Saturday, April 30, 2005 

Well-Fed Man

A pure exercise in self-indulgence.
Sung to the tune of ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man"

Debbie never could figure out why everybody thought Scott was paying for it.

So rare, it moos
And I don't know where to start to chew.
Sizzlin' steak, tastes right,
I'll break the buffet tonight.
They come waddling just as fast as they can,
'Cause women go crazy 'bout a well-fed man.

Golden fries, onion rings,
Go well with spicy wings.
And hot links, even rats,
When I step on the scale I'll smash it flat.
They come runnin' just a fast as they can,
'Cause women go crazy 'bout a well-fed man.

Roast beef, roast cat,
Did I remember to mention rat?
Sack lunch, white bread,
One day I'll be just droppin' dead.
They come running just as fast as they can,
'Cause women go crazy 'bout a well-fed man.


Psycho Bitch Update

I see that Rosie O'Donnell is in a new movie called "Riding the Bus with My Sister". It looks like she is going to play herself.


Kill Your Birth Control Pills

I have no smart-aleck comments for this. It is just too beautiful

Michelle Malkin just blogged on a topic I have been being to address since the day I started my own blog. That being low fertility rates among American and European women. She has a number of good links on the topic.

America is in better shape than most the industrialized world because our fertility rate is high enough that our population still grows, although the rate among natives is below the replacement rate. Europe on the other hand is voluntarily committing demographic suicide with fertility rates as low as 1.1 children per woman of childbearing age. A rate of 2.1 is necessary just to hold a population steady.

Europeans who scoff at the idea of having 2 or 3 children, believing they are too much of a burden, might very well find themselves tending 5 or 6 elderly relatives instead of their one child because there is no other way to do it. If this is the fate they choose for themselves, so be it. I hope it works for them and their soon-to-be masters.

I'm not much on the concept of duty because it implies some degree of forced compliance. However, for those that do believe in it, at some point having children becomes a civic responsibility. I've posted several times about our immigration woes and how we need to get it under control, but the situation also calls for a significant bump in our fertility rate. Not only for economic and security reasons, but also to keep our native culture from being swamped.

Personally, I have a hard time wrapping my head around this problem. I always wanted a large family. As fate would have it I only had two; a boy born in 1978 and a girl born in 1998. My new wife is quite a bit younger than me and wants children of her own so that might change. We are also looking to adopt some children. When other people hear about this they virtually gasp in shock. I don't care though, I've had a child in my house since I was 18 years-old. I'm a family kind of guy and wouldn't want it any other way.

What I do care about is that people like me can't do it all on our own. I've always been kind of disgusted by who has kids and who doesn't. People who should be having a dozen kids have one, or none. People who should be having maybe one or two have anywhere from 4 to 12. My first wife was the 13th child of 13 children. Now that I'm older and wiser I realize that Natalie (my ex-mother-in-law) should have been spayed back in the 1940s. But I digress.

My point is that, as a people, we should probably chuck the birth control pills into the drawer for at least 10 years or so. Native-born and well-assimilated legal immigrant couples have a lot of work to do if we don't want to wind up like Europe and be the colony of some former colony.


Top 10 Reasons Liberal Democrats Fear Immigration Reform (with a bonus 10)

Unlike Madge, Eduardo could be nonchalant.

  1. Literacy rate is too high among the native-born.
  2. Fear of paying market price for fruits and vegetables.
  3. Fresh immigrants have no clue when you're ripping them off.
  4. The native-born know embezzling and bribery when they see it.
  5. American-born maids know that they don't have to have sex with you to keep their jobs.
  6. Their wives are extremely close to the pool boy.
  7. Their daughters are extremely close to the pool boy.
  8. Their sons are extremely close to the pool boy.
  9. They secretly have feelings for the pool boy.
  10. Their last pool boy quit without notice.
  11. They feel a need to cancel out Linda Chavez and Michelle Malkin.
  12. They have a neurotic fear of unmodified '64 Chevy's.
  13. Asian food cooked by a guy named Bob Johnson just doesn't taste right.
  14. Thomas Sowell, Condaleeza Rice, Clarence Thomas, and Star Parker are a bad omen.
  15. They need someone to translate the Spanish language ballots for them on election day.
  16. Recent immigrants don't understand the concept of itemized deductions.
  17. Their mothers have been crying since the pool boy left.
  18. Native-born legislators read the fine print on the legislation liberals sponsor.
  19. MS-13 has established a sleeper cell in their basements.
  20. They just can't go back to smoking substandard weed.


Social Security: A Bad Idea Whose Time Never Came

Then Bob realized the guy in the truck wasn't planning to pass.

All the debate about Social Security got me thinking. I haven't checked out retirement returns for a while, so I checked it out. Social Security, which started out at a combined rate of 2.0%, is now 12.4%, not counting Medicare deductions. I found a compound interest calculator online and crunched some numbers.

At my most recent rate of pay I would "contribute" about $5,300 per annum. With the 2% rate of return on SS that gives me about $162,000 dollars when I retired. If I took that same money and invested at an long-term average rate of about 15%, at retirement I would have about $1.2 million dollars coming. A net loss of around $1.1 million, which would buy a lot of Alpo.

Stock and bond investments beat SS even in all but the very worst recession economies. Future SS benefits are backed only by the taxing power of the government, so why, oh why, do people still believe it is a safer "investment". As SS tax rates become increasingly confiscatory, our children and grandchildren will be unable to pay or refuse to pay, and I don't blame them.


The ERs Observations on Life #1

Jeremy put up a valiant effort but Cindy's story about the history of toenail fungus finished him off.May he rest in peace.

  1. Boring people don't know they're boring.
  2. The use of personal hygiene products is inversely proportional to the distance someone will stand from you.
  3. Dumb people don't know they're dumb.
  4. Your love for your spouse tends to be directly proportional to the obnoxiousness of your in-laws.
  5. A beautiful woman will sleep with a man for any reason as long as it's not a good one.
  6. Third-generation welfare recipients can't see the irony in their votes counting just as much as yours.
  7. Your wife will always believe that a public place is the best place for an argument.
  8. No matter who you meet they will always be convinced that the United States was founded on whatever they believe in.
  9. People who smoke, toke, drink, party, bar-hop, and have sex with prostitutes will always believe that their problems are caused by corporate and/or minority conspiracies.
  10. When you buy a new car people will come from hundreds of miles away just to run into it.
  11. Liberals believe spending your money reserves them a spot in heaven.
  12. Feminists will always be terrified of being viewed as sex objects even though they are in no such danger.
  13. Teenagers and Liberals are incapable of learning from other people's mistakes.
  14. Teenagers and Liberals are incapable of learning form their own mistakes.
  15. Teenagers and Liberals will always believe that ignorance and inexperience are what makes them smarter than you.
  16. Michael Moore and Howard Dean are the two most powerful weapons in the Republican arsenal.
  17. Friends don't let friends vote for Democrats.
  18. Liberals who believe in massive government interventions bristle with anger when their parents try to tell them what to do.
  19. Public education is primarily about football.
  20. Society will always encourage you just to be yourself and then punish you when you are.


