Friday, January 26, 2007 

Indefinite Hiatus

I've decided to take an indefinite hiatus from blogging. I feel like I've complained enough and my falling numbers seem to confirm this. I think it's time for me take follow my wife's advice and put my money where my mouth is. So, I intend to get more involved with local activism in my area, and possibly start a group of my own. If anyone has done this, I would appreciate some advice, so drop me a line. I'll wrap it up as best I can below. Thanks.


Open Letter to September 12th People

Outside of Massachusetts, this is nuance.

There can only be peace when they will start to love their children more than they hate us.

Golda Meir

I had an unusual and revealing conversation with a friend back during the days of my horribly misspent youth. It was at the beginning of some momentous Republican shaking and moving, probably the election or Reagan in 1980 or the Gingrich Revolution in 1994, I forget which. During this conversation my friend and his spouse were complaining of the hostile rhetoric that was coming from the Conservative Republican side and the lack of a willingness to compromise. In short, the Right was kicking ass and taking names as we used to say in the military. I asked them if they had heard anything they had thought reasonable and they responded by singing the praises of George Will and William F. Buckley.

Now as fine as those two gentleman are, and I've read hundreds of their columns, these are a couple of guys who were "Born to be Mild". Will and Bill are to politics what your grandfather was to your lifestyle in the 1970s. You remember him? The guy that calmly and rationally explained to you why you shouldn't drink, smoke, carouse, and be promiscuous? Afterwards you smiled, hugged the man, chuckled at his naive innocence and went out partying. Until your non-rational, non-calm father caught you and royally kicked your ass.

So, naturally I explained to my friends that, though we would prefer civil discourse, we were tired of being a perpetual minority party and had realized that we had to get down in the mud and fight for our beliefs kicking and gouging as necessary. In short, we had to act like Democrats to do battle with Democrats. My friend gave me a horrified look and said, I kid you not, "No! Don't stoop to our level!"

So, to all of you September 12th people, nice is for peacetime and this is not peacetime. I've heard the United States compared to a lifeboat that takes in as many survivors as it can. Well, as as anyone who didn't go to an urban public school can tell you, if you overload the lifeboat it will capsize, so after a point you have to turn people away no matter how much it breaks your heart. Similarly, if you come to find that someone has an icepick and is poking holes in the lifeboat, you throw his ass overboard, and don't get heartbroken about it. Now, the problem with liberals and/or Democrats, as you well know, is that they're all about the icepick.

I know that these are our fellow citizens, for better or for worse, and that you would rather come to some sort of accommodation with them. Who wouldn't? Unfortunately, that ship has sailed. Of course one should still be civil where possible, but if civility means compromised national security, then civility is a luxury we can't afford.

Most people have had any number of epiphanies in their lifetimes. Occasionally, some of these are virtual fist-in-the-face experiences where your realize something earthshaking or life changing, something that you just can't believe you didn't see before. It can be any number of things: your girlfriend has been exploiting you, that troublesome spouse never had any intention of changing, your parents have been manipulating you with intentionally bad advice, or maybe just that you were in the wrong career for the wrong reasons. Someone may have warned you along the way, or maybe you even "knew" it, but with a little "k", on an intellectual, but superficial level. I'm talking about the experience when you finally KNOW it to the very marrow in your bones.

My most recent experience with that phenomenon had to be with one of Rush Limbaugh's favorite phrases. That being, "These people have to be defeated." The people in question being the Left in general and, in our context here, September 10th people in particular. I've heard him say it for years now and I've always known he was right, but I knew with a little "k". I figured if I stayed informed, voted for the best candidates, and had the courage to confront people spreading lies, then I was doing my part. In the years after the horrifying events of that day I've suffered from quite a bit of cognitive dissonance from watching the Left take undeniable facts that support no-brainer conclusions and arrive at insanely wrong answers. I just couldn't understand it. That was, of course, precisely the point.

The rhetoric of the Left isn't meant to be understood. It only has to confuse long enough for them to accomplish their goals. Logic and reason aren't goals to be sought and upheld. They are barriers to fulfilling their whims that fortunately, for them, can be circumvented. We have a weakness, we logic, reason, and rationality types. We think that deep down in everybody there is a logic, reason, and rationality person just dying to get out. Unfortunately, the modern Leftist is a creature of pure emotion who genuinely considers a poor sap like you to be handicapped with "rigid linear thinking", or as you and I call it, sanity. So what's the epiphany? What is it that you need to KNOW?

You need to know that almost all of these people are beyond reach. You need to know that minds are like concrete, once they've set it is almost impossible to reshape them in any fundamental way. Furthermore, the longer it has been since the mind has set the more unyielding it becomes because you're not just fighting an incorrect idea, you're fighting an emotional creature that is totally invested in that idea. When people even begin to suspect that the thing they've dedicated 30, 40, or 50 years of their lives to is a total sham, the mind slams shut. This is a defense mechanism like the ones you see where the 70-year old scientist who was barking up the wrong tree on his research dedicates all his remaining years to denouncing the 30-year old scientist who saw the mistake. So it is with the Left. Do you really expect someone on the Left to stand up and admit, "Wow! We spent trillions and trillions of taxpayer dollars on antipoverty programs and increased poverty. Man, is there ever egg on our face!"?

So, if you want to live in a world where terrorism and rape rooms are the fault of terrorists and rapists instead of Western Civilization, KNOW this, Liberal Democrats are like zombies, you can't do anything for them, but you can keep them from eating the brains of other innocent people. To that end I'm planning on going on an indefinite hiatus from just bitching and try to find someplace to actually"do" for the cause. I suggest you do the same thing.

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Open Letter to September 10th People

The Left running the show.

Society in every state is a blessing, but government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one; for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries by a government, which we might expect in a country without a government, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer.

Thomas Paine, "Common Sense"

Now that the Left, now virtually synonymous with the Democratic Party, has finally regained control of Congress, I find it amusing that they have suddenly discovered bipartisanship, civil discourse, and rational debate. The situation reminds me of my childhood when certain relatives and neighborhood hangers-on were such sticklers for rules and good sportsmanship--when they were "it", or had the ball. Otherwise, it was a Darwinian dog-eat-dog world. Naturally, being Leftists, you think everyone but yourselves are too stupid to know whats going on. That being, of course, that now that you're back on top you'll be wanting to resume pretending to accept our values so that you can use them against us.

