the US population, which is slowly turning to rage. No matter how much the voting public leans on it's elected representatives and groups like the Minutemen prove the feasibility of choking off the flow of intruders, the government still does nothing. I think that at this point we have to face the fact that the "living in a bubble" theory doesn't adequately explain government thick-headedness. They have a definite agenda and it is being rammed down our throats.

The MEChistas and Reconquistadors are only concerned about themselves. Their motto says it for all to see and hear, "For the race, everything. For those outside the race, nothing." Only la raza or the people of the sun will matter. As a final note, I can't help but notice how chest-thumpingly proud they are of their race. The problem is that race is what you're proud of if you have nothing else to offer. Hispano-fascism has arrived.

Thursday, May 26, 2005 

Just Another Suicide Bomber In Paradise

This virgin will soon be off the market.

Just Another Suicide Bomber In Paradise

Hakk ibn Yakkin has just successfully martyred himself by blowing up a commercial vehicle filled with people.
Unfortunately for Hakk, he isn't too bright and just blew up a truck filled with infidel manikins. Nevertheless, when killing
and maiming, it's the thought that counts and Hakk soon finds himself hurtling through the cosmos and landing at the feet of the Great Imam of Paradise.

Hakk: Daaa-aa-aa-amn! That hurt a lot more than they said it would! (Hakk looks at the gates of Paradise only to see the
previous martyr, Gakk, sobbing inconsolably as he is led into Paradise.)

Great Imam: Crap! Another one already? We just finished the last one! (The Great Imam checks the temperature of his
low-fat double-shot cafe mocha.) And my coffee's cold! Just blew another wad at Starbucks.

Hakk: (Prostrating himself in from of the big guy) Oh, Great Imam! I am here to collect my 72 virgins.

Great Imam: (Sneering) Yeah? You and every Tom, Dick, and Zarqawi.

Hakk: Great Imam, you seem quite a bit more cynical that I had expected.

Great Imam: Yeah, well boredom and fatigue will do that to ya. I've been working double and triple shifts trying to process all of you geniuses.

Hakk: (angry now) Great Imam! We have been promised honor and many pleasures in paradise, yet you mock me. Have I not traded my life to eliminate many infidels.

Great Imam: (insincerely) Sorry, spent a year on a field assignment to New York City. I've never been quite the same since. In fact, I'm constantly fighting the desire to grab my crotch, shake it, and tell you guys to "Martyr this!"

Hakk: Great Imam! You've been corrupted by the infidel West, how could you have made it to Paradise, much less become Great Imam?

Great Imam: I was a legacy. My uncle Achmed used to be Great Imam. The had to take me.

Hakk: But weren't you martyred for the cause of Islam as well.

Great Imam: Well, you see, that's the problem. They told me my bomb was a pizza I was supposed to deliver to one of our cells in Tel Aviv. Naturally, they set it off remotely while I was still on the bus.

Hakk: But still! You are a martyr for the one true religion.

Great Imam: Well, sort of. There were only three other people on the bus and they moved to the back when they saw me get on. I only succeeded in killing myself and the bus driver. We both took an anchovy to the head.

Hakk: But still, you took at least one Israeli oppressor down.

Great Imam: Yeah I know. We spent a lot of time together in the Paradise waiting room. Great guy. His name's Murray.

Hakk: Enough of this! Obviously, my respect for you was misplaced. I want my 72 beautiful virgins.

Great Imam: Uh, yeah. You see, that's been a part of the problem here lately, the beautiful virgins are kind of picked-over. We've been having to give out what we have left. Why do you think your buddy Gakk was crying?

Hakk: Well then, I'll take virgins that are merely pretty.

Great Imam: Sorry, they're pretty picked over too. And before you ask we've kind of had to back off on that whole virgin thing too.

Hakk: But what's the problem? Surely Allah is all powerful?

Great Imam: (squirming a bit) Well, that true, but it seems male and female souls are created in equal number. I think Allah may have over-committed a bit. So for you to get 72 virgins, 71 non-martyrs have to give up their women. They're starting to get a little testy since there aren't any camels up here.

Hakk: (frightened now) When can I see my virgins then?

Great Imam: (yelling back over his should) Bring 'em in!

Hakk: Oh, merciful Allah! Couldn't you give me some with teeth?

Great Imam: (yelling over his shoulder again) Hey! Hakk wants some virgins with teeth! (There is much laughing in the back.) Sorry, we ran out of virgins with teeth last year. I'm told the virgin market is a little tight these days.

Hakk: Then I renounce my martyrdom. I want to go back to Earth and resume my normal life.

Great Imam: That's going to be a problem, your body is spread over about 6 city blocks and your friends and family have already scooped up the parts. But look at the bright side. You going to get 12 different funerals. You should be honored.

About that time the portal to Paradise is opened and another fresh martyr drops to the floor.

Newcomer: Daa-aa-aa-aamn! That hurt a lot more than they said it would. Hey, where's my virgins?

Great Imam: (burying his face in his hands) Next!

The newcomer observes Hakk being led through the gates of Paradise by his new women. He is sobbing hysterically.

Newcomer: (tilting his head towards Hakk) What's his problem?

Great Imam: Same as your problem.


Gang of 14

Three moderate Republican senators from the gang of 14 celebrate their Republic-saving compromise.

As more details of the wonderful compromise of Bush's judicial nominees, the less I like it. I can understand the drive to protect the filibuster by those who fear we may need it ourselves someday. What I don't understand is why this compromise is such a deal for our side. We had to leave 70% of our nominees twisting in the wind and all we get is a promise that they'll only use the filibuster if it's really, really, important.

I'm sorry but Federal judgeships, most particularly Supreme Courtships are by their very nature extraordinary. We're being assured that the "nuclear option" is still available to use later, assuming we have any credibility left to use it. I suggest in the meantime that we find a new name for that option. Nuclear conjured up bad images in the minds of lots of people. I suggest we change the name to the "Fluffy white purring kitten option."


We're War Criminals, Who Could've Known?

Staggering off of the reservation.

I started my morning by looking for the daily outrage to blog about. So I started with I didn't have to look long. The first thing I checked out was a video clip from O'Reilly's show. Apparently Amnesty International is gunning for us. It seems that our holding facility on Guantanimo is the "Gulag of our time." They also rank us down there with the Sudan and Haiti on human rights.

The really gutsy thing was their warning for our leaders to watch where they go for vacation because they might find themselves arrested and taken away, just like Augusto Pinochet. He happens to be another guy that we're equivalent too. That's the problem with saving the world. Do it once, it's a favor. Do it twice, it's your job. After that point the world start complaining about how poorly you do you job.

Why isn't there some kind of vaccine for idiocy?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005 

An Orwellian Moment in Italy

Oriana Fallaci

An Orwellian Moment in Italy

Read a jaw-dropper on The Jawa Report. An Italian-born New Yorker by the name of Oriana Fallaci has been charged in ther native Italy with the "crime" of defaming Islam in her book "The Force of Reason". Let that sink in for a moment. She is being charged for something she said. In a book. That she wrote here.