Onward Muslim Warriors

Speaking of Muslims, everybody grab your Religion of Peace hymnals and sing!

Osama Loses His Marbles
Graphic: Random Perspective

Sung to the tune of "Onward Christian Soldiers".

Onward Muslim Warriors

Onward, Muslim warriors, singing of Jihad,
With the cash for killing coming from Riyadh.
Osama, the foiled bastard, flinches at the blow;
Backward into hiding, running none too slow!


Onward, Muslim warriors, singing of Jihad,
With the cash for killing coming from Riyadh.

I would come out but the Great Satan bitch slaps me;
Aw! Come on Allah! Tell me where's that victory?
Zarqawi's knees quiver if victims are untied;
Mujahideen lift your rifles, please try not to hide.


Like a swarm of roaches, we camel-fondlers fear the light;
My band of brothers, I fear we're none too bright.
Nor are we united, how long must we grieve?
Car bombings and beheadings, but still no victory!


Kurds and Shi'ites belong under Sunni rule.
If they resist us, we'll just gas those silly fools.
When Saudi cash comes in, machine guns we will hold,
Christian, Jews, Coalition, still our guys just fold.


Smart bombs crash down on us, our leaders are insane,
But still Allah tells us, try to shoot them in the brain.
From his cave of hiding, Osama rants and rails;
And in his safe-house, Zarqawi whines and wails.


Pity poor Osama, sitting in his thong,
Maybe he's depressed but somehow that's just wrong.
He just plucks his eyebrows, polishes his nipple rings.
I think he's lost his mind and I find it quite obscene.


Friday, April 29, 2005 

Muslims Can Really Hold a Grudge

I was doing some reading on the topic of understanding Muslim thought, which I have decided is an exercise in futility, when something occurred to me. I don't know about you, but I've always found it amazing that they can be purple-faced with rage about things that happened 800, 900, or 1000 years ago and so frantic to get the "infidels" off of "their" land.

It occurred to me that, if I remember my history right, huge chunks of the Muslim world sit on land stolen from other people. The Byzantine Christians are probably the biggest example. In fact, the former Hagia Sophia Mosque, of which they are so chest-thumpingly proud was built by Byzantine Christians--as a Christian Church. It was the seat of the Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church for more than 900 years. To add insult to injury, the conquering Muslims plastered over the beautiful mosaic artwork because it offended them. Too many Christian themes it seems.

I mention this because I read that Muslims are chomping at the bit to take back "their" land on the Iberian Penninsula. That would be Spain and Portugal for those of you educated in public schools. You see this land was stolen from them some 600 to 700 years ago--by the Spaniards. (Gasp!)And by Allah! They want it back!

Now, none of us Westerners are really that hot under the collar about them living where they do. We have the ability to say to ourselves, "That was a long time ago and doesn't matter now. Besides, it's a done deal and there's nothing to be done about it." I don't think this is a concept that the average Muslim can wrap his mind around. So I say, if they insist on holding centuries-old grudges, maybe we can get some kind of movement going to right ancient wrongs. You know what I mean. Something like, "Carve out a home for the Christians in Turkey" or "Byzantium for Byzantines"

I'm kidding of course, but not by much. I think Ann Coulter's infamous post-9/11 comments have quite a bit of merit.


Give Them An Inch & They'll Give You Six--In the Back

Two of the preferred Liberal debating techniques.

I was cruising the entirely-too-gorgeous Michelle Malkin's blog on a regularly scheduled data run and was not particularly surprised to read that Bush's ridiculously generous compromise on Social Security is already being attacked, because it's not fair to workers that earn more. It's amazing, but not surprising.

We Convervatives and/or Republicans tend to be very reasonable people and sometimes it is hard to wrap our minds around the thought processes of the unreasonable. You know who they are, the people that complain that you're clouding the issue with facts. You'll experience less stress if you just accept that at some point it stopped being all about winning with them.

Mindless opposition for the sake of mindless opposition is the sum of their existance now. It doesn't matter how many facts and figures you show them, or how many numbers you crunch. They'll reject it out of hand because it just doesn't "feel" right.

It all reminds me of a cruel and abusive step-father is used to have. I was asked to describe our relationship in one sentence. I had to think for a while, them I came up with this: "If I invented the cure for every cancer, he would complain that it's a tacky color." It just doesn't matter how good or how workable or how necessary any proposal is to these sad folks, because it will always be a tacky color.

Thursday, April 28, 2005 

From the Emasculation Department

Earlier today I came across an advertisement for an anti-rape product. It was basically a fake tampon with a steel spike concealed in the tip. I find this idea as horrifying as I do amusing. I don't know if it was a legitimate advertisement, but if it was I'm sure Andrea Dworkin owned one. Click on the "Read more" link to see it.

I'll be good.


God of Blunder

Since you guys liked the last one, here's a left-over from the election.

Sung to the tune of KISS's "God of Thunder"

God of Blunder

There's just something about me,
There just something you see.
I rant in committee,
Hear my speech and believe.

I was born in Massachusetts,
To our gardner a son.
I was raised by the nanny,
And taught to fool everyone.

Spine of linguini, I'm slave to the polls,
The spin that you're under,
Will make you throw your vote down a hole.

I'm a man of the Senate,
Our enemies I'll appease.
My country I'll betray it,
Then demand you drop to your knees.
Before the--

Manicured nails of John Kerry.
The spell that you're under,
Will make you throw away your autonomy.

I'm the King of Compassion,
A modern day man of feel,
I hire lackeys to smooze me,
Then try to revive the New Deal.
So, kneel before the--

God of blunder, and waffle-ing,
His spell you are under,
So you can't know which way that he will lean.


The Alternate to the Alternative Media?

I just read in Michelle Malkin's blog that there's some speculation that the blogosphere is doing to talk radio what what talk radio did to the MSM. My first reaction was to scoff. My thinking was, that as influential as blogs are, that statement was a bit presumptuous and overstated. Then I had a second thought. (Non-liberals are known to frequently have additional thoughts after the first one.)

