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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 

Diversity Sucks #2

It’s been said that, unlike just about every other people on Earth, being an American is not so much a matter of race or ethnicity as it is about embracing the ideas and ideals that it was based on. I think this must be dead-on because every splinter group nut-job in the country swears that the nation was built on the principles they espouse. That’s why, on rare occasions, the Left will admit that the Founding Fathers were a bunch a great guys, then they’ll try to convince you that they were a hair’s breadth away from being socialists.

So anyone can be an American, because there is no American race, at least not yet. I’ve heard people claim that an American race is in the process of becoming, but that nobody knows what it will be like. I’m inclined to make an analogy to something I learned in an Economics class once, The professor told us that there was no such as the economy being in equilibrium, that it could never reach the state of static equilibrium Marxists so longed for. Rather, equilibrium was something the economy was eternally moving toward, but never reaching. I think that the whole concept of an American race is similar; it is something our population moves toward, but never quite reaches.

Samuel Johnson once said that, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” This inspired my belief that cynicism may very well be the first refuge of a misanthrope, but I digress. What I believe even more is that the chest-thumping pride in heritage and race that we see more and more in our multiculturalism afflicted world is the first refuge of people who have nothing to offer the world. I’ve written before that I don’t feel any particular pride in my race, but I don’t feel any shame either. Think about it, you rarely hear about a Hispanic M.D. or Ph.D. ranting and raving at a MEChA rally. Conversely, you don’t hear about a lot of Caucasian nuclear physicists joining the Aryan Nations. Maybe it happens, but it’s rare. More than likely, when I mentioned on of the groups above you probably got a mental image of a person with only a partial set of teeth and a 30 year-old car, whether that’s fair or not.

So if you can’t feel good about yourself because of your race or nationality, what can you feel good about? How about what Americans have always felt good about—your accomplishments? Notice I said your accomplishments. Not your grandfather’s and not some distant ancestor who might have distinguished himself in the Crusades. I know this is tough to do. I, like some many others, used to feel I was thoroughly awesome because of the great accomplishments of members of my family both living and dead. However, I was confronted once with the prospect that some of my ancestors may have been slave owners and that I was effectively “guilty for life” through them. I objected strenuously to this absurd idea. I protested that to hold someone accountable for the actions of another, especially if they have been dead for hundreds of years was laughable at best and viciously unfair at worst. I had scarcely finished making my point when it occurred to me that by my very own logic I couldn’t lay claim to my ancestor’s accomplishments. It was then I realized that being American isn’t laurels that you rest on; it is a standard that you have to live up to and, if possible, elevate. I’ve found that idea to be a great motivator in my own life.

I’m going to suppose that most Americans want their country to be safe and secure and the place where their descendents live for generations to come. To do that we need to stop accepting statements like, “Our strength is in our diversity,” out of context. Sure, having Navajo Code Talkers in WW2 to confound Japanese spies was a great boon, but that superficial diversity was serving an underlying greater good, the preservation of our homeland. Thus, we were united behind a common goal. Multiculturalism is biggest pile of crap ever foisted on a gullible American Public. The Leftist snake oil salesmen that infest our land try to sell us this philosophical nightmare by passing it off as some sort of panacea for every social ill. I contend that trying to treat America’s problems with multiculturalism is like trying to treat a heroin overdose with heroin. It is unity that the country needs.

There is an old saying to the effect that a man cannot serve two masters. Anyone who has had the misfortune to be subordinate to two or more supervisors with wildly different agendas knows what I’m talking about. So, to that end, I suggest that we take the, “I can’t believe they haven’t done it already,” step of abolishing dual-citizenship. In my opinion, either you’re here, or you “ain’t”. It’s a dangerous world we live in and people with split loyalties are luxuries that we can’t afford. An acquaintance who emigrated from Germany once summed up his feeling on the subject like this, “If there was anything to miss about Germany I would still live there.”

About those dangers that I mentioned above, there’s no denying that there are people out there that would just as soon see all of us dead, and they’re probably swarming across our border with those people of questionable loyalty that I mentioned. We never could afford the de facto invasion of this country that has been going on for decades. Our leadership, however, was very adept at denying it. Now that there’s no denying it, our leadership seeks to minimize it. We have to demand iron clad border and coastal security, and I don’t give a damn who says that it’s impossible. If necessary, I’m willing to stand behind, and yes, pay the taxes necessary for, a Manhattan Project style endeavor to seal the borders and coastlines. Whether sealing the border is possible or not is irrelevant, we must proceed as if it were to achieve the maximum security.

For those that are howling that we’re sunk without the immigrants, let not your heart be troubled. Immigrants will still be accepted, but they would be monitored and processed such that we would know who and where they are, and just exactly how many immigrants we need. Under the current system we have no way of knowing for sure how many immigrants are needed to fill labor shortfalls. Also, a more orderly immigration process would help us get the workers we need. If the country needs more molecular biologists, importing a molecular biologist from India does the country a lot more good than importing 100,000 Mexican cooks, maids, and gardeners.

This brings us to the whole issue of needing immigrants to fill job shortfalls. Just like the ideal would be for us to produce all the energy we needed domestically, unfilled job openings in America are a symptom of us underproducing labor. That’s right, I’m on the having babies thing again. If we were living through Great Depression-like times with 25% unemployment you could make a case for the tiny family, but we’re not. We have one of the highest rates of economic growth in the world year after year and an ever rising standard of living. I hate to say it, but most of us can afford a fairly large sized family now. In the end it will be more fulfilling than your friggin’ Porsche anyway. So once again, I invite you guys to throw the birth control pills away for a decade or two. We really, really need to destigmatize large families.

Next, I reject the entire world citizen concept. For one thing, I like the idea of the nation-state. We essentially have competing governments (we can vote with our feet if nothing else). Before we merge all the world's nations into one massive government, I think all those other countries have a lot of growing up to do. Rant and rave at us all you want, everybody knows you’re just jealous.

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