Local prosecuters had dismissed the charges saying that she was merely exercising her freedom of speech, but were overruled by a judge who ordered her indicted. Yes, everybody is equal, but some are more equal than others. It appears that it isn't just the American judiciary that has gone stark raving mad.

It would be interesting, and instructive, if they try to extradite her back to Italy. If I was her, I would apply for US citizenship as quickly as possible, assuming she hasn't done so already.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005 

Hi! We're Americans and We're Packing Heat

If only it were so.

I saw the cartoon and it reminded me of something very important. The majority of studies done on concealed carry laws shows that crime goes down when the common people are allowed carry a piece. While the studies show that concealed carry laws have a correlation with an increase in property crimes, crimes against persons invariably decreases. It's speculated that criminals switch to non-confrontational crimes in order to avoid an armed victim.

While I'm not so sure that I would want to go to the extreme depicted in the cartoon, I do believe that pilots should carry, and possibly the flight attendants as well. While we're at it, let's get an air marshall on every flight. I don't know, maybe I'd feel better about the whole situation if I was carrying a "Dirty Harry" gun. You know, the kind that can "take your head clean off"?


Beaver Bureaucracy

Zoologists and Political Scientists working jointly prove the existence of liberals in the beaver population.

The victim was reported to have been working under a jobs program administrated by the beaver government. When the government's spokeman was asked about their culpability in the tragic accident, he just pointed at a muskrat across the river, then ran and hid in his burrow. We do not know if any further comments are expected.


The New and More Realistic Food Pyramid

One proposed food pyramid consisted entirely of refined sugar cubes.

(ER-News Service)
It appears that the government is giving up on convincing the American Public to eat healthy foods in reasonable amounts. They've announced the newest and last food pyramid will conform to the actual eating habits of Americans. The new pyramid will be as follows:

  • Salts and Sugars Group--representing the crystalline foods.
  • Fats, Greases, and Cholesterols Group-- representing food that needed killing.
  • Caffeine, Nicotine, and Stimulants Group--because Starbuck's and Phillip-Morris bribed us.
  • Alcohols and Intoxicants Group--mostly because we're tired of doing without too.

Contrary to what you may have heard, fresh fruits and vegetables are allowed on the new pyramid as long as they aren't organically grown. Such fruits and vegetables represent the newly created Pesticides and Chemical Fertilizers Group.

Government nutritional experts say they expect the compliance rate with the new pyramid to be quite high.


For Gods Sake! Somebody Feed That Girl

America's anorexic-in-chief purged the burger afterwards.

Of all the irons we have in the fire right now I can't believe we can take the time to go nuts over Paris Hilton's Carl's Jr. commercial. Paris is the living refutation of the belief that you can't be too rich or too thin. She is too rich, too thin, and too blond. One objection that has been raised is that her swimsuit is too revealing. Let me to be the first to point out that the poor girl has nothing to reveal. She is a stick figure made flesh. Besides, there is enough material in that swimsuit to make 3 bikinis and no one has declared war on the bikini to my knowledge.

As far as the suggestive behavior in the commercial, I guess my coming of age in the 1970s is showing again. I found it to be scarcely worth looking up from my book for, much less having a stroke over. I think there are a lot of things that were better in the past, but a return to 1950s prudishness is not one of them.

Monday, May 23, 2005 

Senate Republicans Roll Over and Play Dead for Their Democratic Party Masters

Roll over Senator! Roll over! Good dog!

Arrrgggh! What was so bad about the nuclear option? No, they had to reach a "compromise" (hack, spit). Naturally the compromise is only 3 of 10 nominees without a filibuster, and no promises on the other 7. Thanks for nothing.

It's becoming increasingly clear to me that critics such as Limbaugh are dead-on right. These wobbly-kneed Republicans in Congress still haven't gotten the memo that they're in the majority now. So they sold us out again. What was it? They couldn't fight a filibuster because it might mean losing some beauty sleep? That's what Starbuck's is for.

I wish our elected representatives had the backbone to show some "huevos".


Citizenship and Starship Troopers

So what's so controversial?

Citizenship and Starship Troopers

This morning a memory popped into my head and I just had to blog about it. It's the sort of thing that will probably earn me friends and enemies in equal measure. I was busy letting the border situation and amnesty nonsense burn a hole in my stomach lining when the memory of reading Robert A. Heinlein's "Starship Troopers" popped into my head. It was a pivotal moment in my life and affected a great change in my thinking and beliefs. I devoured the book and was delighted to find a chunk of common sense in a world seemingly devoid of it in 1975.

Though the effect on me lingered, the memory of the book itself faded over time. I was occasionally reminded of it from time to time. But mostly it was lost in the deep caverns of my mind.

When I was 25 it popped up in an article I was reading and was referred to as, "the highly controversial Starship Troopers." Surprised that there could be any controversy, I asked fellow science fiction people about it. Many were hostile to it as well.

It had been roundly condemned as Fascist propaganda, among other things. The society it described was very disciplined and had a common social order. The society was pro-military, pro-business, and pro- just about everything a conservative or libertarian believes in.

But the main sticking point was that citizenship was not automatic. Citizenship had to be earned through personal achievement or public service, frequently military service and we all know how the left feels about that. Non-citizens were guaranteed specified rights, but could not vote. To be citizens, one had to have something invested in their nation, be it time, money, blood, sweat, or tears.

Ever since I was 15 I have thought that idea had a great deal of merit, and not just because I'm a military veteran. It has been noted that in a democracy, the plebes will "vote themselves bread and circuses" till there is none left. Most of the immigrants I've meet, no matter how nice they were, firmly believe in the "zero-sum" theory of wealth, including even those from English speaking countries. They want their slice of the pie and will vote for whoever will slice it for them.

My point is that automatic citizenship, even for the native-born, has its downside. Though I'm not sure that policy should be changed. What I do know is that a blanket amnesty would create a huge mob of voters all clamoring for their piece of pie and with no concept of wealth creation and capital accumulation. We wound up with a semi-socialist government during the Red Decade of the 30s, and we are still trying to slough off some of that drag on the nation. Uncontrolled immigration, blanket amnesties, and vote for illegals would result in an even "redder" decade, or longer.

If I was calling the shots, I would end automatic citizenship under certain conditions, as well as dual citizenship. Automatic citizenship could only be conferred if both your parents are native or naturalized. If either parent was a foreign national or an illegal, citizenship could not be conferred at birth. If I could push it through I would insist on some kind of service to the country as a token of loyalty by those who didn't qualify for automatic citizenship.

Sunday, May 22, 2005 

Children of Liberals and Conservatives Compared

O.K., here's the scenario. We've done research to determine how early in life the disease of liberalism first manifests itself. Groups of children were instructed to touch a hot stove and their reaction were observed. Half of the conservative children said, "Are you high?", half said, "Ow! That hurt! You tricked me, you're a bad man!" The response of 100% of the liberal children?
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!.......etc.