I will say only two things about your victory in the off-year elections. One, congratulations. Two, don't make the mistake of wallowing in hubris and believing that the electorate mandated your philosophies or agendas. Our people got brutally spanked for the sin of "going native". In other words, they started acting like you. I give you this advice only because I know you'll never take it.

As you've probably noticed, you aren't getting many takers. That's because we have long since realized that being civil and trying to engage the Left in rational debate is the intellectual and political equivalent of bringing a dull rusty butter knife to a gunfight. Yes, grim necessity requires that we sink to your level. Sad, but necessary.

Obviously, I don't speak for every Vast Right Wing Conspirator, but I do speak for quite a few, and we are sick of pretending that you guys aren't idiots. Or insane, Or insane idiots. Insanity has been occasionally defined as doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different outcome. This behavior is very nearly the Democratic Party's perennial platform. No matter how many times your ideas fail, you are always ready to slap a fresh coat of paint on the same old disasters, give it a new name, and proclaim it to be some kind of innovation. You never seem to suspect that the only ones you're fooling are yourselves. You remind us of the old joke about the dim-witted person who constantly beats his head against a brick wall because it feels so good when he stops.

We've long since given up hope that you folks will be able to learn to learn from your mistakes. It must be incredibly comforting to believe that the only two outcomes possible for the implementation of your ideas is dazzling excess and cynical underfunding by unfeeling Republicans. But we really thought that even you guys could figure out the lessons of 9-11. You never cease to amaze us though. The mass slaughter of thousands of Americans drinking their morning coffee is proof that America is a swaggering tyrant that needs to be put in its place.

We would never dream of infringing your right to wallow in unearned guilt or self-loathing. We know that some people can't "get off" or feel right without a generous dose of humiliation and degradation. You are free to manifest your self-abasing Euro-envy in any way you want. You may look for inspiration to any barbarian with a bone in his nose or severed human head in his hand. You can believe until your dying die that your coercive egalitarian theories should be further into practice because it's better to live in a society where everyone is lowered to the bottom than one where everybody advances unequally.

What we do object to is your insistence that we all commit suicide with you. We object even more to your insane insistence that we go first. We find it hard to believe that you and we live in the same place. I don't know about you, but I live in a country worth living in and dying for. I look around me and see a lot of things I don't like. Most of it your handiwork.

When I was younger I used to see bumper stickers that read, "America, love it or leave it!" While I agreed with the patriotism they expressed I always thought them to be a little harsh. Nowadays, not so much. You see, not only do we live here, but so do our families and friends. I know it may be hard for you family-shunning, spouse-rejecting, career-worshiping, convenience-abortion-having, low-lifes to conceive of (if you'll pardon the expression), but almost everybody but you cares about whether our children, grandchildren, and multiple great-grandchildren survive and prosper.

Naturally, you'll object on environmental grounds and say that if you have your way our descendants will get to live on a pristine Earth. Yes, that's all very important, but I'm not sure how important clean air is to a 7-year old who is having her clitoris removed with a chainsaw.

As a final note, I'd like to thank you guys for doing one thing right. After all credit is due where credit is due. All the data I've seen show that the farther to the Left one is on the political scale the more likely one is to have either a single child, or be entirely childless. I would like to thank you for taking the initiative to put chlorine in the gene pool. I've studied enough evolutionary theory to know that you're applying selective pressure against yourselves and gradually cleansing the gene pool. After all, mother nature doesn't care who's right, just who breeds. If you don't breed, you don't matter, so how superior could you guys really be?

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007 

Sanity Check

Has anyone else besides me realized the painful fact that the minimum wage raise will make illegal labor an ever better bargain? Just wondering.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007 

Muslim Demands

So, I hear on the radio this morning that Muslims have issued a list of demands to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. Primarily a demand for a separate prayer room exclusively for them. Sigh.

I'm going to take my own advice here and embrace my inner bastard.

I really hate it when my fellow citizens force me to belabor the obvious. On the other hand traditional inculcation does have its uses. The only proper response to any Muslim demand at any time is a punch in the face. The only proper response to a repeated Muslim demand is a shotgun blast to the face.

They are the enemy people. Deal with it.

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Friday, December 29, 2006 

Keith Ellison and that Damn Book

Once again my fellow citizens are standing on stools in the kitchen shrieking about a mouse when there are the proverbial 800-pound gorilla wrecking furniture in the living room.

The "Keith Ellison using the Koran" issue has the politicos and talking heads buzzing about the symptoms and not the disease. My fellow citizens, Left, Right, and Center, are fighting desperately not to realize what the know subconsciously already: Some parts just weren't made for some machines. Multiculturalists, undaunted by petty annoyances like reality, persist like deranged shade-tree mechanics trying to hammer a mistakenly obtained part into a slot it can never occupy.

Naturally, in the human tradition of not taking responsibility for one's actions, when the machine won't run they curse the machine, never the part, and certainly never the P-C, M-C, S-P lunatic that hammered it in.

To that end I submit the following 800-pound gorillas that apparently no one has the guts to notice:
  1. Holy crap! There are Muslims in Minnesota?
  2. There are enough Muslims and stupid people in Minnesota to elect him to Congress?
  3. No one is doing anything about this?
  4. The precious few that see that there is something to be done about are marginalized with the standard S-P "yada yada" epithets.
A lot of people who are a much more informed than me have pointed out repeatedly that Islamic ideology is not only incompatible with the tenets of our democratic constitutional republic, but in fact are directly hostile to them, the very antithesis of them.