I realized that my talk radio listening has gradually dropped from 6 to 8 hours a day to 1 to 2 hours a day. Why? I wondered. The biggest reason is that talk radio gets stuck on some topics and won't get off. The Shiavo case is an example. I was on her parents side, but eventually put my radio on music FM because I just couldn't take any more.

There are other reasons as well. I listen to talk radio primarily to hear information and analysis that I would never hear on the MSM. If I turn on Limbaugh and hear the word "football" I turn him right back off. I know the whole show will be a total loss. Same thing for Hannity. If I turn him on and hear the phrase "country music", he goes right back off.

Then there is the thing about the blogs. After a third thought (See!), I realized that since starting reading and writing blogs, I haven't turned on the radio in the house a single time. Which came as a surprise to me.

So, after reflecting on all this for a while, I've come to believe there might be some truth in all of this. Just as talk radio disciplined the MSM media for spewing propaganda instead of real news, I think the blogosphere may be punishing talk radio for getting off-track with its listeners.


The Enlightenment Reactionary Gets Noticed

My "Democrats Love Me" parody is proving to be my most popular post by far. So far everyone seems to thinks it's very funny. Yet I can't get any traffic at my equally humorous Leftist Lexicon site, conveniently located under "Links". (wink wink)

More seriously, I appreciate the notice. I haven't been doing this very long and have often felt like I was blogging into a vacuum.


Wednesday, April 27, 2005 

Democrats Love Me

Seeing all those Democrats working so hard to protect me from John Bolton has gotten me feeling all spiritual. It's almost like Bill Clinton was still here looking over us. It inspired me to write this song.

Bill and Monica embrace as supporters mine for nose gold.

Sung to the tune of "Jesus Loves Me".

Democrats love me! This I know,
For my TV tells me so;
Joe Sixpack to them belongs,
They are smart but he is wrong.
Yes, Democrats love me!
Yes, Democrats love me!
Yes, Democrats love me!
The TV tells me so.

Democrats love me! They who cried,
Their compassionate tear ducts open wide;
My self-esteem they will mend,
While Teddy's brain soaks in gin.
Yes, Democrats love me!
Yes, Democrats love me!
Yes, Democrats love me!
The TV tells me so.

Democrats love me! O! Date me Bill!
Do me on Capitol Hill;
His lusty hand on my thigh,
Blows my mind, it makes me writhe.
Yes, Democrats love me!
Yes, Democrats love me!
Yes, Democrats love me!
The TV tells me so.

Democrats love me! Me they'll lay,
Grope my body in the hay.
A government job for me,
Or some photos his wife'll see!
Yes, Democrats love me!
Yes, Democrats love me!
Yes, Democrats love me!
The TV tells me so.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005 

The 90 Second Child Grab

Just watched a disturbing segment on Hannity and Colmes. They were showing a demonstration tape on how easy it is for predators to lure children. I know the tape was intended to show parents just how much risk there is for their children in the hope that they'll take greater care with their children's safety.

I can't help but be worried that the tape might prove prove educational for unconfident potential predators. It took the man in the demonstration video only 90 seconds to lure the child into the woods. Sure, a lot of parents got a wake up call, but I fear a lot of dumb child predators now know at least one workable way to seduce children.


Predicting the Past

I read an odd comment today concerning the lack of proper response to the out-of-control southern border. It reminded me a lot of Dan Rather statement at the height of the fake memo scandal. The one where Dan said that if the story turned out to be true he would be the first one to break the story. Apparently this superannuated moonbat got a visit from Obliviousman.

But I digress. This Mensa Society proof commenter claimed that the lack of response was due to a fear that it would cause a backlash among our Hispanic population. It was implied that this would be worse than letting the border run wild. It makes some sense in its own way. The hostility toward the Minutemen and the questionable legal wrangling that killed Proposition 187 in California, a no-brainer propostion if ever there was one, is very telling. It tells me that someone in power is very afraid of something.

The problem is, much like Dan Rather, they are afraid of breaking a story that has already broken. The backlash is already here numbnut (I say that with all due respect )and it is growing in intensity. The Minutemen themselves are a part of this backlash and so are the members of the secure border movement. It seems that politicians and policy wonks have been worrying about the wrong demographic group. Perhaps they should have been paying more attention to all the other demographic groups because concern about our porous border crosses all boundaries between other segments of the population.

Public service announcement by the Enlightenment Reactionary.


World Leaders In Love

This approaches 100% on the Ickiness Scale. Ditto, for the Creepiness Scale.

World Leaders In Love

In a weird way I feel cheated on and personally violated. I'm going to go binge on chocolate now.


Obliviousman Swoops In

I heard yet another guy say that sealing the border is impossible so it's pointless to even try. I've heard that excuse before, but I hadn't heard the next line. "Even if we could, what would we do with the millions that are already here? On behalf of every person in America with an IQ over 30 I would like to answer that question. We deport them to the other side of the sealed border you friggin' moron! Thank you.

This has been a public service announcement from the Enlightenment Reactionary.

Postscript: Actually this is my commie wife's position too. I was just waiting for some patsy to take the insult. God provided.


The Tipping Point?

How's this for a kick in the head?


This would symptomatic enough of the problems our nation faces if it was just grafitti. Unfortunately, it appears this was the intent of the advertiser. This is a disturbing sign of the times indeed.

As a life-long resident of the Southwest I have frequently been puzzled by the aggression and arrogance of some unassimilated Mexicans. I have noticed over the last several years that the arrogance and in-your-face attitude has increased, though just a few years ago I would never have believed an increase was physically possible. For reference check out my last and future comments on Henry A.

I'm like many Americans. I've been baffled by the huge surge in the already huge torrent of illegals crossing into the country and equally baffled by our government's cavalier attitude about it, if they even notice it at all. I'm beginning to think that both groups believe we have reached the tipping point.

A tipping point, in case you've forgotten, is when some event or outcome stops being merely possible and becomes inevitable. I'm sure this is at least a factor in these phenomena. The government and anti-assimilation Mexicans believe we have reached that tipping point and that there's no losing at this point.

Of course, the sad part is that there is no winning and they are blinded by ambition or an unwillingness to face the problem. There is growing rage in the country, from the WASPiest WASPs to the swarthiest of the fully-integrated former Mexicans. There is no way that the Southwest will become part of Mexico or any restored mythical Aztlan. California alone possesses about 10% of the total US population as well as numerous seaports, airports, universities, dozens of military bases, oil production and refineries, a huge proportion of our total production of fruits and vegetables, technological and industrial assets, and other assets far too numerous to mention. There is no way we could just let it go.