Saturday, May 21, 2005 

Young Butt-Ugly Troglodyte Marries Midde-Aged Family Deserting Psychotic Woman

This is just creepy.

Young Butt-Ugly Troglodyte Marries Midde-Aged Family Deserting Psychotic Woman

This Letourneau travesty just hasn't made sense since day one. I'm with just about everybody else being creeped out about the whole underage thing, especially how much underage he was. That's all been covered, but I have another thing that I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around. The kid is just-so-damned-ugly. If I met him on the street I would rate him as "sex-proof".

I know that women cheat on their husbands and abandon their kids all the time. Probably every day. While that's not right either I could understand how temptation can lead someone to make very poor decisions. After all as they say, nothing is new under the sun.

But here we have a woman who was quite attractive when all this started going down, had a reasonable attractive husband, four kids, and apparently an above average life. So if your going to give all of this up it would have to be someone really special, right? But no she gloms onto a 12-year old elementary school student who was repeatedly beaten with a large caliber ugly stick.

Where' all that stuff that women are said to look for? Success, education, ambition, employment, social status, and the whole spiel? I have a hard time believing that she threw it all away for that kid.

I can only think of one thing. I was once told about a multiply-married woman who had gotten involved in a very ill-conceived marriage, which lasted quite a while. I asked what kept them together and I was told, "He was her 'sex husband.'" That's all I can think of. Hope that's not it. I think we all know what happens eventually.


The Enlightenment Reactionary's Simple Prayer

Dear God, or any lesser deity filling in, please let the Saddam-in-his-underwear thing blow over soon so I can safely read my favorite blogs again. Amen.


When Rich People Steal

Arianna Huffington without her makeup.

Just read a post on that Arianna Huffington, who flosses her teeth with hundred dollar bills, has been jacking his bandwidth and graphics by hotlinking to his site. Excuse me while I break out in a fit of not being surprised.

I know your not supposed to do that, and I'm so new that my blogosphere umbilical cord hasn't dropped off yet. In her defense, somewhat, I'm pretty sure she wasn't intentionally trying to be a jerkette. It probably never occurred to her over-indulged mind that someone might object and she just didn't know any better.

But what else can you expect from a turncoat, backstabbing, Al Franken schmoozing, neo-leftist, liberal-bubble dwelling, traitor like her. That enough. I'd better stop before I say what I really think.


The Other Cross in San Diego

The next victim?

The Other Cross in San Diego

Just read Malkin's piece on the cross controversy in San Diego. For those who have been following ridiculous brouhaha over the cross on Mount Soledad over San Diego way, here's a tidbit of information. There's another cross on another mountain in San Diego.

I've never been particularly religious but it never occurred to me that the Cross on Mount Soledad could ever offend anyone. It's historical if nothing else.

I lived in San Diego for 8 years and I made frequent trips up the mountain for the view and to show visitors the rather imposing cross. I hope the locals can save it. Still, I find myself wondering what will happen if the opposition succeeds in having it removed. Will they start gunning for the cross on Mt. Helix. I'm sure they'll be after it next.


"Two Out Of Three Branches Ain't Bad"

Meat Loaf meets Ruth Bader Ginsberg on her perch.

Speaking of the Nuclear Option, here's something that I hope will amuse you until we land that ever elusive third branch of government. Sung to the tune of Meat Loaf's "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad"

"Two Out Of Three Branches Ain't Bad"

You're Honor let's end this fight,
You know you ain't being so fair.
You never let our legislation stand,
Ruling in our favor's so rare.

You say we're infringing their rights,
But that doesn't justify their appeals.
Behind your black flowing robes you hide,
When our legislation's doom you'll seal

They voted it on and I signed it out,
But to let it be law you just can't bear,
You read the words and began to pout.
You've been obstructin' us for so long,
We're drinkin' hemlock instead of beers.

And yet you keep on telling me,
You ask me,
You beg me,
But there'll be no day,
You'll be getting your way.
Now don't be mad,
'Cause two out of three branches ain't bad.
Now don't be mad,
'Cause two out of three branches ain't bad.

All our policies you've gone and overruled,
And your outrageous conditions we can't meet.
I know you're just waitin' out my term
So you can play me for a fool.
'Cause at the ballots me you can't beat
'Cause our demographics are holding firm.

You can try,
But three more years in office still I've got,
We'll hold out until you die.
Then we'll be able to enforce some things,
Some things that you've always fought.

We know that in college you were a dove
And that patriots were your foe,
But now the people you think you're above
Are provin' how much you don't know.

We remember how you invented those rights,
It was for our own good you said.
And though we pleaded and begged you
Not to snuff out those lives
You banged you gavel and said we're done for the day.

And yet you keep on telling me,
You ask me,
You beg me,
But there'll be no day,
You'll be getting your way.
Now don't be mad,
'Cause two out of three branches ain't bad.
Now don't be mad,
'Cause two out of three branches ain't bad.

You say the bench is your right,
And our judges are goin' nowhere.....


So Go Nuclear Already

Hey, they were just asking for it.

For the love of God people, it just a rule change! If you've got the 'nads you can change it back. We've got bigger fish to fry than a few judicial nominations.

What an unbelievable bunch of sore losers. For most of the 20th Centruy, the moonbats were flapping their leathery bat-like wings through history unimpeded. When in all that time did they ever hesitate to ram a rabid ideologue down our throats? A strict constructionist poses less threat to them than Ruth Bader Ginsberg does to us.


Saddam in His Underoos

Saddam's rights have been violated. The injustice reverberates throughout the universe. I shall grieve for his shattered dignity. OK, I'm done. Have a nice day.

Friday, May 20, 2005 

Tarantino Sucks Beyond All Human Endurance

The CSI gang.

Just watched the season finale of CSI-Las Vegas on the DVR. I don't watch much television anymore because, quite frankly, I've outgrown most of the raw sewage you see these days. My wife, however, got me hooked on CSI when we met and I've been pretty faithful.

My only worry was that Quentin Tarantino was going to direct the final episode. I've seen some of his movies, but not all. That's because I learn quickly and it didn't take long to figure out Tarantino's involvement just about guaranteed a piece of crap. The episode was quite good for the most part, a definite departure from standard fare, but still good.

Just as I was beginning to think that old Quentin had finally pulled one off (possible spoiler ahead) along comes this funky black-and-white hallucination scene with even more gut-wrenching gore than standard CSI fare. I don't know what this guys true calling is, but it sure the hell isn't directing, or acting. I would call him a no-talent hack, but that would be an insult to hard-working no-talent hacks the world over.


Russia Threatens Force Over US Weapons Plans--Or--Still Spending the Peace Dividend

Reagan had it right, as usual.