The citizens of this country need to reacquaint themselves with the political axiom, "The Constitution is not a suicide pact." Someone very close to me recently told that she would rather stick by her multicultural values even if they ultimately killed her than violate them and live. That way she could go to heaven with a clear conscience. I respectfully and fondly disagree. I believe to the very marrow of my bones that I would be the ultimate self-absorbed coward to condemn future generations to suffer for values they never got to even consider, much less accept or reject.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006 

Global Warming: The World's Slowest Moving Disaster

A Reuters story reports that due to Global Warming sea levels could rise 4 and 1/2 feet by the year 2100. They also say this is much worse than expected. Let's put this is perspective. A quick calculation show that when averaged out, the disaster will be occurring at slightly over a half inch per year. This is their worst case scenario.

This will not be the end of civilization, even if true, and I'm still skeptical about that. That pace is slow enough that even Democrats could adapt and we all know what evolutionary dead-ends they are. Yes, over a long period of time things would have to be moved, beach front property will be lost as new beach front property is created, and a few more rich people's stilt homes will slide down hills they should never have been built on. But in the end, Denver will still be there, as will every town or city that I've ever lived in.

Wake up and smell the coffee (or, if you're a Liberal, regain consciousness and take another hit on your crack pipe). The Environmental Movement is a fraud. As many other people have observed, it has become the hiding ground for anti-capitalist Leftists and "Back to the jungle" Luddites whose ideas no longer have any cachet.

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Maureen Dowd Weights In On Obama

I heard on the radio just now that Maureen Dowd came out against Obama Barack's ears. It wasn't what I expected, but I'll take it because it's nice to have an attractive woman verify what I've said. Barack Obama is butt ugly. If you've ever wondered what bullied kids in school do for lunch after the bullies beat them up and take their lunch money, they beat up people that look like Obama and take their lunch money. That's why he's so skinny. That's why I can't figure out why he's the Left's new Gold Boy.

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Friday, December 08, 2006 

The Great Half-White Hope

Here he comes to save the day!

Who? Who the hell knows? Hell! Who the hell cares? Couldn't you just kiss him? Excuse me while I vomit.

We know almost nothing about this guy, which is probably the crux of the Democrats '08 strategy. This guy came from out of nowhere and was hailed as the "New Messiah". I regret to inform younger folks still green in memory that we've been down this road before. There is an old saying to the effect that people with a good memory are condemned to lives of eternal frustration by their fellow men and women. Those of us that were alive and occasionally not intoxicated in the 70s remember such a time. A mastodon-toothed grinning nobody from the south swooped down from out of nowhere and rode a wave of post-Watergate hostility to the White House. We are still paying the price for that today. One only has to look to Iran, a former ally stabbed in the back by the "idealistic" Jimmy Carter, to see this is true.

In a very real sense the candidates for president in 1976 were Gerald Ford and "Not Nixon". In a classic example of cutting off one's entire head to spite his face, the slimmest of margins gave us Jimmy "Not Nixon" Carter for 4 long, long, long years. Little did the nation suspect that, after those four hellish years of national decline and humiliation, JC would come back and engage in behavior that made his presidency look like glory days. After 30 years, he's still not Jimmy Carter, only Mr. "Not Nixon".

Mr. Obama, though ostensibly a Democrat, will actually run as the Political-Correctness Party candidate, whether a formal party by that name exists or not. He represents that last, best hope for the Identity Politics of the Left, sometimes known as the platform of the Democratic (no socialists or nihilists here, so move along) Party; a living, breathing, one man United Nations. Every mutually antagonistic group in de facto coalition of the Left has some hope that his loyalty will lie with them when the time comes to throw their erstwhile allies under the bus.

What we don't hear much about, however, is what his principles are or how he would govern, other than vague generalities about him supporting "what works". Sounds like Pragmatism and Realpolitik raising its ugly head to me. At the risk of sounding like a card-carrying Objectivist here, how do you define "what works", for whom does it "work", who will be obligated to make it "work", who will benefit from its "workings", who will pay for making it "work", and most importantly what happens to those who don't want "it", working or not?

Furthermore, what of his "rock star" status? It can't be his philosophy or positions because nobody seems to know what those are. His looks? Please, I'm ordinarily oblivious to the appearance or my fellow males, and even I recognize that this guys is uglier than sin. His charm? I suppose that can be true in some Get Smart style "Simon the Likable" way. But then, I always hated Simon the Likable because he reminded me of my philandering wife-beating step-father. Step-dad was one of those guys that walked into a room and all the married women plucked off their wedding rings and dropped them into their purses. So I guess that makes me a little like Maxwell Smart's mother-in-law who succeeded in taking out Simon the Likable because he had the misfortune of looking just like her ex-husband.

Don't fool yourselves. This guy is just a blank canvas the Democrats are planning on throwing up in '08 for their dispirited mob of special interest groups to project their hopes and desires upon. Most likely, the folks that consider themselves his handlers don't even know what his true agenda might be. He might exhibit Bill Clinton style amorality or Jimmy Carter style ineptitude, or even worse, he might actually pursue the one-sided agenda of an identity group that he identifies with more than the others.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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Saturday, December 02, 2006 

Know Your Enemy

Mahmoud takes the scenic route.

I've been putting my money where my mouth is regarding learning about our enemies. Let me tell you, it's torture. I'm currently reading Raphael Patai's "The Arab Mind". After a good start I'm starting to bog down. Studying a culture that intertwines their religion with absolutely everything can get rather tedious. It's a lot like having a conversation with someone who has only seen one movie in his entire life--and won't stop talking about it. I'm really taking one for the team here.

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Thursday, November 30, 2006 

Ex-wife Bitch

I just received yet another e-mail from my ex-wife. Our communications consist almost exclusively of demands for money despite the fact that she make 3 times as much money as I do and the child support is deducted automatically from my check. But that isn't what bugs me the most. What really annoys me is the annoying habit of ending her e-mails with a bible quote to "motivate me". I've decided to retaliate by ended my communications with: "The whole Bible. There! Top that!" If that doesn't work, I'm going to start quoting the Necronomicon, that'll get her going.


Thursday, November 23, 2006 

Michael Richards

I feel obligated to weigh in on this ridiculous Michael Richards tirade issue. First, I'm not a fan. I'm one of the three people in the country who thought the Seinfeld show sucked from first day to last. This was stressful for me because everybody in the country was a Seinfeld fanatic. Some of the characters were funny, but the show never was. Kramer was my least favorite, probably because from my side of the bell curve half of the people in the world are Kramer.