The best outcome the anti-assimilationists could hope for is some kind of bloody, pointless, meaningless, de facto civil war. Contrary to what many might believe, the other demographic groups is this country are not timid and lacking in machismo. They are predominately peace-loving, law-abiding people who happen to know which side of the border their bread is buttered on. Simply put, we have cajones muy grande.


Laura Ingraham's Bad News

I just read in Michelle Malkin's blog that Laura Ingraham has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I found this a little disturbing because I have only recently discovered her radio show. I've even gone so far as to occassionally adjust my schedule so that I can do my communting while her show is on the air. I guess we can be conforted by the thought that, based on what I know about Laura, it is probably the tumor we should be feeling sorry for. It doesn't stand a chance.

Monday, April 25, 2005 

Top Ten Signs That You're a Conservative at a Senate Confirmation Hearing

Mr. Bolton was sure panel members had exceeded their authority.

The Top Ten Signs That You're a Conservative at a Senate Confirmation Hearing.

1. Democrats on the panel are already giving each other high fives.
2. Someone served a subpoena at your mother's gravesite.
3. Your father was bribed to say that you molested him repeatedly when he was in his 40s.
4. Barbara Boxer pulls a pair of latex gloves and a bottle of medical lubricant out of her purse.
5. The panel has surveillance video of you stealing a carton of milk when you were in kindergarten.
6. Your proctologist is called as a witness.
7. The IRS audits your daughter's lemonade stand.
8. Your wife has a surveillance camera mounted on her forehead.
9. There is a burly man with an axe and black hood standing behind Joseph Biden.
10. Ted Kennedy makes accusations about your drinking habits.

Sunday, April 24, 2005 

Geosynchronous Orbits of Peace

Muslim countries are planning on launching a satellite--for religious purposes no less. The Organization of the Islamic Conference is spending $8 million to launch a satellite to observe the moon for the purpose of accurately determining lunar calandar dates. Seems they've had problems having religious holidays on the correct date. I hate when that happens. God knows I'd be willing to spend $8 million to prevent having one of my holidays 24-hours early.

Seems to me that a satellite that can take crisp, clear, detailed pictures on the moon and relay them back to Earth could be used to take even better images of things right here on Earth. It sounds an awful lot like a spy satellite to me. After all, there are a number of things those folks might like to know more about, say US troops movements and anything the Israelis are doing for just two examples. Oh, by the way, you can use satellites for missile guidance. Just thought you would like to know.


Does Bush Have a Plan He Forgot to Tell Us About? II

Is Bush's grand strategy Hispandering to the Latino crowd? WhenI thought of this as a possible reason for Bush dropping the ball on immigration, I found it even more horrifying than the possible explainations I suggested before. He might be stealing a page from the Democrats play book and using the old "vote for me and I'll let you have and do whatever you want" trick. Democrats have long been experts at driving wedge issues, both real and imagined, between the subgroups that make up mainstream society. The resulting societal fragments are then easy to play off against one another. Usually by promising "protection" against the other groups and goodies paid for with other people's money. Nice work if you can get it.

Mexifornian Driver's License
Allegedly lifted from Grouchy Old Cripple's site
It's a little harsh, but it still cracked me up.

I hope this is just my imagination running wild. Unfortunately, this explaination sounds more plausible to me than my others so I'm afraid it might be true. God, let me be wrong. Like his ho-hum attitude about border security and jaw-droppingly dumb amnesty ideas, this course of action could only result in a bigger flood of illegals crossing the border. If there aren't any consequences, why would anybody stay home? Worst of all many of these folks have no loyalty to this country and in many cases are downright hostile. For example, the reconquista crowd considers the US Southwest as raw material for their future nation of Aztlan. If you like for your hair to stand on end visit American Patrol and click on some of the links.

I originally started researching the immigration issue because I was worried about Islamofascist terrorists slipping into the country and this is still my number one concern. However, the nation as a whole and the Southwest in particular is being overrun by an invading force. I'm frequently reminded of this in my own life. Just two days ago I went to a temporary employment agency to hopefully find a more pleasant job. After about a half hour I realized that I was the only "Anglo" (I still hate that term) in a room of about 50 people.

Think I'm over-reacting? The government's own estimates show that there were 7 million illegal aliens in the US as of January 2000. These figures are five years old. Consider that hundreds of thousands cross every year and do the math. The last time I checked all the branches of the US military totaled a little over 2 million personnel. Their army is already here, and reinforcements arrive every day. Open border advocates will be hung with the rope their day laborers made for them.

Saturday, April 23, 2005 

Meet Henry A: Or, How I Learned That Bigots Come in All Colors

I have a small notepad that I use to write down ideas for posts and essays. It is filling up faster than I can find the time to write the posts. In fact, I'm up for 45 as of this writing. Going through my notepad I noticed that about a dozen were based on conversations I had with a Mexican man that I worked with for six years. Even though he was a native-born citizen of the US, I call him a Mexican because he was your quintessential unassimilated minority, and one of the most god-awful racists I have ever met. I learned a lot from him about the nature of anti-Americanism and the thought processes behind it. Since he is one of my primary sources of material, I thought it only fair that you should become acquainted with him.

I worked with Henry at a blue-collar job in the 1980s. We worked in a mine and frequently were assigned to work together, usually just the two of us, for 8 hours at a time. Under those conditions you talk a lot, even if you don't like each other. Henry was divorced from his wife, a black woman who unfortunately shared his attitudes, and they had one child who had come out looking like the kid from those old Oscar Meyer commercials. Henry bitched endlessly about how insufferable his ex-wife was, so I asked what they had in common that convinced them to marry in the first place. His answer? "We both hate white people."

Now, his attitude wasn't what surprised me. He had made it clear on more than one occassion that "la raza" was vastly superior to all other races, especially "peckerwoods", i.e. white people. What surprised me was that this dullard considered hatred of third parties to be a sufficient basis for a marriage. I don't mean to pick on poor Henry. He isn't the only one who has told me such things. He was just more candid and open about it than any other person I ever met.

Over the years I learned from him that white people, especially American white people, were not just inferior to Mexicans, but to all other racesl. (Just FYI Mexicans were racially superior to all other Hispanic/Latino/etc. groups as well.) I also learned that it was the United States' fault that Mexico was a poor country because we had engaged in treachery and guile, that we were a nation of belligerent bullies, that all of our achievements were gotten on the backs of others, and that we were a doomed people because God was on his side. Obviously, Henry had delusions of adequacy.