Ah! Remember the collapse of the Soviet Empire? What heady days those were. The only possible enemy that could ever threaten us throughout the ages was gone. At last we could reduce the military to its proper role as a jobs program, then use the money to buy votes with reckless abandon. Yes, it was a simpler time. But alas, simpler times simply do not last. These more complex times are being documented a new expanded edition of the Koran, which follows:

And so it came to pass that He whom is evil incarnate, George W. Bush, as well as his hordes of infidel followers, offended peace-loving Muslims the world over by their ostentatious display of paved streets, flush toilets, and buildings blasphemously taller than any mosque, forcing us to incinerate unbelievers who had committed the crime of having jobs and good dental hygiene.

But the Evil One sinned and rebelled against his just punishment and made war on Allah's chosen people, al-Qaeda, so nobly engaged upon the holy work of ridding the world of infidels and Islam of collaborators who wanted to send their daughters to school.

But the joke was upon the Evil One and his nation of henchmen for verily Allah has filled the world with useful idiots who will one day be consumed in their turn. These sacred useful idiots began to be emboldened because they could see that the Evil One was up to his profane neck in alligators in our holy lands because he was short-staffed with warriors. Upon defeating the previous Evil One, the new Great Satan gleefully abandoned many of his warriors and used their lucre to build museums of the history of toilet bowl plungers and Pop-Tart Art in towns that even he had never heard of.

So, the Russian unbelievers, who will one day be beheaded, as well as the Chinese unbelievers, who will one day be beheaded, as well as many lesser infidels who will one day be beheaded, began to feel courage and rattled their sabers at the Evil One. The Chinese infidels looked at the Taiwanese infidels and licked their chops. The Russian infidels looked toward Eastern European infidels and began filing their teeth. The Mexican infidels looked toward the lands of the Great Satan and said, "What the hell are you talking about? We were taking over long before you came along."

And so it came to pass that the even the Great Satan couldn't help but notice his peril, and began to consider placing defenses in the heavens themselves. The enemies of the Evil One in the land of the Great Satan began pummeling the Evil One with their purses, but alas, they were brushed off with casual disdain.

The Russian and Chinese infidels looked and trembled, for they had not yet made sufficient progress in filing their teeth to points and as yet their swords lay unsharpened. They drew themselves to their full heights, then strained their necks looking up at the Great Satan and said, "Don't make us beat you up." At which time the Great Satan stifled a mighty yawn. They looked at the Great Satan is disbelief and said, "Let's talk." Whereupon the Great Satan began filing his fearsome fingernails in a haughty manner, disconcerting them greatly.

So these lesser Evil Ones went to their lackeys in the lands of the Great Satan, those that go by such names as Minority Leader, who swarmed the Evil One distracting him from his work. Gleefully, those that will be beheaded when we are done with them resumed their teeth filing and sword sharpening with much rejoicing.
Well, my brothers and sisters in common sense, the final chapters in that new edition aren't written yet and we still have time to do something about it Read this excellent article from WorldNetDaily and decide for yourselves. It concerns a possible return to a Strategic Defense Initiative. If you're like me you're watching the WoT pretty closely, but can still see in your peripheral vision that the Chinese are getting a little too cocky.

I think we need to bear in mind what the late great Robert A. Heinlein wrote about a possible conflict with communists, particularly Asian communists. To paraphrase, he said that if their was indeed a conflict, say with China's huge population, that there was no way American mothers could produce male babies fast enough to save the country. His point was that America needed an equalizer (just nukes back then) to survive in a hostile world.

We live in a world that still doesn't understand how wealth and prosperity are created. A world where the ludicrous zero-sum theory of wealth is considered indisputable fact. In the face of that kind of envy, we will always resemble a fat turkey that desperately needs carving up. Until such time as the majority of the world accepts those elements of our culture that make our unprecedented wealth possible, they will be deprived and feel deprived and believe themselves entitled to their piece of our pie. In other words, for our continued survival we will always need an edge.

Thursday, May 19, 2005 

The Labor Glut Is Coming to Town

Diversifying ourselves to death.

No matter how articulate you are, sooner or later you meet someone more articulate still who can make your point better than you can. Some people are threatened and react accordingly. Others, like me, are delighted to have a sharper arrow in our rhetorical quiver. This was the delightful experience I had this morning when I read a commentary on CNSNews by Christopher G. Adamo. He makes my various points about illegal immigration more eloquently than I've done so far in the following excerpt:
Primarily, they (open border supporters--ER) operate under the noble sounding premise that "illegal immigrants are only doing jobs that Americans will not do." More accurately, they do jobs Americans refuse to do for Mexican wages.

In any case, how many jobs of this nature could there possibly be? Do they suggest that the twelve to fifteen million illegals already in this country are insufficient to perform such work? The stark truth is that illegals only linger briefly in such jobs, thereafter occupying higher rungs of the economic ladder, where they further displace American workers.

Which succinctly state the two main points I've been trying to make for years. One, Americans are perfectly willing to do any job if they can live decently on what it pays. I've had some pretty miserable jobs in the past, but they paid well by way of compensation for that misery. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Two, whatever else you can say about illegal immigrants, they are still fellow human beings and as such the one thing they want more than any other is for their kids to have it better than they did.

I'll elaborate some on those points. In the first case it is undeniable that over-immigration displaces American workers at the bottom of the socio-economic rung of society. It's basic the basic supply and demand principle. Even at a depressed US wage newcomers are usually better off than they were in their native countries. However, very few native Americans will accept the decline in their living standard required by those very depressed wages. So, in that sense, the detractors are right. Americans won't do those jobs anymore for a good reason. It would be stupid to do so.

Ah, but there's the rub. Many people seem to forget,those displaced don't just conveniently disappear into the ether. They have to go somewhere. If you're on the bottom rung of legitimate society, you only have three places you can go. The first two are a life of crime or the public dole, both of which hurt society as a whole. The only other alternative is to improve and reinvent yourself and move up the social ladder. Many displaced persons do this, which increases competition for jobs at those levels and consequently puts downward pressure on wages.

In my own experience, I was stunned when I graduated college and found that all the Bachelor's level jobs in my new field paid less than my old blue-collar job, a lot less. My whining about the situation prompted one of my college professors to inform me that the supply of college graduates was exceeding the demand in most fields and that, consequently, the Bachelor's degree was the new high school diploma, and that I needed to get a Master's to even have a hope of a high-paying job.

As for the second point, I have noticed that many native American citizens just assumed that the son of the guy that mows his lawn will mow the lawn of his sons and daughters. Uh-uh. Ain't no way. Nix-na, nein, no way, uh-uh. That guy working three jobs isn't doing it so his kids can work three jobs. He's doing it so that his kids can compete with your kids for middle-class jobs, and so that his grandkids can compete with your grandkids for admission to med and law schools.

No one can blame immigrants, legal or otherwise, for wanting to come here. But it is unfair to those of us already here, and our descendents. Any immigration past the point required to relieve labor shortages is ultimately harmful to the country. Just like Castro took advantage of the Mariel Boatlift of 1980 to flush out his prisons and mental hospitals, Mexico and other countries are using our dysfunctional borders to flush out their chronically unemployed who, if they stayed in their own country's, could very well become a threat to the entrenched leadership. In essence, despite what apologists say, these countries are exporting their problems to us.