So my take on this? Simply this: Why the hell does he have to grovel? What he said was obnoxious, but not any more than the average Spike Lee interview. Furthermore, when I go to a show I really get annoyed at people who heckle the performer. The only function they really serve is as sacrificial animals to be humiliated by quick-witted performers. In other words, any heckler is fair game and deserves what they get.

Finally, what Richards should be saying about the whole issue is, "Free speech, it' not just for brown people anymore." I get sick of hearing the words "piss", "pee", "ass" on TV during the increasingly ludicrously named "Family Hour". But if someone says "nigger" it gets bleeped. Even if it is being quoted to show that the speaker was a low-life jerk. On cable, mouths that spew raw sewage and call it humor assume a subdued manner and refer to it as the "n-word", then act guilty about saying even that.

No. I'm not advocating going back to the days when that was the only word anyone used to refer to black people. I'm saying free speech is free speech--and that in this world we have much bigger fish to fry.


Thursday, November 16, 2006 

Malik "The Moonbat" Shabazz

Malik Zulu Shabazz--Genius

Just caught this guy on Hannity & Colmes. He is scary crazy. This guy is the living refutation on the argument that racism is a "white thang".

The topic had to do with black parents that put their children in "Ultimate Fighting" or "Deathmatch" sorts of situations and had them pummel each other for the amusement of their parents and their parent's friends. Malik started off well and denounced the activity. Malik then ran (not wandered) off of the reservation of sanity. He blamed the parent's behavior on white oppression and degradation then segued ever so smoothly into explaining how this was just more proof that reparations are owed for slavery.

His position was so blatantly idiotic that even Alan Colmes took him to task over it, which seemed to upset Malik greatly. As an analogy he offered the explanation that the Sunnis and Shiites in the Middle East were getting along great until we came along and stirred up trouble. If the beverage you're drinking just shot out of your nose in twin jets, then you got the irony of that bit execrable revisionism. Malik seems to have missed the fact that Sunnis and Shiites have been at each other's throats for about 99.9% of Islam's existence. I guess he forgot the old saying about not believing your own propaganda.


Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco Values

"San Francisco is 49 square miles completely surrounded by reality."
Paul Kantner of the rock band Jefferson Airplane

I had an opportunity to live in the San Francisco Bay area for about a year. I say opportunity because I really looked forward to it. I had lived most of my life in small towns filled with narrow-minded people who didn't know what to make of me. So, while I wasn't all that enthused about most of the Bay Area lifestyle, I was sure that if they could handle guys tonguing each other in the streets then accepting me would be a breeze.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. The exact same things that offended my home folks as wacky left-wing radicalism offended the Bay Area folks heartless right-wing reactionism. Far from being tolerant, the Bay Area has a sacrosanct mindset, a SF Orthodoxy if you will. Defy it, or even question it, at your peril. Any deviation causes the typical native to begin frothing at the mouth.

Don't get the idea that you can avoid this problem by just not talking about politics. The social injunction against discussing religion and politics is practically unknown there. San Franciscans talk about politics and religion the way most people talk about the weather. "How about that idiot Bush and those mother"effing" Republicans?" is considered an icebreaker.

After a year of this I proclaimed them to be among the most intolerant people I had ever met. Naturally, they deny this and point to every conceivable class of human being and how they are celebrated and embraced in the city. This caused me a great deal of cognitive dissonance because it sounded true on the surface, yet deep down inside I knew there was a glaring flaw in their reasoning.

Eventually, I figured it out. The problem was that I was letting them define the terms of the discussion. I needed to go up a level of conceptual abstraction to get it. When you do that it becomes readily apparent that the typical San Franciscan tolerates one thing and one thing only: the intolerable.


History Channel

I'm a big fan of the History Channel but they've been running an add lately that makes me grind my teeth into powder. The commercial features a little boy giving a Thanksgiving Day presentation. He states that the Mayflower ran into bad weather then moves seamlessly into "we" stole the Indians food and robbed their graves. At this point the ever cheerful announcer gives the title as something like, "Thanksgiving: The Untold Story"

I hate to be a stick in the mud, but how can this be the "untold" story? It's been pretty much the only story I've heard since the late sixties. I remember when I was a very little boy playing Cowboys and Indians. Everyone argued about who got to be the Cowboys and complained that they had to be the Indians last time. Whether it was right or wrong, Indians were understood to be the bad guys. By the time I was leaving elementary school this had completely flipped.

I'm a firm believer in giving Indian folks the respect that they deserve. However, this obsequious groveling reverence that has grown up around them is insane. They are people like any other. Even a cursory glance at history show that they had the same faults and foibles as anyone else. The worn-out Flower Children from the sixties and their predecessors plant an inaccurate idea about them in the American psyche. That being that before Europeans came life was just an endless camping trip, sort of a Woodstock that never ended.

I for one refuse to accept any more unearned guilt. I will also being throwing the previously accepted unearned guilt back into your unthinking Leftist faces.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 

Bang! Bang! Mahmoud's Silver Hammer

I find it odd that all of the pseudo-enlightened people, including those who just were swept into power, keep reacting with a collective yawn about Iran's rush toward nuclear weapons. Obviously, the threat and promise to destroy Israel in a campaign of nuclear genocide leaves all true-believing Leftists unmoved. This all begs the question, have they given any consideration to what is #2 on Mahmoud's "To Do" list?

Friday, November 10, 2006 

The Dems Are Back In Town

You must sacrifice all for the volk!

It occurred me today that I haven't done a spoof piece or a song parody in a long time. Which is strange because those have been the most popular things I've done. So, with that in mind I submit the following salute to the new Democratic majority in Congress. It's to the tune of Thin Lizzy's "The Boys Are Back In Town".

The Dems Are Back In Town

Guess who got elected today?
Those glassy-eyed libs who'd been put away
Haven't learned that much I'm afraid to say
Man, they still want to subsidize the lazy!