I ran into Henry during a vist back home a couple of years ago. I thought it might be nice to talk to him and see how his life had turned out. This towering intellect absolutely couldn't remember me, even though we had known and worked together for six years. It took several minutes of reminders before it clicked. When it finally clicked who I was, he made a couple of half-hearted semi-polite comments then rudely walked away without any other acknowledgement. Some things never change.

Friday, April 22, 2005 

We are the Americans: Our resistance is not futile.

My wife tells me I'm a cynic and a pessimist. Naturally, I tell her that I'm actually a realist and that she should have known me five years ago. After doing a little research on illegal immigration and related topics I've determined that I've been a naive happy-go-lucky Pollyana. My wife has some unfortunate leftist leanings, which I'm trying to help her with, and takes a familiar leftist stand on the issue. She says--and I'm paraphrasing darling--that what is coming is unstoppable and inevitable, and that true wisdom lies in just accepting it. This confuses me because her favorite thing to tell me is that I should stop bitching about issues and get involved with their resolution.

While my beloved may be off-track on the specifics, she is dead-on concerning the strategy and tactics. If you have time to watch TV or have your kids enrolled in 20 different sports and after-school activities, then you have time to get involved in the issues that are important to you. If you want to live in an America that you can recognize in 20 years, getting started now is a good idea. My research has convinced me of the necessity of getting involved locally and I'll be doing so forthwith.

It's also important to realize these principles don't just apply to immigration issues, as important as those are. They apply to every cause of the left that threatens our country. I know it is so tempting to just give up debating them because they are as relentless as they are clueless, but opposing them still does some good. How? Because they can't move on to the next goal on their agenda, or if they do, they'll have to divide their resources. Even if we can't win, which I'll never believe, if we don't stop they can't win either.

What I read in my research has gotten me so fired-up that I've jotted down notes for at least a dozen future posts. So stay tuned.

Thursday, April 21, 2005 

Scumbags with guns

Just watched some disturbing video. Terrorists have released video of the helicopter they shot down today in Iraq. In case you don't know, at least 11 people were killed including Americans. It clearly shows what the enemy is all about. I doubt if you'll see it in the MSM because the have to "protect" us from that sort of thing. If they do it'll be in order to throw some sort of anti-Bush/anti-Americans spin on it.

We really need to get this sort of thing out "there". I know there is a lot of video of people jumping out of the WTC on 9/11 that never gets run because it's too "provocative". If we don't have one already, we need a site that functions as a clearing house for this sort of stuff. I know I would link it to do my part. If anyone knows of such a site, or just has some media, I would really like to hear about it.


Kissing the Republican majority goodbye

Illegal immigration has always been the 800-pound gorilla in the room that everybody pretends not to notice. On this issue, even rock-ribbed law-and-order old-school Republicans suddenly turn into clueless moonbats. We've enjoyed a majority for over a decade now but we'll kiss it goodbye if the Republican/Conservative leadership continues to do a convincing impersonation of the "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" monkeys. The longer this problem is ignored the more frantic our base becomes, including me. This is the only issue that could make me consider voting for a Democrat in '06 and '08.

Why can't they see that this issue is a majority killer? The Liberal/Democrat contingent still has nothing to offer and no clue that they don't. If one of them happens to come out his coma and picks up on this we're screwed. The problem has been noted and brought to their attention. Just today I heard Rush Limbaugh talk about it on his show and I read an article about it on Malkin's immigration blog which told the sad tale of Maxine Waters coming out swinging against illegals involved in gang-related crimes that turn the streets and schools in Los Angeles into battlefields. Maxine Waters! The clueless moonbat poster girl.

If Maxine Waters is starting to get it then others can't be far behind. We need to do what it takes to motivate W. and the rest of the hired help. If we don't the lefties will soon be claiming that we're trying to steal their issue. Wouldn't that be embarassing?


Swarzenegger had it right the first time

It never ceases to amaze me when a politician finally says some thing that desperately needs to be said, then at the first hint of criticism collapses like a house of cards. If there is anything that I've learned in life, it's that a bad situation that persists does so because somebody with some clout is benefitting from it. It only takes a basic understanding of human nature to know that those with a vested interest in the status quo will shriek hysterically in protest when some reformer comes along.

I was originally ecstatic when the Governator said that we needed to close the border. Finally, I thought, some has the guts to say the things that need to be said. I was delighted that someone with the name recognition and clout had put the issue out there where it could get the attention that it deserves. So it was equally disappointing when I read in Michelle Malkin's blog that Swarzenegger had not only retracted his statements, he had apologized for them.

There are at least two very valid reasons to close the southern border. The most important is national security. Terrorists and other criminals can slip over the border just as easily as other illegal immigrants. Those illegal immigrants constitute the second reason of course. So many have made it across, and continue to make it across, that it has become a full fledged invasion and don't waste my time by claiming that's just hyperbole. Despite liberal and RINO whining, closing the border isn't impossible, it's imperative.

I don't know anybody that believes the southern border should be closed permanently.
Undoubtedly, we need a certain amount of immigration from Mexico. The problem is that we're getting far more than we need. Most Mexicans that cross the border illegally are unskilled workers, which every society needs, but with rapidly advancing technology we need fewer and fewer every year.

Then there is the question of why this particular group gets a pass on immigration laws. Mexico is just one of scores and scores of countries and they all have people who would love to immigrate to the US, many of them highly trained. Unrestricted immigration of any group eventually must result in a sub-group so massive in numbers that it not only doesn't want to assimilate, it doesn't have to.

I have first hand experience with this because I have lived in the Soutwest for all but four years of my life. My home town was about evenly split between Hispanics and Anglos (I hate that term). On one occassion I had a government clerk cop an attitude because he had to speak English with me. My heart still bleeds for him. On other occassions I've been told that I was a member of an inferior race (caucasian of course), that if I was smart I would move far up north as quickly as possible, and that if I wanted to stay in this part of the country I had better learn Spanish and Mexican history. These are mild as threats go, but they're still threats nonetheless.

I never thought I would say this about Swarzenegger, but he really needs to grow a pair of testicles.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005 

Minuteman Project 2

I can't help but notice several reports about the rate of illegal crossings dropping like a rock at the sections of the border patroled by the Minutemen. The only "outrage" was making an illegal pose with a deadly killer t-shirt before being let go. That incident received more attention in the MSM than the success of the project. Go figure.