These countries will keep exporting their problems to use because from their perspective it would be foolish to do so. Not only do they get the unemployed out of their hair, those same people send billions of dollars back to relatives in their home countries. As an example, Mexico is reported to get one-fifth of its GNP (gross national product) from remittances sent by immigrants here in the United States. This is done at the expense of our own GPD.

No matter what the naysayers say, Americans are not against immigration as such. What they are against is an unrelenting invasion.


Two Phoenixes Rise in Manhattan

Jihad this, bitch.

I'm not much of a fan of Donald Trump, even if he does have the same first name as me. He just rubs me the wrong way, which is odd because I usually respect people who have gotten themselves rich, especially those that have done it more than once. Maybe it's the unbridled vanity aggravated by his mega-idiotic TV show. But he may yet redeem himself in my eyes.

Trump and I agree on at least one thing. The proposed replacements for the WTC were all pretty pathetic, and the powers-that-be settled on one of the most pathetic as their choice. His opinion on the Freedom Tower mirrored mine:
The plan "looks like a junkyard, a series of broken-down angles that don't match each other. And we have to live with this for hundreds of years?" he said. "It is the worst pile of crap architecture I've ever seen in my life."
I firmly believed, as did many others, that the only acceptable response to the attack was to rebuild the towers and rebuild them bigger, better, stronger, and if possible more ostentatious. All of which should have been done as quickly as possible. No better message could have been sent, but that opportunity was lost.

It seems that now there is a strong possibility that Trump may make exactly this scenario finally take place. If he does so, I'll likely be a Trump fan for the rest of my life. This would be the best monument to those who died and it would send exactly the message we need to send to Islamic terrorists. It would be the nation's way of saying, "Kiss my ass."

Wednesday, May 18, 2005 

What's Going On?

I've been very curious lately. Every time I read an article that refers to the 9-11 attacks the number of people that died is lower. We started out somewhere in the vicinity of 3,000, but in the latest article I read the number is down to 2,479. So what's going on? Are people being raised from the dead? I thought an official number had been determined a couple of years ago.


Question of the Day #2

Early tool of aboriginal capitalists that allowed them to extend the workday.

How many liberals does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Thirteen. One to hold the bulb, 2 to turn the ladder, and 10 to fill out the environmental impact statement.


Enlightenment Reactionary's Observations on Life #6

It's not such a bad idea.

Enlightenment Reactionary's Observations on Life #6

  1. Empirical evidence supports the theory that marriage is the only known cure for nymphomania.
  2. When environmentalists seek to gain the support of Joe and Mary Sixpack, they show pictures of cuddly deer and bunnies, along with the occasional bald eagle, never the disgusting slug, snails, biting insects, and weeds that stop or hold up highway construction and commercial development.
  3. Liberals hate everything that makes life worth living.
  4. Most liberals that support getting back to nature have never even been on a camping trip.
  5. It's odd that the only marriages the left doesn't support are those between men and women.
  6. A liberals relationship to the MSM is equivalent to that of a parrot to its owner.
  7. All liberals secretly want to be French.
  8. Environmentalist consider your recently restored muscle car to be the moral equivalent of a bloody axe.
  9. Women are the way they are because of the way men, which is because of the way women are.
  10. Your children will manifest your worst habits and qualities before any other.
  11. Teenagers consider ignorance and inexperience to be virtues.
  12. Liberals have their development arrested at the teenager phase.
  13. Americans are too trusting.
  14. Minority conservatives deserve our utmost respect for their bravery.
  15. The only thing a feminist hates more than a man is a happy woman.
  16. Women are right about cuddling.
  17. Your mother will spend the first 20 years of your adulthood trying to plug the umbilical cord back in.
  18. Leftists can't see the connection between the housing shortages and rent control, restrictions on land usage, and high property tax rates.
  19. Most people can't make a rational choice about a lifetime mate until they're in their 40s.
  20. We'll have to save Europe again--soon.


Moonbats with Redeeming Qualities

Some moonbats you just have to like in spite of yourself.

Actually she's at a Renassaince festival here in Texas. Despite the objections of purists, Renassiance festivals are occassionally called Renaissance and Fantasy Faires. The now defunct Hawkwood Renaissance and Fantasy Faire was an excellent example. (That one died due to ongoing vandalism during the off-season.) I'll be visiting the Scarborough Renaissance Faire myself very soon. It's some of the most fun I have in any given year.

If you've never been to one and have a nature that is the least bit playful. I would encourage you to attend one. One caveat, even at the more traditional faires prudish folks might become a tad offended. The Renaissance was a bawdy time (remember Shakespeare) , but they usually give you a warning. Besides, you're conservative, not dead.

Yes, there is a high moonbat per square miles population density, but I've never seen anybody discuss politics at a Faire. Truth be told, this is a venue where the dreaded and evil Political Correctness rarely raises its ugly head. This year I hope to remember to bring my camera and I'll post some pictures. Is this a great country or what?


Los Angeles Commits Suicide: 59% to 41%

And so it begins...

In case you haven't heard yet, Antonio Villaraigosa was elected mayor of Los Angeles. In case you didn't know, Villaraigosa is a former gang member and MEChA leader. I won't waste time debriefing you on this tragedy. American Patrol has done a magnificent job of deconstructing Villaraigosa already here.

What I will do is tell you that I'm very sad. I used to live in Southern California and miss it every day. There are thousands upon thousand of loyal Americans of Mexican extraction in Los Angeles. If the voters of Los Angeles were determined to have a mayor with a Spanish surname, then there was no need to elected a man of questionable integrity, who will likely only consider himself answerable to Mexico City.

Villaraigosa says he wants to bring the city together, but one has to remember that he was a higher-up in an organization whose motto roughly translates to "For our race, everything, for others, nothing." As I pointed out very recently, when they say viva la raza, it isn't your raza they're talking about.

I rarely make predictions. OK, I make them but I don't reveal them because I don't like to have to eat my words later if I'm wrong, but I'll break with that policy here. Like other politicans, Villaraigosa has promised to solve the city's problems. Like others of his ilk (leftists, not Mexicans, so spare me your hate mail) he has no clue as to the actual sources of those problems. So, again like others of his ilk, his "brilliant" and "original" idea will be to propose more of the problem as the solution to the problem. Don't believe me? Look at public education.

Also, like your typical leftist, he will attempt to solve problems by throwing money at them, other people's money of course. Whose money? If you're not Mexican, it'll probably be yours. Despite all his rhetoric to the contrary, Mexican culture is deeply racist. Just look at El Presidente Fox's recent brain-dead comments as a recent example. So, most likely there will be a honeymoon period before his policies begin to be implemented, followed by confusion as his monochromatic priorites become obvious, followed by hate and discontent and possible violence, and finally, the trickle of people leaving California will become a torrent which will contract the tax base of the city. All of which will be attributed to white racism.