Waxman's tossing subpoenas around
Alito-confirming senators are thrown to the ground
PC goons will drag them downtown
Where the charges are kind of hazy!

You know that chick Pelosi cracked her whip
Our Prez dropped to his knees and kissed her frilly slip
Man, that sent her off on an ego-trip
I mean she was beamin'

Remember the last time they got their way?
The military was stripped for parts day-by-day
Bill was busy with his latest lay
I mean those chicks were screamin'

Ah! The Dems are back in town

Every night terrorists are dressed to kill
Wrapped in C-4 and spouting Jihadist swill
Lib rhetoric will flow as innocent blood spills
When the Dems want to run, you gotta let 'em!

There's a Muslim on the corner screeching hate
An activist judge lets the felons skate
On the floor Kennedy preens and prates
The innocent are punished again

Ah! The Dems are back in town!


Right Back At Ya Sandmonkey

Right Back Atcha Sandmonkey!

Meet Mohammed Mushtaq. Mohammed and two friends stabbed and burned a 15-year old Scottish boy to death. The boy's crime? Being a Caucasian. The bastard!

There's a name for people who think terrorism is a legal issue. Actually there are several: idiot, moron, cretin, freakin' retard, numbnut, goober, Liberal (Oops! That's redundant, I already said cretin), suicidal self-hater, and many others.

If Western governments don't grow some hair on their respective scrotums soon, the people who are forced to walk the streets with these animalistic killing machines will have to take matters in their own hands. What do you want to bet that would get the state motivated to bring its might to bear--on the innocent of course.


The American Smut Embargo

I recently read an article about pornography on the Internet. I, like many people I imagine, found it very interesting that 4 of the 5 nations that download the most pornography are Muslim nations. Not surprising, just interesting. As I recall that Wahabbischizoid country we're so friendly with showed up.

So I propose that we take our revenge on the OPEC world for the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo (which made getting my driver's license a lot joyous than it should have been)by instituting the great American Porn Embargo. After a month of looking at camels dressed in shabby North Korean made lingerie they'll be begging for mercy.


Is Anyone Surprised?

Looks like at least two of our predictions are already coming true for the post-election debacle. First, terrorists around the world are so giddy they can't wipe the smiles off of their faces. Many are taking credit for it in fact. Second, the threats are already escalating. Now, they've promised to blow up the White House itself and I fear that with the new politically reality in the US this is more likely than not.

Thursday, November 09, 2006 

Republicans and Democrats Should Unite Against Common Enemy: Swing Voters

Constructionist Justices Go Back To Ideological Purgatory

Nancy Pelosi Introduces Real Americans To The Swing Voter

I've spent the better part of the last 2 days listening to gloating Democrats promise to take American in "A New Direction". Due to Joe and Joan Sixpack's impaired long term memory this direction will be the same as always; the same direction they always take the country. The path is roughly spiral, as in swirling down a freshly flushed toilet.

Ordinarily, I don't let elections make me either overly angry or overly elated. But these aren't ordinary times. Wishy-washy memory impaired Swing Voters just voted many of their fellow citizens to death, hopefully not too many. Being Swing Voters, when it happens they will be completely gobsmacked and demand to know who dropped the ball. The answer of course: You did numbnut.

I try very hard not to be vindictive, but I do hope the fallout from the mushroom cloud lands in your hometown and not mine. This doesn't cause me any stress. It's merely a consequence of having a rational self-interest--and love for my children and grandchildren. I'm sure the head-choppers in the Middle East and elsewhere will appreciate your altruism.

I didn't realize how bummed out I was until my Commie wife (love you, honey) started trying to cheer me up. She told me, "Well, maybe the Democrats will screw things up so badly they'll get voted out in the next election." I appreciate her loving and encouraging words, but she misses the point. This isn't about my team winning. This isn't like pro football, baseball, basketball, or any other inexcusable waste of time. I'm bummed out because I'm already grieving over those who will die. I will take no pleasure in any possible Democrat Party drubbing, no matter how humiliating it might be for them.

Why? Because Swing Voters make any gains by any side purely illusory.

I have maintained for years that despite my disagreements with them, I respect dedicated Leftists far more than Swing Voters. Why? Because at least they know what they believe however misguided it might be. Because they are willing to come out for a position or policy even if it is insane. If you not sure you know any Swing Voters don't worry, they're easy to spot. They can most commonly be identified by their most beloved philosophical statement: "I don't vote for the party, I vote for the man." (Sorry Dad, but it's true.)

So, what's going on here? It was explained to me best in a conversation long ago. The gist of it was: Swing Voters vote for Republicans to let the country build up some wealth, then they vote for Democrats to steal it for them.

Socrates once famously observed that, "The unexamined life isn't worth living." If this is so, Swing Voters live some of the most worthless lives on the planet. But I shouldn't pick on them too much, non-Swing Voters are frequently not much behind.

Seemingly for ages there has been a debate: Are Americans stupid? They answer of course is no, sort of. The question is actually of the glass half full, half empty, twice as large as it needs to be variety. Americans are dazzling intelligent and capable and have great respect for intelligence, of the right variety. That variety being workaday intelligence that has an immediate practical application. On the flip side Americans have an almost universal contempt for abstract thought and knowledge despite the fact that, in the long run, this variety affects their lives more than the other.

Most of my beloved fellow citizens are slaves to long dead German philosophers whose names they don't know and don't care to find out. Most don't know that there are different schools of philosophy while they practice Pragmatism and Realpolitik every day, which they justify by unthinking reflexive Relativism, which they would treat of laws of nature--if they believed in laws of nature.

Did the Swing Voters vote out of spite? Were they sick of partisanship or just tired of trying to figure out what to spend their tax-cut money on? Maybe they think it's time to raid the treasury for government goodies. It doesn't really matter now does it?