Monday, April 18, 2005 

The Poor Don't Pay Squat

Every attempt at tax reform results in liberals shrieking hysterically about "tax cuts for the rich" and how it will be done "on the backs of the poor". They usually say that tax cuts, if any, should be given to the working class, by which they mean virtually destitute working people and not successful working people. The problem is that you can't give tax cuts to those people because they don't pay squat.

The graphic below illustrates the situation. It's been around for a while and has a permanent home on Rush Limbaugh's home page. As you can see the bottom 50% of wage earners pay virtually nothing in taxes. Also bear in mind that the people at the very bottom don't pay taxes at all, they recieve taxes in the form of transfer payments, the Earned Income Tax Credit for example. These so-called taxpayers are, in fact, tax freeloaders.

Tax Burden 2001

All too many of you will retort with something like, "So what? The rich should pay more." Unfortunately, you're rich. "What? I'm just getting by!" many will bluster. Yeah, I know what you mean, I'm just barely getting by too. What you'll find in the same article, based on GAO figures is that that top 50% includes people earning as little as $26,000 a year. If I only earned $26K a year I would lose my house and probably my car as well.

An excerpt for Rush's article on the subject illustrates the problem:

Think of it this way: less than four dollars out of every $100 paid in income taxes in the United States is paid by someone in the bottom 50% of wage earners. Are the top half millionaires? Noooo, more like "thousandaires." The top 50% were those individuals or couples filing jointly who earned $26,000 and up in 1999. (The top 1% earned $293,000-plus.) Americans who want to are continuing to improve their lives - and those who don't want to, aren't. Here are the wage earners in each category and the percentages they pay:

Top 5% pay 53.25% of all income taxes (Down from 2000 figure: 56.47%). The top 10% pay 64.89% (Down from 2000 figure: 67.33%). The top 25% pay 82.9% (Down from 2000 figure: 84.01%). The top 50% pay 96.03% (Down from 2000 figure: 96.09%). The bottom 50%? They pay a paltry 3.97% of all income taxes. The top 1% is paying more than ten times the federal income taxes than the bottom 50%! And who earns what? The top 1% earns 17.53 (2000: 20.81%) of all income. The top 5% earns 31.99 (2000: 35.30%). The top 10% earns 43.11% (2000: 46.01%); the top 25% earns 65.23% (2000: 67.15%), and the top 50% earns 86.19% (2000: 87.01%) of all the income.

The problem is that virtually no one thinks they're rich. I've met people with six figure incomes who bitched and moaned about how the were just squeaking by and believe me it was hard for me to by sympathetic when I was living in a $30,000 house in a neighborhood that was rapidly going to seed. One of my favorite example was an interview with a French woman after Francois Mitterand's socialist government came to power. She said that she voted for him because he said he was going to make the rich pay, but as soon as he came to power the government informed her that she was rich.

Despite all of this I'm encouraged by all the renewed buzz about a flat tax or a national sales tax, though I would prefer the national sales tax because it would catch much of the revenue lost to the underground economy. What could be more fair? Everybody pays a simple percentage. The person that makes $200,000 a year would pay 10 times as much as the person that makes $20,000 a year. Ten times the income pays ten times the taxes. It's simple, logical, and fair. Best of all, it's enforceable.

Now I'm sure the next shriek of protest from the professional hand-wringers will be that it will cause disruption in the lives of those paying little or no taxes. In the long term this wouldn't be a problem because the wage structure would adjust under market forces. In the short term any hardship could be virtually eliminated by a gradual phase-in.

Something like this has to be done eventually. Preferably sooner than later. It's a common economic principle that if you want less of something you tax it, and if you want more of it you subsidize it. The present tax structure penalizes success and rewards failure. We need to break that precedent and break it now.

Saturday, April 16, 2005 

Wanted: People willing to be hated "rat bastards"

I apparently upset Marjorie with my post, "Public Education Must Die!" Marjorie says:

You have an amazingly shortsighted version of education. While there are numerous problems with our system, it continues to trudge along. We countine to teach children to read, write, and calculate. Each year we increase expectations and educators strive to meet them. Each year we touch the lives of millions upon millions of children. Is education a struggle? Absolutely, but the idea that we should throw the baby out with the bath water and completely do away with it is very shortsighted. Instead of continuing to complain about the system we have why don't you get up and do something. Instead of pointing fingers, why don't you help us figure out a solution. Instead you stand on the side lines throwing insults and sideline comments. As they say, if you are not part of the solution, then quite possibly you are part of the problem.

Well Marjorie, I'm sorry you feel slighted. I thought I had made it pretty clear that I didn't hold most teachers in contempt. Some, but not all. It is time, however, for some non-PC things to be said. Could public education be saved? Of course it can. My point is that no one is going to have the will to do what it takes to do it. It will never happen. Someone, or some group of people, who are willing to be the "rat bastards" would have to take charge.

I also thought I had made it clear that I abandoned my career and went back to school myself to become a teacher so that I could help. I just wanted to make a postive contribution to society, something I could be proud of. In other words I didn't just sit on the sidelines and hurl insults. However, while I was teaching I did received a lot of insults from students and parents. After four years I had to admit to myself that if I was going to help, it would have to be outside of education.

I do have ideas and I suggested many of them to my peers. A typical sneeringly condescending answer went like this: "Congratulations Don, you just just reinvented tracking." Of course I should of been offended but I was too busy being amazed that they already had something like that and dumped it. The vocational track needs to be brought back from the dead. My state operates under the assumption that everyone is going to college which results in a lot of kids being miseducated. I felt like a sadist sometimes because it was so obvious that the subject matter was torture for those kids.

My wife is the Special Education director for one of our local school districts and she thinks I'm a little harsh too, but we still get along. She thinks I'm an insufferable cynic and I think she's an insufferable Pollyanna, but it doesn't stop us from sleeping together. So let's all just get along.

What could make public education work? Admit that some kids aren't cut out for and don't need complex and deeply abstract coursework, and act accordingly. Bring back the vocational track and forget that nonsense about vocational tracks being an educational and professional ghetto that minority kids are forced into. The most money I ever made in my life was as an industrial laborer. In fact, since I've gotten my degrees my income has actually gone down. A lot. So you can't say that all the kids will be cheated.