It all reminds me of an old saying, "If the people knew what it was that they wanted, they wouldn't want it." Let's go to work people, there are other cities to save.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005 

Missing the Obvious

That's me in the title. Sometimes I'm racking my brain for the next post topic then I see someone else blogging on something I thought was so obvious that it required no blogging. My point in case here concerns the Newsweek scandal, or rather the reaction to it.

I've seen several people post that Newsweek is not to blame because Muslim extremists are looking for any excuse to kill, burn, rape, riot, etc. I hate to behave like a gum-snapping teenager, but I must. Well, duh! That's kind of been our point guys. Newsweek gave them that excuse, and from their perspective it was a damn good one. If you're so dense that it wasn't obvious to you that Muslim extremists are constantly chomping at the bit for excuses to do their evil, then God help you!

As a side issue, if Newsweek was blissfully unaware of Muslims fanatical devotion to their holy book, then they need to be put back a grade and let adults take over their news business. Morons.


You Just Might Be a Feminist If...

Three women who will never get laid.

You Just Might Be a Feminist If...

  1. ...your favorite video game is a first person shooter in which you toast embryos with a laser.
  2.'ve kicked a man in the groin because he found you attractive.
  3.'ve stalked a heterosexual woman because she didn't.
  4.'re raising your only child on lawsuit money you got from your abortion clinic.
  5. once got the president of a major university fired for saying the sky is blue.
  6. believe that the vote should be restricted to childless lesbian Democrats.
  7.'re plotting against your own uterus.
  8. believe that your menstrual cycle is proof that God exists, he's male, and a sexist.
  9. got a breast reduction even though you were a natural AA cup.
  10.'ve ever drop-kicked a doctor for refusing to give your male foster child a sex change operation.
  11. consider any woman with hair longer than 2 inches to be a traitor and a sell-out.
  12. believe the Founding Fathers were women dressed as men to overcome 18th Century sexism.
  13.'re the only one who knows where your father is buried.
  14. deeply resent being treated as a sex object even though no one ever would.
  15. won't wear a bra but you do own a jockstrap.
  16. deliberately trip women who shave their legs.
  17. believe high-heeled shoes are the moral equivilant of the swastika.
  18. ...the sight of a happily-married heterosexual couple has actually made you vomit.
  19.'ve failed a strength test for the fire or police departments and blamed sexist free weights.
  20. had to go into therapy when you found out that your fathers wasn't an anonymous donor.
  21.'ve ever had a dream about nursing a male baby and then woke up screaming.


Islamo-fascism meets Hispano-fascism

Future national emblem of Mexico.

Islamo-fascism meets Hispano-fascism

So there I am, drinking my morning coffee and checking my overnight blog traffic when I come across something I think must be a put-on. A terse response to my "Vicente Fox Opens Mouth: Inserts Both Feet" post. It was posted anonymously, of course, and reads in its entirity:

Who controls mexico?(sic)
Anonymous | 05.17.05 - 12:35 pm | #

That someone would quote La Voz de Aztlan to rebut one of my points naturally left me slack-jawed and glassy-eyed with disbelief. The specific article linked made it more so. What's Mexico's biggest problem and the source of their woes? Jews, of course. Linking me to this article is like a condemned man offering to buy bullets for his executioner. I don't think that he thinks things through thoroughly. (Awesome alliteration don't you think?)

Now if you will please close your mouths and refocus your eyes, contemplate this for a while. What the hell people? I didn't even know they had Jews in Mexico, much less had been "infiltrated" and "betrayed" by them. Seems that there is nothing these folks won't stop at--not.

First, even if the Jews were plotting world domination, they would definitely have bigger fish to fry than a corrupt backwater like Mexico. Perhaps the Reconquista/Aztlan brigade is having delusions of adequacy again. Second, I've never had any problem with Jews, most I've known personally seemed as concerned for my welfare as they were their own. I only have three grievances with Jews: Most still thrown their votes away on Democratic Party candidates, the ones I asked out for dates turned me down just because I wasn't a Jew, and I've never seen one who drove an American car. (Please keep all hate mail on this issue brief.)

So please, read the article and let its meaning sink in. Then, ask yourself what they must be saying in Spanish if they're saying this in English. If you've never been there, check out the "La Voz de Aztlan" website. On the rare occasions that they take a break from anti-American and anti-Semitic bile, they spend their time waxing poetic about Islamo-fascists like giddy star-struck adolescent girls. Apparently, hate isn't hate if its your hate.

So just as a gentle reminder, bear the following in mind at all times: Mexico is not our friend, Mexico is not our friend, Mexico is not our friend, Mexico is not our friend, Mexico is not our friend, Mexico is not our friend, Mexico is not our friend, Mexico is not our friend, Mexico is not our friend, Mexico is not our friend, Mexico is not our friend, Mexico is not our friend, Mexico is not our friend, Mexico is not our friend, Mexico is not our friend, Mexico is not our friend.

The preceding has been a subtle reminder from the Enlightenment Reactionary.

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The Enlightenment Reactionary Asks You For a Favor

I was going back over some of my old posts and was aghast to discover that my proofreading in the wee hours of the morning leaves a lot to be desired. As a personal favor to me, please leave a comment if you find spelling, grammar, syntax, or other errors in my posts, including this one. Especially in my posts where I'm pointing out how incredibly stupid the left is. I would really appreciate it.
The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Top Ten Signs That Newsweek Is Doing a Story on You

Fact checkers? I don't need no stinking fact checkers!

Top Ten Signs That Newsweek Is Doing a Story on You

  1. You catch Michael Isikoff burying a body in your backyard.
  2. You find pages from the Koran lining your bird's cage.
  3. Newsweek editorial staff asks if they can come in and measure your toilet.
  4. You wake up one morning surprised to find yourself wearing an "Islam Sucks!" t-shirt.
  5. Someone tries to talk your son into killing his sister to protect the family's honor.
  6. A smelly guy with cheesy mustache delivers a package from a company called "Martyrs R Us".
  7. A nervous chick with a press pass asks if she can make a copy of your fingerprints.
  8. You keep finding kilo bricks of hashish in your trunk.
  9. The truck from the police crime lab keeps circling your house.
  10. A total stranger offers to give you a pig named "Mohammed".
The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.

Monday, May 16, 2005 

Question of the Day #1

How do you know that your debate with a liberal is about to start?
Somebody yells "Food fight!"


Moonbats in the Daytime

Future Newsweek staff member.

This one was hard, but I'm sick of working on it. It's sung to the tune of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way".

Vote My Way

Mailman's bringin' stuff that's got my doorbell dingin',
Just another stack from the DNC.
They say I oughta be votin',
For the candidate they've been a-floatin,
'Cause they really hate the powers that be.

I met their ringleader, was a real poll reader,
Believes in all the issues they list.
Then he started groovin,
And really started movin'
When he really let himself dis'--Bill Frist

You see, the propaganda keeps comin',
But I keep shovin' it back out the slot,
Don't ya know they want all the money I got,
And I'm getting sick of all their bummin'.

Got student grants so I jumped at this Berkeley chance,
To get a degree that really pays,
But my roommates droolin'
'Cause of the drugs he's been doin'
And I know what he's gonna say.
He'll tell me to...