The only relevant point here is that Swing Voters have given us a Congress of reflexively pacifistic knee-jerk appeasers who believe all problems is can be solved by playing nice. These are the same folks who stupidly advise their bullied children to "just ignore" the bullies when all a bully understands is a folding chair across the teeth. These are the people who fervently believe that Perfect Evil was manifested and wiped-out with the birth and death of Adolf Hitler. All the while ignoring the fact that hordes of potential Hitlers swagger through high school halls in letterman jackets lacking only a place and time to happen. These are the people who have never traveled and don't believe that people from other countries can be as bad as "alarmists" say. One can scarcely imagine what goes through their minds as modern day mass graves are found to contain hundreds of thousands of tortured bodies. What does go through the mind of a Swing Voter when he or she elects a Congress that gleefully supports keeping both our borders and both our coasts wide open? All of this in a world with ultra-high speed travel and a 1.5 billion people who fervently believe all their multitudinous problems are caused by us--and that their god wants us dead for it.

Hopefully, you Swing Voting guys and gals can get it through your thick heads. While you were keeping an eye peeled for the return of fascism in Europe or America, it has resurfaced with a vengeance in the Third World. The fact that the "Nazis" now wear turbans and ungroomed beards in stead of swastika armbands caught you totally by surprise, or rather will catch you by surprise when you finally "get it". Your vigilance against World War III has guaranteed it will happen. The beginning is all around us and still you vote for expediencies of the moment. Until such time as you see the light (unlikely), or my side gets up the guts to defeat you in the arena of ideas (almost as unlikely), this outcome is inevitable. The only question that remains is how you're going to blame it on us and spin it into yet another election victory.

Friday, November 03, 2006 

My Three Prodigal Sons

In the beginning...

This post is a eulogy of sorts. The particular persons eulogized are not dead, but in many ways they are dead to me. These three individuals are the guys who make up the rock band Rush. I discovered them in 1976 when I was 16-years old and at a critical point in my life. Their music, more especially the brilliant lyrics and most especially the content of the lyrics, held enough sanity to tide me over until I could find my philosophical and spiritual "legs".

Regrettably, one's heroes almost inevitably let you down. So it is in this case.

For about 10 years the boys cranked out album after album of first-rate stuff. I didn't know the phrase at the time, but I've since learned that they were considered Progressive Rock. If you're as ignorant now as I was then, Progressive Rock is characterized generally by long compositions, complex music, more intellectual themes (Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology are common), and series of related songs that tell a particular story or make a particular point or entire albums dedicated to a theme.

I found this to be a welcome break from the typical rock song topics of drinkin', smokin', tokin', and screwin'. It was different and Rush did it better than anybody.

Suddenly, in the early- to mid-eighties came a couple of albums that I dubbed "The Bad Attitude" albums: Grace Under Pressure and Power Windows. I wrote them off with the thought that "they can't all be winners". Little did I know then that they time would come when I would consider those albums as "not too bad". Despite this I continued buying their albums.

In 2004 the boys went on their 30th anniversary tour, which I caught in Dallas, making it the 4th time I had seen them in concert. Why would I go? Why would I keep buying albums that I would listen to once or twice then throw in the back seat for the next three years? Blind faith. I was convinced that nobody who could put out albums like 2112, Fly By Night, Caress of Steel, Moving Pictures, Signals, etc, could possibly stay in a slump forever.

Well, faith is often a dangerous thing to have, as it was in this case. The slump was not a slump. It was, in fact, the new reality. Long gone are the upbeat and encouraging songs of the past, songs about the sanctity of individual rights, the evils of collectivism and coercive egalitarianism, self-discipline, the battle between emotion and reason (with a favorable outcome no less), etc. These were replaced by the tiredest of rock music cliches done moderately well. Exalting topics gave way to hackneyed themes which essentially were: nuclear weapons are bad, big business is bad, patriotism is bad, nationalism is bad, multiculturalism is good, globalism is good, a nation's flag is just a rag, internationalism is good, etc, ad nauseum. Best of all, after producing one of the most brilliant works ever to laud reason, now the boys are playing up mysticism. It's a good thing I'm not the suicidal type.

The take home lesson here: they've sucked for twice as long as they were awesome.

I decided to give their newer stuff one more try. I dug the latter CDs out from under my car seat, out of my closet, and I even found a couple in my garage at the bottom of a milk crate filled with leaking oil bottles. I thought, perhaps, that they might be an acquired taste, so I have played them for weeks continuously as I've driven about in my car. Tragically, my plan backfired. The more I played them, the more they annoyed and angered me.

The famous Starman
(described by Neil Peart
as the abstract man
against the collective)

Stewing about this at work, I had a couple of thoughts about the subject that rhymed in head. Since my job consists mostly of two things, waiting for something terrible to happen and praying that it doesn't, I set to jotting my thoughts down. In about 45 minutes I had whipped out the poem/song below, which I think is fairly good for 45 minutes work. If you ever come across somebody using it, let me know so I can sue them.


Requiem for Rush

I always wanted to be
A player in a band
But I play no instruments
And can't sing worth a damn

But things aren't as tragic
As they might seem to be
Neil's and the boy's magic
Performed it all for me

I journeyed with Geddy
To the Fountain of Lamneth
The mountain views were heady
And snatched away my breath

Alex and his guitars
Sent me into space
Pounding metal pulsars
Praised the human race

Neil's percussion is ever
Making the music ignite
Lyrics always so clever
His content's erudite

After eleven good years
We said, "What the hell?"
'Twas the album always feared
Would shatter the sacred spell

It's been over twenty years
I'll have to face the facts
They jumped the shark in '85
And they're never coming back


All You Need To Know

Much like 9/11 taught the world all it needed to know about Islam (that being what the Israelis knew already), this article should teach you everything you need to know about the Democratic party (that being what every person who didn't fry their brains in the 1960s knew already).


"The Muslims of America need to get organized and make sure they get out to vote for Democrats for both the House and the Senate. Every Muslim in the Middle East who has a relative in the U.S. should get the message across to their relatives."

Skip Conover, host on Muslim-American Bridges TV, Arab News, October 19

Wednesday, November 01, 2006 

Something Else To Make You Feel Old

Another "God I feel old" moment. I recently went to my first concert in ages. Every thing seemed perfectly normal until time for the traditional "lighter salute". Instead of a sea of butane lighters like God intended, the crowd held up thousands of cellphones with their displays lit up. I don't know how long this has been going on but it just seemed wrong somehow.