Most of all we have to face the fact that there will always be some kids that have no business being in a school at all. Instead of teaching the teachable we squander resources trying to save the unsaveable. If you want to try to redeem a longshot, fine, I admire that, but don't cheat a whole classroom full of students trying to reach that goal. I have found that it's a fool's errand trying to save someone who doesn't want to be saved. If you're a teacher I know you've had you incorrigible students, I certainly had mine. Everytime I had to deal with them I was reminded of an old saying that I thought was particularly apropos: "Never try to teach a pig to sing. It only wastes your time and it annoys the pig."

If we're going to have compulsory education paid for by the unwilling, the least should do is provide a learning environment conducive to learning. That means we stop "mainstreaming" the borderline sociopaths. I know that lawsuits from clueless "not my baby" parents have beaten most school districts into submission, that's why I support vouchers. This would allow parents who are so inclined to send their kids to pseudo-enlightened school where their self-esteem will be endlessly stroked. Other parents could send their kids to schools with rigorous curriculums of substantive and challenging subjects.

Oh well, that's enough. I had intended to write just one paragraph but I got a little wound up. Till later.



Bush says: "What? Me worry?

I think border security and immigration are going to prove Bush's Archilles' Heel. The frustration that many feel over his obtuse border policy is going to turn into rage if and when we have a 9/11-style terrorist attack, especially if it's learned that the terrorists slipped across the Mexican border.

Unfortunately, his Archilles' Heel isn't going to hurt him because he's term-limited out after this term is up. It's the next Republican presidential candidate and legislators that will pay the cost. Just as anger at Nixon over Watergate paved the way for Jimmy Carter to prove himself one of the most inept and timid presidents in US history, this would the Golden Opportunity for Liberal Democrats to "save" the day with appeasement and pay-offs.

Ironically, right after my last post I read in Michelle Malkin's blog that "W" was surprised by a provision in a law that he signed into law last year. It seems strangely fitting that a common sense security measure passed into law because Bush didn't notice it when he signed the bill. A lot of us are going to die if this isn't some part of a brilliant master plan we're unaware of.

It makes me uncomfortable to urge resistance against a fellow Republican, especially one who has done so much right in other areas, but we need to raise the roof to wake the man up. Even if we don't succeed, we will at least have proven that apathy and obliviousness aren't core Republican characteristics.

If we can't get Bush and the rest of the government to wake up and take action, we're going to have to do it ourselves. If we want our children to be safe, there will have to be many Minuteman Projects, and they will have to continue indefinitely until we can vote in an administration that "gets it". Until such a time, we should line the border with volunteers with binoculars and sitting in lawn chairs.

If the government won't build a defensible barrier between us and our neighbor to the south, then we should build it ourselves. I'm sure many Americans would cheerfully donate money, material, and labor to such a cause. I don't think we have to worry about our government tearing it down because they are too lazy and disinterested to maintain and guard what we have now.

Man, I'm frustrated.

Thursday, April 14, 2005 

Minuteman Project

...and another thing. Why is it that the more of a no-brainer something is, the louder the left shrieks in protest against it? The recent brouhaha over the Minutemen in Arizona is an excellent case in point. I don’t find it shocking that a group of Americans has taken it upon themselves to go and defend the border. What I find absolutely amazing is that it took so damn long.

I’ve written before about President Bush’s strangely incongruous border policy. Here is a man who quickly took action after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and has acquitted himself very well. He has succeeded beyond anything I dared hope when it all began. Yet, for some bizarre reason, the most blatantly obvious and necessary step that needed to be taken has been all but ignored. The border absolutely has to be sealed tight.

I am absolutely stunned, and grow more so every day, to see the government treat the issue as if it were irrelevant. We’ve needed to seal up the border for decades for other reasons, but people with other agendas have prevailed. Even if you concede the arguments of the special-interest groups with a vested interest in maintaining an open-border policy, which I don’t, the current situation demands an immediate change. It is sheer insanity to maintain the status quo at the border.

I’ve racked my brain mercilessly and I only come up with two possible answers. One I’ve spoken of before; that being the possibility that the President’s baffling behavior is all part of some greater scheme towards the end of greater national security. Unfortunately, I think my second possibility is far more likely. The man is scared to death of something.

What could it be? It could be any number of things. Bush has Hispanics in the family. Possibly he doesn’t want to alienate them. Another is the fear of some Mexican backlash, perhaps reneging on some trade agreement or a rush on the border. It doesn’t matter what it is. There is nothing Mexico has or anything it could do that could make our porous border the lesser of two evils. I keep asking myself, what the hell is he afraid of? Continuing to ignore this vital issue is probably the only thing that could make me consider voting for a Democrat, provided he was a strong border security advocate.

All of which brings me back to the Minutemen. God bless them. I’m so desperate for any good new from the border that their appearance is like manna from heaven. We have nearly 2,000 miles of border with Mexico that leaks like a sieve. If the government can’t afford to pay for more border patrol agents, which is strange because they can pay for everything else, then I say use the Minutemen as a model and not a scapegoat. It would be a marvelous idea to have volunteers raise their right hands and be deputized. The price would be right and border security would improve. There is no doubt in my mind we could find enough volunteers to man the border from one end to the other.

So why are pick on Mexicans? If that’s what you’re asking yourself you still haven’t gotten it yet. The issues with Mexican incursions across the border, as important as they are, have been shoved to the back burner for the time being. It is the OTMs, the Other Than Mexicans that we need to worry about. Questionable people of other nationalities, some of them blatantly hostile to the United States, have been traveling to Mexico and slipping across the border in the same way as everybody else. Hundreds have been apprehended already and since the Border Patrol admits that the majority of border crossing attempts are successful you should be losing sleep at night. Sticking your fingers in your ears and chanting, “La, la, la, la, la, I can’t hear you!” won’t work forever.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005 

Feminists vs. Women

...and another thing. I’ve always wondered why feminists presume to speak for all women. Naturally, everything a man might say about them will be suspect, but despite the vast numbers of women who loudly proclaim that they have contrary opinions are summarily dismissed. Maybe their voices can be safely ignored because they are victims of indoctrination by a misogynistic and male-dominated culture. I think not.

Women have had many legitimate grievances against certain men in particular and society in general. Today, it is hard to believe that women were denied the opportunity to go to school, work in most professions, or express opinions about how their households were run, much less vote or run for political office. However, time has gone by and more and more of the injustices have been redressed. Many women, if not most, are settling back into the parts of traditional gender roles that they feel comfortable with. Unfortunately, feminists have an agenda and it comes as an intellectual package deal. The set is not to be broken up.