Vote my way, vote my way
Vote my way, vote my way
Vote my way, vote my way
Vote my way, vote my way
Toss your vote in the abyss--like this!

College skanky's eyes all glassy kinda nasty,
Dirty t-shirt hangin' below her knees.
She got a shocker when she saw my Dockers
So she stomped over just to spit on me.

She was a bull dyke bruiser,
Goin' by the name of Katie,
"You're just a fascist bastard!" she hissed.
"To the world you're a traitor,
And environmental raper,"
So I maced her face with my fist--like this!

The crowd starts screaming, "You're oh so cruel!"
Then grabbed my feet'n threw me down the stairs,
Saying, "Hey right winger-dinger we know you're a ringer,
So be gettin' the hell out of our school.

Got student grants so I jumped at this Berkeley chance,
To get a degree that really pays,
But my roommates droolin'
'Cause of the drugs he's been doin'
And I know what he's gonna say.
He'll tell me to...

Vote my way, vote my way
Vote my way, vote my way
Vote my way, vote my way
Vote my way, vote my way
Toss your vote in the abyss--like this!The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Morons on Parade #3

Newsweek finally retracted the Koran down the toilet story. It was just a few days late, a dollar short, and a few dozen bodies too many. Idiots.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Vicente Fox Opens Mouth: Inserts Both Feet

Mexican president Vicente Fox joins a fraternity.

Vicente Fox Opens Mouth: Inserts Both Feet

Sometimes it's just great to be alive. If you haven't heard yet, El Presidente Vicente Fox de Mexico recently made the Freudian slip to end all Freudian slips. In one of his tirades against the United States putting up the slightest resistance to his invasion of our country, he dropped this stink bomb into the immigration debate:

"There's no doubt that the Mexican men and women -- full of dignity, willpower and a capacity for work -- are doing the work that not even blacks want to do in the United States."

Don't you just love it when an bigoted idiot forgets to not say what he really thinks? This towering intellect has proven that he's a egalitarian racist. He condescends to all non-Mexicans equally, not just Caucasian-derived gringos. Ah, equality!

All of which brings me to my main point. People often seem to make the mistake of thinking that prejudice is a "white thang", and that all the various races lived in peace and harmony till the blue-eyed devils were vomited out of the bowels of hell. Seems to me history is filled with data about various groups cutting throats with reckless abandon before they ever encountered their first European.

So, I'll bring those folks up to date. Some minority groups hate each other more than they hate "Euro-Americans". When I was in the Navy I experienced first hand the hostility between a Mexican-American and a Puerto Rican-American. The Puerto Rican fellow even went so far as to tell me in the presence of the other that Mexicans weren't human. Ouch!

Other examples? When I was working on my Bachelor's degree, one of my TA's was from Peru and told me that Mexicans were animals. The Mexican wife of a friend of mine is from the central part of Mexico. Her opinion? The people that live just south of the US-Mexico border aren't really Mexicans, they're animals. I could go on and on but what's the point?

Many may think that this Reconquista thing would be just the comeuppance that mainstream American's deserve. Well, be that as it may. Just bear in mind, when MEChA says viva la raza, they aren't talking about your raza.

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Sunday, May 15, 2005 

I Killed You for Your Own Good

Hatin Surucu just wanted to live her own life. Instead, she became Berlin's latest victim of honor killings. Her Turkish Muslim brothers allegedly gunned her down for adopting Western ways.

Found this little gem via Ankle Biting Pundits which gets to the heart of what I've been saying. We can no longer afford the comforting delusion that all cultures are basically the same and all have the same right to exist. The attractive young woman shown here wasn't killed by coalition bombs in Iraq. She was killed by her own brothers for doing things we naturally expect our sisters to do in the Western World

I don't think any of us would even remotely consider killing anyone for dating someone of a different faith or race. Much less for moving out on her own or wearing different clothes than we might prefer. But to murder your own sister in cold blood for exercising the God-given rights she was born with? Unthinkable.

As you read into the article from der Spiegel you'll see that killings of this sort are not considered shameful, but in fact elevate the perpetrators to celebrity status in the Muslim community. They are "honor heroes"--for life. Parents often send their youngest sons to do the killing so that he'll get a reduced sentence or adjudication because he is a juvenile.

So what's my point? Simple, some of these poor souls are just too far gone. The Pollyannas among us need to understand that you just can't redeem everybody. This girl died a totally unnecessary and unjustifiable death. We need to do more to insulate our society from this kind of fanaticism, and we need to do more to protect those Muslims that are still reachable when they choose to fully assimilate into their new home. This kind of Intra-terrorism is yet another thing making real redemption impossible


Morons on Parade #2

Official flying mammal of the MSM.

Addendum to below. If you've been reading my blog chances are you've figured out that I an pretty contemptuous of diplomacy in general and diplomats in particular. I'm definitely a walk softly/carry big stick kind of person. But the more I think about the Newsweek thing, the sadder I get. The MSM gives lefties so many passes on so many things, you think they could ignore their faulty intel, just this once. It wasn't true, but even if it was common sense seems to dictate that you ignore it if possible or lie if necessary. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Morons on Parade

Newsweek editorial staff.

What can I say? Newsweek runs their unsubstantiated story about American guards flushing a Koran down the toilet like it's no big deal. With just a few sentences they undo work in the Middle East that was paid for with blood, and cause fresh blood to be spilled. God damned idiots.
The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Sage advice from the late Douglas Adams

Don't Panic!

I finally saw The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy tonight. I think all of the doom and gloom reviews were a little overwrought. I actually found it enough like the books that there was little surprise and as a consequence I really didn't laugh that much because I knew what was coming. I found Marvin the Paranoid Android the most amusing. Alan Rickman, Snape from Harry Potter, did an excellent job voicing the mopey robot.

I say its a definite must see, if for no other reason that completeness for Adams fans. If you somehow managed to avoid reading the books (if so, you must have been living under a rock) I think you'll get a big kick out of it. It kind of helps to have a dry, understated, snarky sense of humor. Like me.
The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


They Didn't See It Coming

It's Reconquista time.

Guess whom they're talking about. Hmmmm?

Who Could Have Known?

I'm one of those people that believes when someone invokes Hitler and/or the Nazi they just lost the argument. I'm ashamed to say that even our side does this sometimes. However, I'm going to have to break with that policy at least this once.

One of the greatest tragedies of World War II was that Hitler pretty much laid out his plan in advance. In fact, he wrote a book about it, Mein Kampf. I think that when he came to power someone in charge might have taken a look at it and reacted accordingly. I've heard that some did but were laughed off, of course.

So, now we have a looming disaster that threatens us as surely as Europe was threatened then, and still our leadership personifies those who inspired the old saying, "There are none so blind as those who will not see."