“The Republican outreach effort to African-Americans was always more about moderating the party’s image with white women than winning black votes.” —Eleanor Clift

Can anybody out there follow this line of reasoning? I don't find this statement particularly cogent, or even vaguely comprehensible, even for Eleanor Clift.

Friday, October 27, 2006 

Condi Rice Change of Heart

In the event that I blogged in favor of Condoleezza Rice at any point in the past, which I'm pretty sure that I did, I would like to retract that now.

I was very impressed with her as National Security Advisor and I was sure that such a tigress would make primo leadership, maybe even presidential, material. I've been stunned at the rapidity with which she turned into a bowl of wobbling Jell-O as Secretary of State. Either she was faking before, or the State Department's powers of corruption are greater than we ever dreamed of. I suppose it's not called the Department of Treason for nothing. Sigh.

Saturday, October 21, 2006 

Actors and Actresses as Pundits

Tom Cruise channels Lord Xenu

I found this post as a forgotten draft from last year. I don't remember what had me so riled, but it's an ongoing problem, so I'll update and post.

I've never really understood why being on television gives someone instant credibility. It was bad enough when there were only 3 channels, but these days with 500+ channels, some of them public access, just about everybody and his Laotian brother-in-law are on TV. Last night my wife and I went to see the new Robin Williams flick "Man of the Year". It was cute but not as funny as I had hoped. The saddest and funniest moment came as we were leaving and one of the men sitting behind me told the other, "That's the kind of candidate we need in real life." Some people are like clay mentally, as yet their vote counts as much as mine.

I have always wondered how the hell we got to this situation. In my studies of history I've learned that in centuries past acting was considered a scummy profession. Low enough on the social food chain that in some cases women of any social class weren't permitted to act. Apparently it was too demeaning, for even hookers, so men dressed in drag played the female roles. My how times have changed.

I've heard so much stupitidy spew from the mouths of actors and actresses that I know just assume they're morons until they're proven otherwise. I got a good example of the sort of Bizarro world we live in when I was looking for graphic above. I searched on "stupid actors"--and got mostly pictures of actors that I like. Hurray for Hollyweird.


A Humorous Note

Just as a side note. For my post "Are The Muslims 10 Feet Tall?" I went searching for a grapic of a giant by searching on the keyword "giant" naturally enough. Imagine my horror as a screen full of mutant penises filled my display just as my 7-year old niece's friend walked into my office. I don't think she saw anything other than me scrambling to close the window.


Are The Muslims 10 Feet Tall?

Liberals Confront a Muslim Midget

I don't know about you, but I've noticed a disturbing trend among some of my fellow citizens. It reminds me a great deal of the way some people viewed the Soviets back before their collapse. To judge by what was in the popular media back then we were doomed. Our only real option was to put off the inevitable as long as possible. The inevitable being swallowed up by the vastly more moral, if not superior Communist/Socialist juggernaut.

Back during the 1980s I came across a rather refreshing article titled something like "Are The Russians Ten Feet Tall?". The article argued that far from being the invincible supermen that Americans feared (or in some cases adored). The Soviets were in serious trouble. Sadly, I don't remember many particulars of the story. Mostly I just remember feeling relief at some sign that I might not wind up working on a collective farm somewhere after all.

Now I hear from time to time the same sort of thing being said about the Muslims: They can't be contained or defeated. There are too many of them. They are too fanatical. They are more dedicated and so forth. While we Westerners are too fat, lazy, stupid, ignorant, agnostic, ambivilant, etc. to preserve ourselves. I've even heard a co-worker once state that we deserved to be conquered and oppressed as punishment for what we have "done" to the rest of the world. I don't know about you, but I'm sure that the statute of limitations has run out on colonialism, Indian wars, slavery, etc.

Like most of you I'm sure, I've been continually researching Islam and the Muslim world and I find a lot of chinks in their armor that could be exploited, if only we lived in a society that exploit its advantages. One of these is Muslim (or at least Arab) disdain for physical labor. It's my understanding that starting at the bottom and working your way up is an unfathomable concept to most. I've read that its not uncommon for an otherwise able-bodied man to sit around unemployed for 10 years, smoking and quaffing coffee at the local coffee shop while waiting for "suitable" employment (e.g. management).

Another I've heard and read about is their penchant for physical cowardice. Naturally, some will raise the specter of suicide attacks as proof that they are very brave indeed. I believe that is false on a numbers of counts: first, although there are obviously far too many people willing to be suicide bombers, the numbers pales in comparison to the number of Muslims available take the job (plus I consider suicide bombing to be evolution in progress); second, we must bear in mind that the numb nut actually believes he is on his way to have exclusive sexual access with 72 women for all eternity, I suspect that instead of brave he may simply be horny; third, if you'll recall the first Gulf War, you'll remember the droves of enemy soldiers scratching and clawing at each other in order to be first to surrender, sometimes to unmanned reconnaisance drones. The Gulf War presented an opportunity for every supply clerk and mess cook to be a Sergeant York.

There is another area that could be exploited, though I'm sure it will be denounced as cynical and mercenary. That is playing on the fault lines that run through the Muslim world. Sunnis and Shiites despise each other almost as much as they hate us. It seems like the only thing they can agree on is Kurdish genocide. The Wahabbis are nutier than squirrel excrement and the world tends to forget that the Iranians are not Arabs, but rather Persians and have long considered the Arabs to be little more than hairless monkeys. We could play on that. I know it probably makes me a "bad" person, but I'm not so sure that civil war in Iraq is such a bad thing. Muslims killing Muslims is the epitome of the win-win situation.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006 

The Inmates Are Running The Asylum

Just in case you're interested in evidence that the world has gone stark raving mad, here are a few updates.

Number 1: The former mayor pro tem of Dallas, now with LULAC (aka The Mexican Nazi Party), is suing the officers of the Dallas Police Department--for not being able to speak Spanish. The suit has been filed on behalf of a man who was injured during an arrest. The rationale is that the Dallas Police Department was negligent in fielding police officers that couldn't speak Spanish, which resulted in the need for excessive force to effect the arrest. This was caught in passing on a radio report. I'll post more if and when I get the details.