Strangely, for a group that decries real or imaginary misogyny, radical feminists seem fervently misanthropic. One female professor at an American university told her students that all heterosexual sex is rape because only lesbian sex can be truly consensual. Your tax dollars at work. It seems to me as well as many others that the core group of feminists is driven purely by rage against the male of the species.

Most people can understand that women are people, and people come in all varieties and temperaments; that those who were born on the thin edges of the bell curve can’t be expected to think and live like those clustered around it’s peak. Undoubtedly, feminists were born on the thin edge and will be vastly different than most of their sisters. The problem is that so many feminists can’t seem to wrap their head around the idea that most women don’t see the world in the same way and have different priorities. The agenda has to be their way or they’ll make your life and everyone else’s a living hell. Traditional women might say, “Fine, join the military special forces and go into combat, just don’t hassle me. I’m trying to get my kids through Algebra.”

I’m not certain where this obliviousness comes from. My earliest memories of the Women’s Movement are women deriding it. I had a female teacher in junior high school that contemptuously referred to feminists as “women’s lippers”. She didn’t like the way they were “always shooting off their mouths”. A girlfriend I had back in high school in the 1970s said that she didn’t agree with feminists because she was happy to be female. Even my stepmother said that except for one thing, she had no use for them. In fact, they all had just one complaint and it was the same.

What was that one thing? Equal pay for equal work. Probably the easiest thing for a traditional male to accept. I know that if somebody was shortchanging my wife or daughter on pay, I would be upset. I love them and wouldn’t tolerate them being exploited. I just can’t see any man being against it. Everybody can use some extra money. If my wife is earning $20K a year when everybody else is earning $30K for the same job, then $10K is being stolen from my entire family. My kids and I are being cheated as surely as my wife would be. I have never in my entire life met someone who believed that women deserve to earn less money pure on the basis of their sex. I believe this is the universal issue for women.

I think this might well be why feminists get progressively more shrill as things get better for women. The more problems are solved, the less women need them or want them. They are being marginalized by their own success. The more marginalized they become, the more abuse is hurled against men. This only drives the mainstream woman further away. Most of them have husbands and sons whom they love and like any spouse or parent, they resent them being attacked.

Monday, April 04, 2005 

My new web site

I had a fit of inspiration during the weekend and spent most of it conjuring up a humorous web site. It is a liberal-to-English dictionary I call the Lexicon of the Left. There are several of them out there so I wrote as much original material as I could. It's there under the links to the right. If you have any ideas for definitions or corrections I would be glad to hear them. Thanks

Friday, April 01, 2005 

Public Education Must Die!

But why must public education die you might ask. Because we’ve reached a point where there is no hope for it. Much like the last days of the Roman Empire or the last weeks of the Third Reich, things would have to get much worse before they could get any better. Undoubtedly, I’m not the foremost expert but I do have empirical first-hand experience. A few years ago I felt an unfamiliar sensation that I didn’t recognize. In retrospect I think it was an altruistic impulse. Nevertheless, I did a mid-life career switch, went to graduate school and got certified in three scientific areas. Over a four year period I worked in three school districts and came out convinced that we desperately need vouchers and/or to have the public education system completely dismantled.

My first clue came while attending a mandatory “training” meeting. After a few minutes I said to myself, “My God! These people think the problem is the solution.” The second clue when I asked my fellow teachers why they got into the profession. Few of them said educating the young and none of them mentioned their subject areas. Virtually all of them mentioned such things as: helping them to be a better person, guide them to the right path, teach them how to think, nurture their self-esteem, et cetera. All of which sounds noble until you remember these are the same people that hand out condoms to underage kids. I’ve decided the name of the Major should be changed from Education to Social Engineering.

It would be unfair, however, to paint all teachers with this brush, or even the teacher’s bane—principals. Many are excellent at what they do and they’ll get right to it as some as the finish all the non-educational busy work mandated by various governments. Does April work for you? Good teachers get buried under big bureaucracies concerned primarily with self-preservation. Of course, the reason those bureaucracies are so concerned is the fear that parents will deliver a hammer blow lawsuit to their heads. Parents believe that as taxpayers they have a right to say how public schools are run which is true enough I suppose. The problem is that parents that have received the Earned Income Credit every year since its creation consider themselves taxpayers instead of tax spenders.

Who do I blame? Sorry, it you parents. I know you feel ganged up on and were hoping for something else, but not liking the truth won’t make it go away. The thing that discouraged me enough to give up teaching and give up that idiotic altruistic impulse was the sad realization that, for you guys, schools are just vast day care centers. During the summers how often do you hear a mother say that she wishes school would start she’s worried that Johnny is forgetting his Algebra? Don’t be silly, you never hear that. But I have heard mothers say, “I can’t wait until school starts so I can get these damn brats out of my hair.”

Let’s face it. It’s a wonderful country but it has a strong and unfortunate anti-intellectual streak in it. People are suspicious of people who are “too smart” and occasionally even discriminate against them. Isaac Asimov referred to this as lacking a “good wholesome American stupidity”. That being so, why do people tolerate the public education system? After all, people with no children are heavily taxed to support them. If you a subject to a levy on your home and don’t pay it you can lose your house. In effect the public education system is extorting money from you.

Apologists for this system have traditionally claimed that educated workers and consumers benefit everyone. Tell this to any employer that has hired a recent high school graduate who can’t read, write, add, subtract, multiply, or divide and expect at least twice what the job actually pays.

In the end, the dirty little secret that almost no one has the guts to say out loud is this: People support the public education system because it provides free (to them) child care and tax-supported sports teams to root for. Pretty much nothing else. Even better it provides them with the chance to claim it’s all for the children. Are you looking for a fight sometime? Try to tell somebody otherwise.

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There is nothing a nonconformist hates more than another nonconformist who doesn't conform to the existing standards of nonconformity.


Male White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (W.A.S.P.) oppression must end.


[I]n Her Majesty's northern Dominion the public health system is such an article of faith that no private hospitals are permitted: Canada’s private health care system is called 'America'.

--Mark Steyn--

When I sell out, this is where the blogads will go. Please remember, it's not for me. It's for the children.


Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.

--Theodore Roosevelt--

It's never too late to have a happy childhood.


Tolerance is the virtue of a man without convictions.

-- G. K. Chesterton--

"A liberal is a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel."

--Robert Frost--

A formula that makes religion and politics easy to understand: (Islam - Allah = Communism)


It seems amazing that no Continental politician is willing to get to grips with the real crisis facing Europe in the 21st century: the lack of Europeans.

--Mark Steyn--

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