I don't know what else the Reconquista and Mecha guys can do to warn us. At least they're being fair about that. They write books, give rally, have TV shows, and have their leadership get up and tell us we're doomed, all on the record. Kind of makes you want to choke a politician, doesn't it. Well, as you can see above, they've even gone so far as to engrave it on monuments duly erected in American cities. If you want to see the whole monument you can go to Blue State Conservatives.

Somebody, some how, some way, needs to whack our leadership upside the head with a clueX4. Otherwise, they'll be stunned when the get bypassed and frustrated Americans of all stripes take action directly and they're left sitting there shaking their collective heads and saying, "Who could have known?"

Saturday, May 14, 2005 

Hat Tip To the Ladies

Women at Work
Hat Tip to the Ladies

Been cruising the net reading up on some issues concerning abortion and it got me to thinking. I just wanted to tell you lady folk out there that would never dream of doing such a thing that I have the greatest respect and admiration for you. You do the right thing even if it is difficult or inconvenient. Some even follow their consciences when it life-threatening. So I bow to you fine ladies.

As a side issue, you might want to show this to your pro-abortion friends and family.The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


Kingdom of Heaven

Crusaders at War

Kingdom of Heaven

Just saw Kingdom of Heaven a couple of hours ago with my wife. I had heard so much negative publicity about it I was kind of worried. We actually had gone to see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but we missed the showing. Kingdom was coming up so we went to see it.

All the reports I've seen and read indicate that the movie is falling flat at the box office. It kind of sad really, it really wasn't so bad. Ridley Scott just blew a great opportunity to pump up the Western world for the times to come. Sadly, he chose the politically correct way. Living in the bubble that is Hollywood and the entertainment industry at large he must have been oblivious to how the majority of people really feel.

I think the complaint that the movie played Christians for blood-thirsty barbarians was a little overblown. Some of the Christians were blood-thirsty barbarians, but not all. There is further grousing about the Muslims being played up as noble people just defending their land. I don't think this is so. I think Scott played them morally neutral for the most part. I saw an interview that old Ridley gave and naturally he doesn't see it that way. He views it as a sort of cautionary tale for all sides.

Scott, who is not an American by the way, is trying to be the cooler head that prevails here, which under ordinary circumstances might be laudable. The problem is, these are not ordinary circumstances. This is definitely not the time to be making the Muslim world out to be just like the Joneses next door. I don't, and unlike most of you, I have Muslims that live next door to me. Very unfriendly and rarely come out of their house. Ain't multiculturalism grand? But I digress.

The production values of the movie were excellent, as well the special effects. The acting was first rate. I'm not far enough along in my studies of history and the Middle East to know if it was historically accurate. I'm told that it is with the exception of a few liberties taken in the screenplay.

The best thing about the movie is a speech given by Orlando Bloom before the final defense of the remains of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. In it he actually says some of the same things I've been saying for years and years. One that land is and was theirs only by right of possession. Sure the Crusaders stole it from them, but Bloom also points out that their ancestors had stolen it from someone else who had stolen it from someone else in their turn. On down to the Romans and the original Jewish inhabitants. I'm a little weak on my biblical history, but if I remember correctly God let the Ancient Jews come and take that land from other people still.

Bloom's character goes on to say, that most of the people in Jerusalem had no known no other home, and that their were none still living who had driven out the Muslims, or Saracen as they called them. He went on to point out that no member of the army besieging the city had ever set food within its walls as all of those people were dead as well. Valid points all, and now it is a thousand years later and they still don't get that point. Far worse, our leaders and most of our peers don't get that they don't get it.

I know from personal experience that occasionally you will met someone that is still holding a grudge against our enemies from World War II. When they start bad-mouthing the "Japs" most people groan and roll their eyes. We, as a people, get it that 60 years is a long, long time and that it's long past time to get over it, but it's not so with most Muslims. I have known some personally and, strange though it may seem to us, they are still steaming mad about things that happened a thousand years ago. Ridiculous? Hell yes! But that is their way and their culture.

My beloved half-communist wife (love you, honey) misses no opportunity to tell me that I'm painting with too broad a brush. That not all Muslims are bad. Yes, that is true. I've been friends with a couple, but in a way that makes it even worse. If they like you, they are just that much more determined to convert you because they're worried about your soul and so forth. Also, ask them about Israel. No matter how calm, cool, and collected they are you'll see a whole new person. In my own experience they just go nuts. I swear, you can see the light of reason in their eyes going out and something kind of scary taking its place.

So in the final analysis, I say go see the movie, enjoy it, and take its message with a grain of salt. Then study everything you can on the that part of the world in general, and the Crusades in particular. That's what I'm doing. I'm hoping that the story gets a little more upbeat because it's been pretty depressing so far.

Friday, May 13, 2005 

The All Seeing Eye Returns

I decided to post my picture on my profile instead of the graphic of the All Seeing Eye. Strangely, my hits dropped from nearly 100 the day before to 7 the next day. I'm hoping this is a coincidence, but just in case it's not I'm posting a even better graphic of the All Seeing Eye.
The "read more" thing is always there. Hopefully, someday I can fix it. But keep checking, there is frequently stuff here.


I Am Seriously Starting to Hate These Guys

Hudan Mohammed Ali, 6, screams in pain while undergoing circumcision in Hargeisa, Somalia, June 17, 1996. Her sister Farhyia Mohammed Ali, 18, holds her so she cannot move. (AP Photo/Jean-Marc Bouju)

A Gambian Muslim Leader Declares Female Genital Mutilation to Be An Honor

You know, not too many years ago I was blissfully ignorant of just about everything having to do with Muslims. I pretty much figured they were like everybody else with the added bonus of getting four wives. Things can change a lot in less than 4 years.

When I first heard about female genital mutilation (FGM) I was flabbergasted. Mostly because I couldn't believe someone would carve on an unanesthetized half-grown girl with a non-sterile instrument. In fact, in the first article I read on the subject the girl in the story had been "operated" on with a broken bottle.

Now I read in the Dhimmi Watch that this sick buffoon in Gambia wants to make this insane practice into some kind of a virtue, a friggin' honor he says? It is wrong on so many levels one can hardly know where to begin. So, that I will leave to you.

Why would they do this? Apparently there are a number of reasons, but the primary reason mentioned in that long ago article was the necessity of preventing the girl from experiencing sexual pleasure. The theory being that if she couldn't feel pleasure, she wouldn't be tempted to sin or cuckold her husband. You have to be seriously insecure to follow that line of reasoning.

The "enlightened ones", you know who they are, tell us that we cannot judge another culture, that what is right for some is wrong for others, and that all cultures are more-or-less equal. When I was young and dumb I used to believe this, but no longer. As the father of a daughter, this whole thing sickens me.

The conflicts that we have had with the Muslim world have taught me something I have long suspected. Not all cultures are created equal and some of them are downright evil. We have moved past cultural differences, minds who can conceive of such things are practically a different species, and a malevolent one at that. Ayn Rand once wrote that an old adage had it wrong, that one should "always judge and be prepared to be judged". Well, I've long since gotten sick of trying to understand these people. I'm judging these people and I don't like what I see.

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