Also heard in the same radio report. The Dallas Independent School District is in trouble. It seems that they were unable to hire the number of bilingual teachers that they were required to have by law. (An enlightened law--for the children--I'm sure.) Desperate the DISD went recruiting in Mexico where they were able to hire some teachers, with $4,500 in hiring bonuses and other goodies. Unfortunately, nobody bothered to look "bilingual" up in the dictionary. The new teachers speak Spanish all right, but that's all they speak. In at least several cases the new-hires speak no English whatsoever.

Seeing as how Texas is one of the LEAST Politically Correct states in the country, I really worry about the rest of you guys.

Update: It wasn't the Dallas ISD, but rather a suburb.

Friday, September 29, 2006 


I don't know how many of you folks out there are science fiction or fantasy fans. If you're not I think it's your loss. Despite what your bitchy old maid English teacher told you in Jr. High School, it's just as legitimate a literature as any other and asks the big questions about the "human condition" just as well as any other, sometimes better. After all, what's more important than the future and the genre provides an excellent opportunity for "if this goes on" kinds of stories.

Naturally, the message people draw from these stories depend a lot on what they bring to the story with them. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is a classic example. It is excellently written with a depth and attention to detail one seldom sees. Virtually everyone who reads the books insists on seeing them as allegorical, i.e. one extended metaphor from cover to cover. I've met people who see an object lesson on abandoning traditional values, others who see the Second World War acted out in a commentary on fascism, still other see an environmental angle with the Ents. Lots of us have met hippy folk in the 60s and 70s quite convinced the stories foretold the peace, love, and dope generation. So much so that they insist the Hobbits pipeweed is marijuana. The point being that despite the author's intention a reader may take a totally different message home than the author intended. And no, that admission doesn't legitimize that stupid deconstructionist crap.

So it is with the movie Chronicles of Riddick starring Vin Diesel, a sorta, kinda sequel to Pitch Black. I enjoyed the movie greatly. I thought it was great story, although many might find it too dark in tone. This wasn't a problem for me since I like my entertainment a little on the dark side. I'm one of those people that find people who are always chipper and happy intolerable. Morning people are particularly irritating. If you see me chipper and happy go-lucky, it's probably raining. But I digress.

I'm not going to go all through the movie, so for the 3 or 4 of you who haven't seen it, grab the DVD. I'm going to concern myself with the heavies in the movie, the Necromongers. I found these blood-thirsty closed-minded homicide machines to be a perfect metaphor for our present day Muslims. Ironically, one of the first people they waste in the film is a Muslim Imam. I know, I know. Muslims in the future? It doesn't compute, but no movie is perfect.

The Necromonger's religious beliefs are beyond bizarre, they are demonstrably insane. In order to achieve their paradise, the UnderVerse, they are dedicated to setting things right. Unfortunately for everybody that isn't one of them, the Necromongers consider life itself to be a cosmic mistake, a tragic accident, a cosmic infestation if you will. They are literally a death cult. They practice what they preach by sterilizing themselves when they become Necromongers to prevent themselves from adding to the problem. Consequently, they increase only by conversion, which is easier than it sounds since the only other choice is to be murdered. Sound familiar? This is their only function. They travel from place to place, planet to planet, and destroy everything the find. Those that will convert are converted into killing machines themselves. Everyone that won't is killed. Then the process is repeated somewhere else. They are relentless and are too far gone to be reasoned with. They know that their cause is righteous and the only way; they will brook no disagreement. That should also sound familiar.


Pope Kerfuffle

I've got to tell you Muslim logic totally baffles me. I've had a saying for some years that I frequently told my son when he was growing up as well as some members of future majority groups when they would listen. That being, "You can't prove a man wrong by proving him right." The ummah predictably provided instant validation for the observations of the formerly obscure Byzantine Emperor. I was disappointed with the Pope for giving even as little as a semi-apology. It takes the focus off of their insane behavior, which is where it should be. Instead of apologizing we should be screaming such statements from every mountaintop.


Extended Absence

Looking at my blog here I see that I haven't posted in a month. My apologies to the 15 or so of you that still read my blog. At one time I was getting about 150 a day but lost 90% of that the last time I took a month off for personal reasons. The reason this time is that I started a new job and I work mostly at night now and some funky weird hours that leave me in a dazed zombie-like state most of the time. Don't panic though, Howard Dean still sounds abso-freaking-lutely nuts to me.

Sunday, August 27, 2006 

Plan B

Of course you realize that authorizing over the counter sales of the Plan B "morning after" contraceptive is just a way of bypassing the ban of allowing minors to get abortions without parental consent. If you lived in a state that lowered the drinking age to 18 in the 70s you probably recall the easy access to beer and such. Many high schoolers turned 18 during their senior year and became reliable sources of alcohol for younger siblings, friends, cousins, people who would pay them, etc. I'm going to assume that 18 year-olds aren't much wiser or more mature than they were back then. This means that many a high school and junior high school girl will be walking around with a "just in case" dose of Plan B in their purse or locker. If they don't, a sympathetic friend or a open-minded guidance counselor will go buy it for them. Nothing good can come from this.

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--Ann Coulter--

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The fact is that political stupidity is a special kind of stupidity, not well correlated with intelligence, or with other varieties of stupidity. At the higher levels of the intelligentsia, the correlation may actually be inverse: the more brilliant you are, the stupider your politics. Albert Einstein seems to have thought well of Stalin; Hitlerism got its start in the universities.

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An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile--hoping it will eat him last.

--Winston Churchill--

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--Dennis Prager--

Nothing could be more jolting and discordant with the vision of today's intellectuals than the fact that it was businessmen, devout religious leaders and Western imperialists who together destroyed slavery around the world. And if it doesn't fit their vision, it is the same to them as if it never happened.

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--George Washington--

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A formula that makes religion and politics easy to understand: (Islam - Allah = Communism)


It seems amazing that no Continental politician is willing to get to grips with the real crisis facing Europe in the 21st century: the lack of Europeans.

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